Letter of Reincarnation

Motionless, less than thankful.

Contrary to brimstone Sermons.

Plato; Cayce dimensional blueprints.

Disappear into the light of the stray moon.

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– Raphael Baldaya



Jim Morrison


Jim Morrison


Born December 8, 1943
Melbourne, Florida, U.S.
Died July 3, 1971 (aged 27)
Paris, France

Jim Morrison was an American poet, mystic, Rock n Roll vocalist, and hippie who transformed the 1960’s and 70’s subculture by introducing a psychedelic atmosphere to a genre overwhelmed with pop rock bands at the time.  He attended UCLA Film school in 1964-1965; in the summer of ’65 he formed The Doors with fellow UCLA student Ray Manzarek (Keyboard Bassist), Guitarist Robby Krieger and Drummer John Densmore joined soon after. 

The Doors name derives from Aldous Huxley’s book “The Doors of Perception” a psychedelic experience induced by drug-use.  Jim Morrison as known for his controversial antics on stage and he entered a stage of mysticism towards the later years of his life. 


Poetic and yet violent in his inner emotions of a self-claimed “Revolution” Morrison took the persona “Lizard King” and mentioned instances of Native American Shamanism in his poetry.  In an interview on a car wreck of dead Native Americans he witnessed while on a road trip with his parents, Morrison said –

The reaction I get now thinking about it, looking back—is that the souls of the ghosts of those dead Indians… maybe one or two of ’em… were just running around freaking out, and just leaped into my soul. And they’re still in there.”

Jim Morrison died at the age of 27 while in Paris, and the theories regarding his death have lived on.  Jim Morrison is our TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK.

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Only Fear of Death is Coming Back Reincarnated (Soul Traps and False White Light Projections)

The quote “Only Fear of Death is Reincarnation” is a philosophy with roots to “The Tibetan Book of the Dead” and illustrates humanity’s fear of a cycle judged by karmic deeds.  How can we possibly escape from this fate?  Reincarnation has been discussed at length throughout history.  

(Psychiatrist Carl Jung)


 “All your rebirths could ultimately make you sick. The Buddha therefore finally gave up on rebirth, for he had had enough of crawling through all human and animal forms.” – Carl Jung/The Red Book

(Tupac Shakur)


My only fear of death, is reincarnation
I use my last breath, to reach the whole nation
How can they call me murderer for my spoken words?
This composition be my prophecy I hope it’s heard” – Tupac Shakur

A dimensional blueprint… the dimensional blueprint; how and where will our next life take place?  The simple answer might lie within soul traps and the depths of reincarnation.  There are many thoughts on this elusive topic; Edgar Cayce, Val Valerian (John Grace) and Dr. Raymond Moody have all expressed their own belief-system, and we must decide for ourselves the correct path for our journey into the truth of the afterlife.

Edgar Cayce received this question once on the subject of white light.

Why are there so many Atlantean souls who are reincarnating at this particular time?

Frank Joesph (Author of Before Atlantis) on Edgar Cayce’s answer:

Because of the narrowing resemblance between the western world and Atlantis is so close, that light attracts light.  That is the force that is compiling or bringing these former souls at this particular time.  Some of these souls want to help America succeed and not fall into the destiny that was Atlantis.  Other souls have the opposite mission and reincarnate to destroy Western civilization.” 

(Atlantean symbology)


It clearly states that “light attracts light” and that the Atlantean souls are attracted to this light thus they reincarnate into this realm.  If this is true; then doesn’t it lend credence that a “bright light” could be used to attract our souls to reincarnate?  Edgar Cayce’s belief is carefully explained in this quote –

