Doctor Strange & Astral Projection

Astral Projection is becoming more of a topic with movies such as Dr. Strange showcasing the abilities on the silver screen.  What makes this ironic is the fact astral projection is a ‘superhero power’ we all possess.  Unlike the other mainstream superheroes & villains, this is the most believable of them all.  Dr. Strange was […]

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Night Stalkers (Black Helicopters)

The humming of blades.  Vibrations from above.  What’s taking place in our largest cities?  Accounts of helicopters over the Georgia landscape.  Sightings near Fort Gordon & Metro Atlanta have been accounted for as of right now. Hunter Army Airfield Located in Hinesville, Georgia (Near Savannah).  The Airfield is one of the homes to THE NIGHT […]

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Bill Cooper

TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK Bill Cooper Born May 6, 1943 Long Beach, California, U.S. Died November 6, 2001 (aged 58) Eagar, Arizona, U.S. William Cooper was a Conspiracy Theorist, Author & Radio Host.  Cooper was best known for his book Behold a Pale Horse, consisting of top secret information he claimed to have had […]

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Houdini Debunked Séances

And then promised to come back through the use of a Séance.  The man was Harry Houdini & his life was shrouded in mystery.  Houdini and his wife Bess had devised a coded message (Rosabelle Believe) that he would try to communicate back to her if he was ever to pass away performing his life-daring […]

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