Astral Philippines II (Kapre)

Creatures from the private dwellings of what we call mysticism can be linked to numerous allegorical tales & creations of modern-day entertainment.  The Kapre exhibits both of those qualities.  The origin of “Kapre” derives from the Arabic “Kafir,” which is a non-believer in Islam. The legend has roots that stem from Spanish settlers and folklore throughout Filipino communities about the “negative energy” surrounding escaped African slaves from South America.  These lies were spread to install a network of fear amongst locals.

The Kapre doesn’t maintain the same evil qualities that relate to the Aswang, in fact, they often befriend humans & form lifelong friendships. Time loss and forgetfulness are signs of a nearby Kapre; familiar realms can be altered by their pranks.  They have characteristics of darkened flesh and stand 7-feet tall; they enjoy cigars and the luxury of the treetops.

Philippines President Emilio Aguinaldo didn’t have the secret service, but no worries… he had a Kapre who oversaw his protection.  Mystic stories tell of a tree giant who lived under a bridge near the residence of Aguinaldo.  A white stone was given to the President by the cigar smoking giant thus granting him the power of immortality.  Below is a video that will give you more details on this legend.

Variations of the “Kapre” have entered mainstream entertainment in the form of tree giants.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


The Wizard of Oz

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He who looks inside, awakes (Precognitive Dreams)

  After a dose of Precognitive Dreaming, I’ve established a clear link between disruption of my REM & the ability to induce Precognitive Dreams.  This ESP seems to be present at early morning time-lines (3am-6am).  What very well could be a simple case of Déjà vu, develops into a controllable power through the use of sleep deprivation and the manipulation of REM.

In my latest article on precognitive dreaming, I described an encounter that has changed the way I decipher my dream state.


Imagine that old fella in his rocking chair, summertime lemonade aura… that’s the sensation that engulfs this vessel.  Humming.  Glided war machines.  I found a slight of society; they were accustomed to the flight of the future.  I woke up from the limbo and designed an article through the symbology.

Astral Projection comes into these familiar settings as I find myself without being myself.  My ESP is leading the way.  Carl Jung believed common occurrences or “synchronicity” as he coined it, were subjected to the realm of the paranormal.  In a lecture in 1951 entitled ‘On Synchronicity,’ he explains that events are connected on a casual level but also exert connections of meaning.

Semantics etched in history that follows us throughout life – a somber dream.  Harnessing astral energy as one awaits the winter.  The blues never screams, whispers, dances… it stays silent.  If you’re getting the winter blues, here’s a few films that might assist the hibernation.

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1. Pizzagate


Spirit Cooking.  Podesta emails with coded messages.  Proof of Clinton’s right-hand man having an attraction to unsavory artwork that depicts teenage & pre-teen subjects in provocative positions is revealed.  A pizza parlor known as Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria arrives at the forefront of the conspiracy; its owner, James Alefantis, is mentioned in the Podesta emails & has connections to the political spectrum of Hillary Clinton & President Obama.  Images from his Instagram, depicting obscure & borderline pedophilia… including personal photographs of his children acting out strange scenarios – this can be found in Pizzagate archives across the web – You can check out more about this theory on Youtube or Reddit.  This conspiracy theory brought upon the emergence of the term “Fake News“.

2. Max Spiers


Black magic.  A traveler of the world & well-known conspiracy theorist (proclaimed to be part of a superhuman breeding program & that 2 million Americans were sleeper cells for MK ULTRA).  He claimed to have information regarding cult activity by the US ARMY at its Presidio base located in Northern California that occurred over 30 years ago.  A lecture on UFO’S & Conspiracy Theories guided him to Poland where he encountered a substance of some sort.  His autopsy has concluded he died of “natural causes”.  Prior to his demise, he texted his mother “If anything happens to me, investigate.”  Friends witnessed him vomiting a slimy black liquid before he went to an apartment & died.  The Temple of Set is the name of the cult associated with his investigation.

3. Gucci Mane Clone


Go to jail. Get out of jail. In that time period… your speech pattern changes, your body image changes & you drastically turn your life around.  Must be a clone… right?  This conspiracy theory derives from a false tweet perceived to be from the rapper Lil Boosie.  Not much more to go on.  If you’re a fan of the old Gucci, maybe your suspicion rises from that?


