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The Breitbart Coroner Timeline (Michael Cormier)

by Project Astral in Articles

What we have here folks, is a failure to communicate.  Timelines… I feel like you really have to be sheeple of the steeple for mabus if you don’t understand this [...]


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I’m Press Graye and the founder of PROJECT ASTRAL. I started my independent research into cold case investigations in October of 2016; since that time, I’ve uncovered new evidence in the case of Michael Cormier (Andrew Breitbart’s coroner), Eugene Kvet (Unsolved Mysteries case) and have contributed relevant information most news outlets ignore or overlook. My mission for Project Astral expands into a dimensional blueprint; I explore concepts of mysticism and apply alternative methods to unsolved cases.

Our investigations are self-funded. We appreciate all support to continue our research into the truth.