After death, we may enter a region that is Void of love, life, and light, Void of everything. For some, this region is approximately their wish come true.  Here they are truly alone with themselves.  For some souls, this is a pain that is unbearable.  In the absence of truth, love, gentleness, and kindness, some souls fill the Void with an irrational and unbelievable amount of pain and fear.  It is so dark in the realm of outer darkness that the darkness hurts and panic grips them without knowing why.  There are various degrees of darkness to this realm, and it is darker and denser at the center than at its outer fringes.  The closer we are to the outer edges, the more interaction there is with others in the realm.  The closer to the center, the darker and more painful is the solitude. Those who find themselves in outer darkness cannot travel across this dimension.  They must grow through the levels of this realm.  After death, one may find themselves in a particular degree of darkness that most closely corresponds to the degree of the absence of love in one’s life.  Outer darkness is not a punishment.  It is a region which operates lawfully for the benefit of those who are there.  This region is not a realm which was created for any soul to experience, but one which came about as a consequence of the negative activity of souls in creation.  So great has been the desire for self, so monumental across time and space has been the selfishness of some of God’s creatures, that this realm is the creation or manifestation of their own collective activities.  Outer darkness and the reality with which it is associated were created and are held in place by collective self-interest.” – Edgar Cayce

The statement clearly presents darkness as one’s “void” and describes light as having “love” contradicting the “white light soul trap” theory.  What is this is in-deed another illusion?  Did Cayce subliminally release the truth with his statement about Atlantean souls being attracted to the light? 

We have been taught throughout our lives that a “bright light” is one with harmony as depicted in Hollywood films, literature and mythology; a pathway of information we have developed into our psyche.


The author of the Matrix IV Val Valerian states “Many Asians and other followers of karmic style religions, fear what their next incarnational status will be, so they tend to mold their lives around this fear…Karma, like time, is artificial…Favorite ‘bad boys’ from modern history, Hitler, Stalin, etc are not being ‘punished’ for their experiences, but have moved on to other things in other incarnations they are having.” – Val Valerian 



Valerian’s point-of-view derives from his theory on how the “life review” process is actually a trap for souls to be recycled by Reptilians.


Sabine Lucas of Heidelburg University and a Carl Jung expert has researched Jung’s interest into reincarnation.

Even Jung himself had not escaped censorship when, toward the end of his life, he had found psychological evidence for the existence of reincarnation. He had even written about it in his autobiography Memories, Dreams Reflections, but family and publisher, concerned for his reputation, had prevailed on him to take it out.”

Carl Jung on the afterlife


(Anthropomorphic images)


Carl Jung on reincarnation.


John Lear, pilot, and son of American aviator inventor Bill Lear has proposed a theory of a “Moon Soul Trap” that acts as a station for our souls on this planet.  The Archons (Gnostic Gods) are behind the “Moon Soul Trap” and this has also been a topic of conspiracy writer David Icke.

Each person’s theory of reincarnation or soul traps is based in terms of that person’s own timeline and we must make a similar decision when it comes to our journey into the next realm.  More research is needed on the topic and the shift of Universal energy might help us understand reincarnation in the future.

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Makaveli The Mystic Part 3: (Reincarnation; Tupac’s only fear of death)


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In our articles, we discussed books Tupac read and decoded his lyrics; we show in this article the influence of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and how mysticism was present in his work.  Reincarnation is another topic that pops up in numerous Tupac songs.  Out of all of Tupac’s quotes “My Only Fear of Death is Coming Back Reincarnated” is used the most in his music and symbolized the most in Tupac’s life.  Reincarnation is a concept that a being’s soul can be reborn into a new realm or physical body.  It’s popular in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism; it can also be found in the works of Plato and Socrates.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead” is what more than likely influenced Tupac’s belief in “Only fear of death is comin’ back reincarnated” as it deals with life-after-death scenario and how we perceive this experience.  The line was first used by Evil Mind Gangstas on their 1993 song “Livin On The Edge” and also featured on the OG recording “Reincarnation” along with Hussein Fatal and other Outlawz members.  The quote gained mainstream status with the release of “Only Fear of Death” on the 1997 album “R U Still Down? (Remember Me)”.  The three Bardo realms of the afterlife are “Bardo of Death,” “Bardo of reality,” and, the “Bardo of rebirth.”  

(My Only Fear of Death is Coming back Reincarnated tatted on Pac’s right arm.)


