Elohim Arising (Alchemy and White/Black Magic)

Necromancy is the practice of channeling magic to contact the deceased. Considered a form of black magic, this very tool was used in the Hebrew Bible by the Witch of Endor who first appears in The Book of Samuel.  The Witch summoned the prophet Samuel’s soul using a technique known as scrying, this was requested by King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel.  Saul seeks … Continue reading Elohim Arising (Alchemy and White/Black Magic)

Astral Television (Astral Projection technique)

Astral Television Your favorite film is on the tv & strains of the information seep into your astral travel.  Have you ever fallen asleep & had a dream related to what you recently watched or listened to?  Can films & music be used in astral travel to easily transport your astral body to another realm?  In a recent article, Project Astral describes where creatures of … Continue reading Astral Television (Astral Projection technique)

Robert Johnson

TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK Robert Johnson Born May 8, 1911 Hazlehurst, Mississippi Died August 16, 1938 (aged 27) Greenwood, Mississippi  Faustian bred.  Robert Johnson was the voice of the blues, a musician that defined not only an era for music but also an era for mysticism. Robert lived an obscure life, he frequented juke joints & hoboed across Mississippi for short stints.  An aura … Continue reading Robert Johnson

William (Bill) Cooper speaks about FAKE NEWS 20 years ago

William Cooper was a Conspiracy Theorist, Author & Radio Host.  Cooper was best known for his book Behold a Pale Horse, consisting of top secret information he claimed to have had access to during his time in Naval Intelligence.  And for predicting/alluding to the events of 9/11 three months before it took place.  He was gunned down at his doorsteps after not surrendering on outstanding … Continue reading William (Bill) Cooper speaks about FAKE NEWS 20 years ago

The Blues never screams, whispers, dances… It stays silent

INT. WYION MIDWAY SALOON – DAY AN YOUNG CARSON sits at the bar.  He holds three belts interlocked together — it’s connected to a body of a dead dog. THE ASSOCIATE Not the usual method. CARSON Man on 76 sent me here.  Told me to drag this hound.  Told me to do it with three belts belonging to a dead man.  Told me to take … Continue reading The Blues never screams, whispers, dances… It stays silent

No Grapes Theory (Tupac Shakur Underground Info)

Conspiracy theories that surround Tupac Shakur will never die, just like his death status.  Countless fans have pointed to clues within his lyrics & albums that he may still be alive.  We won’t go into the countless theories (His autopsy discrepancies, The # 7…etc), you can look them up easily on a search engine.  We are here to bring attention to an obscure theory entitled … Continue reading No Grapes Theory (Tupac Shakur Underground Info)