We all pick sides, right? It’s either your favorite sports team, or alliance to east or west coast rap, or maybe it’s Ford over Chevy? How about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?  Two giant personalities, fighting it out through ads & vicious attacks.  You have to pick a side, right? The failure of this current election cycle has not been weighed with proper & constructive … Continue reading A SCANDAL DARKLY

Man On The Moon

MAN ON THE MOON Mental illness.  A disease.  Self-identity suffers…a lack of air for the anxious.  Gripping titles from albums, ears to the music, induced self-worth.  Who are we?  We are millions.  Kid Cudi is in the news lately; battling personal demons while engaged in words with rap artists who don’t necessarily understand the SELF of many individuals they encounter on a daily basis. The … Continue reading Man On The Moon

Georgia Guidestones (Symbolism of a mystic structure)

BREAKING NEWS October 27th, 2016  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released a statement regarding the police-involved shooting of Edwin Amaya Maldonado, near the site of the Georgia Guidestones.  The routine traffic stop led to a foot chase on Hartwell Highway, ending with the death of the individual.  Information has been released detailing the altercation.  Edwin was pulled over Thursday night on the suspicion of driving under … Continue reading Georgia Guidestones (Symbolism of a mystic structure)

Assange Underground (Where is Julian Assange?)

Where is Assange? BANNED FROM LEAVING AN EMBASSY. OCTOBER 21ST 2016: Armed forces have been spotted at the Embassy, was this a distraction for an exit plan? The Ecuador Embassy is located near the Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, & Sloane Square tube stations.  Could tunnels exists that connect to the nearby Embassy for evacuation purposes, or else?  If they do exist… why haven’t they been utilized … Continue reading Assange Underground (Where is Julian Assange?)

Assange is free

Assange, where have you been? Maybe I should ask, where have we been?  The media cannot help themselves, they are an onslaught of misdirection surrounded by the ignorance of honesty during the time when we could use it the most. You are not alone.  You are not confined by the definition of confinement. YOUR ARE FREE.  Your spirit completes the cycle of THE TRUTH.  You … Continue reading Assange is free