Reincarnation (OG)

My only fear of death is reincarnation
I use my last breath, to reach the whole nation
How can they call me murderer for my spoken words?
This composition be my prophecy I hope it’s heard

Tupac’s original recording of the song “Reincarnation” is not only a prophecy of his death but also a personal testament regarding reincarnation.


If My Enemies Love Their Kidz (OG)

My only fear of death, can you hear me, it’s comin’ back
Had enough of this bullshit world so none of that

A mellow instrumental accompanies Tupac’s warning for his enemies.


Under Pressure (Thug Life/1994)

Right before I die
I’ll be curseing tha law
Reincarnated bitch even worse than before
My four-four’s givin payback” 

Reincarnation is slightly mentioned on the 1994 album “Thug Life”.


Ambitionz Az A Ridah (All Eyez On Me/1996)

My murderous lyrics
Equipped with spirits of the Thugs before me” 

Tupac studied white magic and had an ability to utilized this into his lyrics.  The semantics of Tupac’s lyrics has a force behind it.  Sorcery can be summoned to incorporate souls of another realm.

(A Treatise on White Magic by Alice Bailey)


But I’m back reincarnated, incarcerated
At the time I contemplate the way that God made it
Lace ’em with lyrics that’s legendary, musical mercenary

Tupac’s image and self-identity were reincarnated on the album “All Eyez On Me” as he entered the realm of mysticism.  At the time he was incarcerated at Clinton Correctional Facility he found a way to God’s destiny for him.


No More Pain (All Eyez On Me/1996)

Spit the secret to war, so cowards fear me
My only fear of death is reincarnation
Heart of a solider with a brain to teach your whole nation


The secret to war and astral projection… this song that has roots in mysticism and is a homage to Method’s Man’s “Bring The Pain”.


Only Fear of Death (R U Still Down?/1997)

Hahaha, I ain’t scared to die
I ain’t scared to die
To my homies in Heaven: I ain’t scared to die
Do you wanna live forever? Are you scared to die?
Or will you scream when you fry?
I don’t fear death
My only fear of death is coming back, reincarnated

A whole song dedicated to the subject and an insight on Tupac’s mindstate towards the end of his life.

(Art from The Tibetan Book of The Dead)


Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (Until The End of Time/2001)

“One day I’ll be the Don; until then, remain strong
My only fear of death is reincarnation
Bustin’ at my adversaries like a mental patient”  

Tupac once again states “My Only Fear of Death is Reincarnation.”



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Bioterrorism: Ventilation Systems And How To Protect Your Air

Terrorist organizations thrive on their ability to create scenarios geared at inflicting maximum destruction while integrating their philosophies into the attacks.  The 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing on May 22 and the recent London bridge terrorist stabbing on June 3 are only the start of a holy war that has its eyes set on Western civilization.  Terrorists have frequently utilized propaganda and the publicity of an open attack to elevate their platforms and this often is the case, but what about the clandestine operations or sleeper cells who have another agenda?  If their mission is based on the factor of anonymity, with no goal of self-indulgence – how can we counter a force that has no social presence and exploits our weaknesses?

Bioterrorism is a seldom talked about tactic that is high on the Homeland Security’s list of possible attacks; what precautions have been taken by our Government to ensure our ventilation systems are not compromised by a terrorist group?  A device designed for the Manhattan Project essentially can save lives in an event of a bioterrorist attack on our air.  The HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filter was invented in the 1940’s and became a mainstream product during the 1950’s.  The HVAC (air condition system) is an essential component to office buildings, homes, schools, and airplanes; airplane HVAC systems are now called ESC (Environmental control system).  The ventilation system replaces air in confined spaces to ensure IAQ (indoor air quality); this involves stopping the spread of airborne illnesses, smoke, unpleasant odors, mold, etc.

