MYSTIC FILES is an original Project Astral series that examines my mystic realm.

My Blue Orb

November 2017

During a time of reflection, I found myself without being myself.  It was a research session; I embraced the details of this particular investigation and my body was on Autopilot.  A blue orb gravitated out of the drain of the sink; the following seconds stalled in space.  It’s end-point was the edge of the curtain covering the window.

Tragedy struck two years earlier (2015) near the date (November 28th) that this blue orb encounter took place.  Energy manifested into the orb, and I know this because of the spontaneous nature and who I was thinking of at the time that the orb appeared (a deceased family member).  I immediately felt that I was in the presence of positive energy. 

My initial research into the topic of blue orbs overwhelmed my senses with an array of information.  Blue is of a calming essence and it represents the throat chakra.  Health and wisdom are associated with the blue energy realm.  Communication and our desire to learn and listen take effect in the throat chakra.

As the orb moved the tail left traces of itself; similar to contrails produced by jets.


The blue orb moved flawlessly and with a few blinks of the eye, it disappeared; leaving only a contrail of sorts.

(illustration of the blue orb that I encountered)


What caused the orb to manifest and can it be willingly controlled?


Vishuddha, also known as the “Throat Chakra” is located in the throat and provides artistic motivation while communicating your true self with a vision of your true intentions; speaking freely and listening to the air around you-you shall hear and see with a pure viewpoint.  The Fifth Chakra at-times can manifest and appear in a variety of forms, the most common is via the appearance of a blueish orb.  The identification of an orb can be contributed to its mystical nature; it will not look or act like an orb often associated with photography (backscatter).  The blue orb manifestation will be followed by its disappearance – leaving the viewer with an array of data to decipher.

With my particular sighting, it became a warning of sorts.  Two family members would be diagnosed with throat cancer.  One passed away and the other is now cancer free and in recovery.  This also happened at a time (2017) where my creative forces were not active… let’s say I was in the abyss.  The blue orb… in my opinion had multiple meanings, and in this life of ours, you have to look at the smaller picture and apply that to the bigger painting of our senses.


The Paranormal

A blue orb in the paranormal realm could be a spirit guide or a deceased family member/friend that has chosen to use this form to communicate with the viewer.  The meaning of a blue orb differs from the viewer and can include both a paranormal and chakra influence.  Take the time to look at your particular situation and make a checklist related to the blue orb sighting.  We will someday know the truest form of the Vishuddha.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

Color Pessoa

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