4. Russian Interference with the election


Russian hackers infiltrating our political freedom.  A united pact between President Putin & Trump?  Wikileaks compromised by Russian intelligence?  These rumors surfaced during the election cycle & have carried into the current realm of the Presidency.  Here’s a sample from an article written by

On Wednesday, Congressmen Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) introduced a bill to create an independent commission to investigate Russian government involvement in the digital attacks that shook the presidential election this year.”

Today this headline from the Washington Post proved that the theory may hold weight if you’re into believing the CIA and stuff.

Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House

5. Assange is dead



Exactly as the headline reads.  Julian Assange is dead & Wikileaks is now taken over by the CIA.  Are there underground tunnels connected to the Embassy?   Did the CIA pull another “Operation Gold”?

OCTOBER 21ST 2016: Armed forces have been spotted at the Embassy, was this a distraction for an exit plan?

This rumor circulated due to the lack of exposure of Assange when his internet connection was cut by the Government of Ecuador.  The Government wanted no association with news that could sway the election in the United States.

He has released a statement 12/7/2016 — regarding the rape accusations brought against him by the Swedish Government.

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The Piltdown Man Effect (Fake News & Operation Mockingbird)

First, let’s start off with what the Piltdown man is.

Piltdown Man is a creation of Charles Dawson, an archaeologist who claimed in 1912 that he had found evidence that man evolved from apes.  This evidence became a phenomenon & would take over 40 years to be debunked by science.  Dawson assembled various parts of the human & orangutan anatomy; calling it the Eoanthropus dawsoni (“Dawson’s dawn man”).

Mainstream media ran the new discovery under headlines such as…

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The Piltdown Man is considered one of the greatest hoaxes for many reasons.  Until 2016, the method of Dawson’s scam was unknown.  In 2003 research conducted by Bournemouth University showcased the extensive forgery Dawson committed (38 specimens were deemed fake).  1953-2003 was stagnant.


  • 1953: Hoax is revealed.
  • 2003: Bournemouth debunks Dawson’s career.
  • 2016: The developmental process of Dawson’s forgery comes to light.

Mainstream media not only promoted a hoax, but it also provided no research on the project at-the-time.  No independent research took place & no verification process was enacted by the Government.  How could such an extraordinary & historic discovery fool the majority of the public?  Why would mainstream media publish such material without proper protocol?  A conspiracy devised by ONE MAN blinded millions, including the prestigious New York Times.

The Reverse Piltdown Man Effect

If a hoax of such magnitude can deceive a mass population for the longevity of 40+ years; could a reverse scenario take place?  Could a situation this great in-depth actually become true?  Similar to the findings of the Piltdown Man proved to be a fake?  And if so, what would mainstream media say about it?  Here are more samples of MSM articles.

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Lately, news outlets have issued articles that debunk a conspiracy known as Pizzagate; they’ve challenged & written articles with only snippets of information provided for their backing — instead labeling the theory as “insane” and the product of the “alt-right.”  This is deemed to be a hoax/conspiracy with no backing… yet the same media that projects this secret complex information is the same media who promoted false scientific claims from an egotistic archaeologist (Dawson).  The same scenario can be applied to the moon landing or any other conspiracy.  How would the media react to newfound information proving a conspiracy to be true?

Current quotes from articles of MSM

Welch told police Sunday evening that he went to Comet Ping Pong in order to investigate “Pizzagate,” a fictional conspiracy theory that popped up during the election season and made the restaurant the unlikely center of far-right outrage predicated on hacked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The restaurant, which also hosts music shows, announced last Thursday it would add security to its music shows following intense, mostly remotely conducted harassment of the venue and its employees.” Washingtonian

They label it a “fictional conspiracy theory”.  I thought conspiracy theories were already labeled as “fictional” due to the nature of attention the word receives from MSM.  Now they’re making sure to add the extra padding… FICTIONAL.

“Edgar M. Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C., was arrested Sunday after firing a gun inside a pizza restaurant in Washington as he investigated false claims in online articles that the pizzeria was at the center of a child sex slave ring, the police said. No one was injured by the gunfire, and Mr. Welch surrendered peacefully. The pizzeria, Comet Ping Pong, had been swept into a conspiracy theory, which linked the supposed ring to Hillary Clinton because its owner had corresponded with the Clinton campaign about a fund-raising dinner.” – The “Prestigious” New York Times

Nothing to state about the above quote.  The New York Times holds no weight in the news anymore; they were the original “Fake News” template.