(A HEPA Filter Mask can be a life-saving tool in an emergency)


Most conventional air conditioning units re-circulate air in a standard home or office building 80-90 times a day.  The HEPA filter along with a UVGI system (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) can greatly improve a building’s defense against a terrorist attack.  The UVGI system infiltrates respiratory agents and causes the cells to stop reproduction, this unit is a low-budget must-have for your personal home or workplace.  In 2002, an attack on a Moscow theater led by Chechen militant Movsar Barayev in Russia tempted the Spetsnaz and Russian authorities to pump an unknown gas into the air ventilation system, 130 hostages died and all 40 of the terrorists were killed.  Although the chemical attack was conducted to ensure the safety of the hostages, the attack showcases the vulnerabilities of a ventilation system in the 21st century.



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Sokushinbutsu: Mummies Alive

Sokushinbutsu: a ritualistic realm performed by Buddhist monks who are immersed and devoted to Asceticism.  The devotee enters a state of mummification while alive through the use a unique diet that consists of pine needles, seeds and tea made from the sap of the urushi tree; the urushi tree produces a poisonous sap (arsenic) that is implanted into a liquid-state.  The organs of the Monk shrinks over time (3-10 years), towards the end, they would isolate themselves, either in a temple or cave for meditation and passageway into enlightenment.

(urushi tree)


The origins of Sokushinbutsu can be traced back to Kūkai, a Japanese Buddhist monk who died at the age of 62.  He helped to establish an esoteric form of Buddhism known as Shingon in Japan.  Kūkai had been in the service of Emperor Ninmyō; before his death, Kūkai suddenly retreated from his daily rituals and stopped the intake of food and water – after his demise, he was entombed at Mount Kōya.  Legend claims that his tomb was opened and Kūkai’s body was in a state of Samadhi (meditative consciousness) and his hair/nails had grown immensely.  The act of Sokushinbutsu was banned by the Japanese Government in the 19th century but Rouge sects still practice it throughout the world.

The practice has influenced countless other Monks.


Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov (75) was a Buryat Buddhist lama (Tibetan Buddhism) who revitalized Buddhism in Russia, building a temple in St. Petersburg and becoming one of the last Monks to sustain power within Russia’s “imperial mission.”  In 1926, he began meditation rituals, conducted the “death chant” and prepared himself for enlightenment.  Itigilov left behind writings that instructed for him to be buried in a ‘sitting’ lotus position; he insisted on the exhumation of his body after a period of set-years.  Itiglov was exhumed in 1955 and 1973; both occurrences presented no signs of decomposition.  In 2002, Itiglov’s remains were transported to the Ivolginsky Datsan and ended up being tested.  In 2013, Vladimir Putin made an appearance with Itigilov and other Monks of the Datsan.


Mummy lama1

Sangha Tenzin is a mummy located in 1975 when an earthquake struck the region of Northern India.  A tomb was discovered and the body of Sangha Tenzin, preserved with skin, hair and clothes in-tact was deemed a holy-find.  He allegedly asked the townspeople to perform a ritualistic mummification on him during an outbreak of scorpion attacks; his body reached enlightenment and the scorpions disappeared.  He is displayed in Himachal Pradesh, India.



Honmyōkai was a Samurai/Monk who dedicated 20 years to the process of Sokushinbutsu; he stated “I have decided to become a living Buddha.  If people of future ages are devoted, I will grant them whatever request they may have.”  Honmyōkai was buried alive in an underground chamber by his disciples on May 8, 1681.



Shinnyokai Shonin was a farmer who unintentionally killed a samurai after a disagreement; while walking home from a day of farming, Shonin accidentally bumped into a Samurai, spilling maneuver onto the Samurai’s armor.  The Samurai had the right to retaliate and did so with a strike of his sword; Shonin kept the Samurai at bay with the use of his walking-shaft and eventually penetrated a weak spot on the Samurai’s armor, killing him.  Fearing imminent death, Shonin escaped to Dainichi Temple and became a devotee of the high priest there.  A local spring near the temple contains near-fatal concentrations of arsenic, this has been utilized as a hot-spot for most cases of Sokushinbutsu.  At age 96, Shonin entered a pine coffin and was buried alive.

(Dainichi Temple)


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