The Phantom Plan – Part 1 (Technology vs. Meditation)

THE PHANTOM PLAN PART I Dimensional blueprints, not a floating concept, more of a stabilization of itself — morphing from one invention to the next.  This phantom plan can be fought from within.  Our structure as modern beings cannot be obstructed as images process wings on computed mirrors.  It’s not an exact concept of man’s wishes… The blueprints I speak of revolves around an image … Continue reading The Phantom Plan – Part 1 (Technology vs. Meditation)

The Piltdown Man Effect (Fake News & Operation Mockingbird)

First, let’s start off with what the Piltdown man is. Piltdown Man is a creation of Charles Dawson, an archaeologist who claimed in 1912 that he had found evidence that man evolved from apes.  This evidence became a phenomenon & would take over 40 years to be debunked by science.  Dawson assembled various parts of the human & orangutan anatomy; calling it the Eoanthropus dawsoni (“Dawson’s … Continue reading The Piltdown Man Effect (Fake News & Operation Mockingbird)

Revolution is Dead

Do you know a spoiled kid?  Maybe your own?  The kind that throws a tantrum because they couldn’t get a toy at the store or how about the kid who bullies all the others?  We have two kids in the national attention at the moment.  One is The Protesters who didn’t get the toy they desperately wanted… the other is President-elect Trump who “bullied” his … Continue reading Revolution is Dead


“DENIAL OF THE TREATY” 1. The world is made up of two forces orders: the forces that claim and the forces that deny. 2. The forces that claim are the creative forces in the world, issued successively the single, center Affirmation. 3. The forces that deny emanate from beyond the single. 4. The One, whom God, the Creator God of Things, is only one manifestation, … Continue reading DENIAL OF THE TREATY

Assange is free

Assange, where have you been? Maybe I should ask, where have we been?  The media cannot help themselves, they are an onslaught of misdirection surrounded by the ignorance of honesty during the time when we could use it the most. You are not alone.  You are not confined by the definition of confinement. YOUR ARE FREE.  Your spirit completes the cycle of THE TRUTH.  You … Continue reading Assange is free