Time Travel Tales I (Chronovisor & Project Pegasus)

Father Francois Brune (Catholic Priest) wrote in his book “The Vatican’s New Mystery” about a device that could view time in the past.  In a mid-evil twist of the show “Person of Interest,” this machine decoded and reproduced electromagnetic radiation leftover from the past.  The chronovisor, designed as a large cabinet that worked along with a cathode ray tube, allowed for viewing the memories of … Continue reading Time Travel Tales I (Chronovisor & Project Pegasus)

Astral Philippines III (Exorcisms)

During a time where mysterious specimens are washing up on the coast of the Philippines and exorcisms are given out on the regular, we are diving into the realm of demon infiltration. The Office of Exorcism in the Philippines needs YOUR HELP.  If you’re spiritual and willing to engage in your local exorcism team, you might be in luck.  An uprise of exorcisms has the … Continue reading Astral Philippines III (Exorcisms)

How to Astral Project easily tonight (Astral Projection technique)

Visualization.  It’s a part of our everyday life.  It might be through imagination or from a real life event that fulfills our realm of energy… gaining traction on our sense of projection.  The first method is to deprive yourself of your regular sleep cycle.  If you usually go to sleep at 1 a.m. — then tonight you should stay up until 4 a.m. and then … Continue reading How to Astral Project easily tonight (Astral Projection technique)

Billy Joe Royal

TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK Billy Joe Royal Born April 3, 1942 Valdosta, Georgia, U.S. Died October 6, 2015 (aged 73) Morehead City, North Carolina, U.S. Billy Joe Royal was an American musician known for his unique voice and collaborations with Joe South & B.J. Thomas. His most popular song “Down in the Boondocks” reached number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Here’s a … Continue reading Billy Joe Royal

Kurt Sova Unsolved Mysteries (Online Forums) Update 3

We have sleuthed the online forums and chats and compiled these statements based on unverified sources regarding the Kurt Sova case.  If  you’re the author of either of these posts, contact us at projectastral@outlook.com http://unsolved.com/archives/kurt-sova Taking into consuderation Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 12/27/2016 – 21:47 “Taking into consuderation that tgis was 35 years ago, and I was a 15 year old kid … Continue reading Kurt Sova Unsolved Mysteries (Online Forums) Update 3