Operation Mockingbird

This was the first “fake news” initiative created & put into effect during the 1950’s-1970s.  It basically swayed the views of public opinion by inserting fake news led by journalists of the mainstream media.  This was also used in international campaigns to broadcast propaganda to countries interested in American culture & news.


The Family Jewels report also backs this operation.  A “misconduct guide” that presents the influence and illegal activities of the CIA.

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This essay is meant to be objective and informative: generating a discussion of the subject matter with a proper realm of context — establishing a cord between the mind and how we perceive existence throughout history about false information and mainstream media.

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Elohim Arising (Alchemy and White/Black Magic)

Necromancy is the practice of channeling magic to contact the deceased. Considered a form of black magic, this very tool was used in the Hebrew Bible by the Witch of Endor who first appears in The Book of Samuel.  The Witch summoned the prophet Samuel’s soul using a technique known as scrying, this was requested by King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel.  Saul seeks wisdom from the dead although all the mediums were driven out-of-town due to their power in witchcraft.  The Philistine army is on the outskirts of Israel and the stress slowly drives him to the arms of a necromancer.


He disguises himself & searches the night, motivated in his efforts; he meets the Witch of Endor who not only summons Samuel but also predicts the inevitable doom that King Saul will soon witness.  The next day he commits suicide when his army is defeated.

Urim and Thummim & Tablet of Destinies


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First mentioned in the Book of Exodus — these stones would be placed within a Priestly Breastplate; this enabled them to foretell the future & gain guidance from God.  The breastplate was the fashion of The High Preist of the Israelites, leaving judgment at God’s will.  The twelve jewels that were placed in the breastplate had no relation to each other and contained their own alchemical process.  The breastplate was connected to an Ephod (object of priestly rituals).  Both the breastplate & Ephod are usually made from the same material.  This acted as a medium to God.


The hidden name of God. Origins can also be found in The Book of Exodus.

72 fallen angels of heaven. 

Alister Crowley stated about the Shemhamphorasch:

“There are three verses in Exodus (xiv, 19, 20, 21) each containing seventy-two letters. By writing down the first of these, and underneath this the next verse backwards, and under this again the last verse forwards, seventy-two columns of three letters each are obtained. These are read downwards, and the terminations AL or AH, according as they are male or female, appended.” – Book of Thoth: (Egyptian Tarot), Issue 5


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ABOVE: Text from the spell book Lesser Key of Solomon.

Kaballah mystics present this name as the magic that Moses used to cross the red sea. 

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new age jewelry

Astral Tips Part 3: (Astral Television)


Astral Television

Your favorite film is on the tv & strains of the information seep into your astral travel.  Have you ever fallen asleep & had a dream related to what you recently watched or listened to?  Can films & music be used in astral travel to easily transport your astral body to another realm?  In a recent article, Project Astral describes where creatures of folklore & horror can cross over with the help of negative energy.  Astral Television uses a similar process but can translate into positive or negative energy depending on the subject-matter of the film/music. This would be considered a form of ASTRAL TIME TRAVEL.  The film can act as a supporting cast for your journey into the projection.


If you’re intrigued with romance & comedy, then, of course, a romantic-comedy would be a good fit. But what if you want to explore another aspect of your mechanical emotions?  I recently conversed with a fan about their encounter of Astral Television – this started while watching the film “Resident Evil;” they were immersed in a zombie-filled dream-state induced by the movie.  The experience depends on the genre of the material provided during your astral trip.  Here’s a list of films that could be used to induce AP.


Astral Television has been compromised since the inception.  Programs linked to the Mockingbird Operation & others only skim the top of CIA-linked propaganda.  Commercials & certain TV shows have adverse effects on our REM-CYCLE.  We are programmed subliminally from birth without any control in the matter. What we can do now to escape this situation is to utilize the positive attributes of entertainment & stay vigilant in the face of the Phantom Plan.

Films like Videodrome & They Live are subliminal examples of CIA techniques.  In Videodrome, a broadcast signal interferes with the psychological attributes of a local TV manager.  They Live featured a brainwashing campaign led by subliminal messages incorporated into mainstream media.  A man discovers sunglasses that have the power of detecting the beings behind the words.


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