Assange is free

Assange, where have you been?

Maybe I should ask, where have we been?  The media cannot help themselves, they are an onslaught of misdirection surrounded by the ignorance of honesty during the time when we could use it the most.

You are not alone.  You are not confined by the definition of confinement. YOUR ARE FREE.  Your spirit completes the cycle of THE TRUTH.  You seem like a man of substance; I’m sure your astral abilities are on the field of “Second Initiation”.  A simple instance of a traveler with no path to travel, unless you know the substance.

It’s a tiny world, and as a guest of the Embassy, you’re cut off from the modern age of this timeline; an onlooker at the distress and a motivational tool for the positive.  If you’re the author, we are clearly the pages of history… to accept or deny your revolution as in how it was written.  WikiLeaks is our freedom in a sense…

The best way to explain how information can be manipulated by our media is this quote presented below.

  • I saw a wise man give a book to a child, once the child accepted, the book transformed into a chainsaw.  The man pulled back the rope on the chainsaw, and the rest wasn’t envisioned.”

We will probably never meet within this realm.  But foretold, precautions aside, we will search.

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?  In a cave full of metaphors, grasping for the light.

You can help me by prophecy.

Where do you envision me?

What do you want from the light?


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL essay.

Raphael Baldaya


Where is Assange?

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