10 Films of Making a Deal with the Devil

Interested in making a deal with the devil?  These 10 films will remind you, no deal with evil goes as it should… Selling their souls, making deals with the devil & giving it all for greed. Phantom of the Paradise A mutated composure sells his soul to the devil to get the girl of his dreams.  A crooked record executive steals his music & opens … Continue reading 10 Films of Making a Deal with the Devil

Doctor Strange & Astral Projection

Astral Projection is becoming more of a topic with movies such as Dr. Strange showcasing the abilities on the silver screen.  What makes this ironic is the fact astral projection is a ‘superhero power’ we all possess.  Unlike the other mainstream superheroes & villains, this is the most believable of them all.  Dr. Strange was originally brought to the Marvel Universe to exhibit the mystical … Continue reading Doctor Strange & Astral Projection

If Pigs Could Fly (Fidel Castro)

You’ve probably heard.  Fidel Castro has passed away at the age of 90.  He belongs to a group of revolutionary leaders that rose to prominence during the 20 century — a group that has dwindled at a steady pace over the last ten years: Saddam Hussein (Iraq) in 2006. Muammar Gaddafi (Libya) in October 2011. Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) in 2013.  The surprising connection to Chavez … Continue reading If Pigs Could Fly (Fidel Castro)

6 Tips to Improve Astral Projection

6 TIPS TO FIND YOURSELF & IMPROVE YOUR ASTRAL TRAVELS.  CHECK OUT 5 PLACES TO ASTRAL PROJECT 1. MEDITATION How can meditation improve your chances of Astral Projection?  This depends on your understanding of projection & how to apply it to benefit your atmosphere. This could also include prayer or religious practices pertaining to a higher being.  Meditation allows you to cleanse emotions while stabilizing … Continue reading 6 Tips to Improve Astral Projection

Night Stalkers (Black Helicopters)

The humming of blades.  Vibrations from above.  What’s taking place in our largest cities?  Accounts of helicopters over the Georgia landscape.  Sightings near Fort Gordon & Metro Atlanta have been accounted for as of right now. Hunter Army Airfield Located in Hinesville, Georgia (Near Savannah).  The Airfield is one of the homes to THE NIGHT STALKERS.  A special operations force that strictly operates at night.  … Continue reading Night Stalkers (Black Helicopters)

Bill Cooper

TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK Bill Cooper Born May 6, 1943 Long Beach, California, U.S. Died November 6, 2001 (aged 58) Eagar, Arizona, U.S. William Cooper was a Conspiracy Theorist, Author & Radio Host.  Cooper was best known for his book Behold a Pale Horse, consisting of top secret information he claimed to have had access to during his time in Naval Intelligence.  And for … Continue reading Bill Cooper

Houdini Debunked Séances

And then promised to come back through the use of a Séance.  The man was Harry Houdini & his life was shrouded in mystery.  Houdini and his wife Bess had devised a coded message (Rosabelle Believe) that he would try to communicate back to her if he was ever to pass away performing his life-daring acts.  The passing of his mother sent him for answers … Continue reading Houdini Debunked Séances