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5 Songs About The Future

These are 5 songs about the future!


In the Year 2525” is a song that deals with humanity and how it adapts into the future.  Themes of the song include machines that rule the labor force, asexual humans, test-tube conception, pills for food.  The song ends in the year 10000, which describes earth covered in darkness.



One hundred years from this day will the people still feel this way?” Is the opening line to this short but powerful song from The Byrds; it provokes a thought of existence through the spectrum of a memory… stuck between here and now.


QUEEN – 39′

Queen’s hit “39′” is a take on the famous time dilation scenario first mentioned in Einstein’s special theory of relativity.  This is also the plot of the original Planet of the Apes film.



What is there really to say?  Music videos killed the radio star, and the Buggles music video for “Video Killed The Radio Star” is ironically so terrible it makes you rethink the idea of music videos overtaking radio.



Neil Young showcases his talents in synthesizers with the release of “Computer Age”.  A personal connection of Neil Youngs’, since the influence of the song, deals with his journey of communicating with his son who has cerebral palsy and the progression of technology into the future.

Cars and trucks Fly by me on the corner But I’m all right Standin’ proud before the signal When I see the light I know I’m more than just a number


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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And she’s stationary waiting for the invitation to extend

And she walked with scarlet cloth, through the hallway of records


Jung archetypes adorn asterisks gently on rooftops

Freudian textures teaching Tamas


Mirror gazing projects her to a conscious reflection

Reflection of consciousness projects her onto a mirror


And she’s tempted by the demeanor of a locust

And she’s Illuminated from the children of harlotry, free from the text


This is official PROJECT ASTRAL poetry

-Raphael Baldaya



Door EXIT.

And she’s in the next room staring through a stained glass window

And the paint is peeling from the frame between here and somewhere


Parallel pyramids project her shadow on mute

Euclid angles architect antidotes of a plane laced with pores


Pineal paths drift her along a Phatnitic water

Arrayed asterisks allude elements of wilderness on horseback


And she carried purple and scarlet cloth written in mystery

And she rose from the children of harlotry, indebted to the text


This is official PROJECT ASTRAL poetry

-Raphael Baldaya

T.S. Eliot


T.S. Eliot


Born Thomas Stearns Eliot
26 September 1888
St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Died 4 January 1965 (aged 76)
Kensington, London, England

Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1888, T.S. Eliot was a poet, essayist and literary genius who helped stabilize British and American poetry in 1915 with his Magnum opus “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”.  T.S. Eliot’s symbolic approach to “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” leaves the door of the subconscious open to its readers and the analysis up for debate.  Originally titled “Prufrock Among the Women” the poem explores concepts of erotic sexual tension and denial; the intellectual status of Alfred Prufrock is questioned by Alfred Prufrock himself. 

T.S. Eliot lived in England most of his life and applied for British citizenship in 1927.  He produced very few poems; the majority of his poetry is spread-out and captures the various periods of his life.  He approached Christian mysticism and symbology in his later works such as “Four Quartets“.  T.S. Eliot combines attributes of Hindu God Krishna into Western mysticism in “The Dry Salvages,” a free-flowing launch into an aquatic journey of meditation; time ceases to maintain a sense of substance as the reality of one’s self is truly processed. 

For this work within the mystic realm, T.S. is our TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK.

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The Laugh Man (ESP-induced through Hypnosis)

We all possess a form of ESP according to the sleeping prophet Edgar CayceEdgar Cayce was deemed the “Sleeping Prophet” for his uncanny approach to fortune telling.  He would lay on a couch… enter a trance & interpret images that were channeled to him.  A master of Christian Mysticism… he dealt with astral projection, automatic writing, holistic healing, astrology & much more.  A random meeting with a traveling stage hypnotist (The Laughman) was the cause of his sudden BOOM in powers.


ESP divides into three levels/categories.

  1. Telepathy – The communication of thoughts without the use sensory or physical interaction.
  2. Clairvoyance – The ability to perceive information not available through traditional senses.
  3. PrecognitionVisions of the future, resulting from a paranormal experience.

Could a regular person with traces of ESP (Extrasensory perception) have a reaction from hypnosis or psychic, triggering an opening of the third eye?  Cayce stated that each person is born with ESP and it can be channeled into a projection of your past lives; you can achieve this through hypnosis or astral travel. 

Practical application of ESP:

When you wake up in the morning, how can you use this in your everyday life?

We need our intellect, we need all the data, but when we combine that with our intuition then research shows that we make better decisions.

Different techniques bring results based on the subject-matter discussed.

One of these methods entitled “Magic Television,” is targeted for children 6-10 years of age. The hypnotist will ask the child to close their eyes and envision their favorite TV show; the TV show is then a safe place for the child to explore inner emotions that he would not be able to communicate otherwise.


The “Handshake,” technique consists of the hypnotist reaching out for a handshake, the subject engages; the hypnotist then pulls the subject closer while whispering “sleep”.  Physical connections as such are often successful at triggering narcoleptic responses from the subject.

Subliminal Hypnosis,” is a covert method of inducing a trance through the process of social manipulation. An example of this would be a spouse conversing with their significant other… the spouse builds up the anticipation of an upcoming baby shower; the joy and excitement geared towards the baby shower will implant thoughts of pregnancy or conception within the subconscious of the “significant other.”


How to enhance your ESP?  Do a 20-day telepathy experiment where you and another person “tune” into each other using hypnosis techniques.

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Edgar Cayce


Edgar Cayce


Born Edgar Cayce
March 18, 1877
Christian County, Kentucky
Died January 3, 1945 (aged 67)
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Edgar Cayce was deemed the “Sleeping Prophet” for his uncanny approach to fortune telling.  He would lay on a couch… entering a trance & would interpret images that were channeled to him.  A master of Christian Mysticism… he dealt with astral projection, automatic writing, holistic healing, astrology & much more. 

At age 23, Cayce developed Laryngitis and lost the use of his voice.  A random meeting with a traveling stage hypnotist (The Laughman) was the cause of his sudden BOOM in powers.  His voice returned and a direct channel to ESP was opened.  His many predictions include the lost city of Atlantis, Dead Sea Scrolls, The use of blood as a diagnostic tool and many others that have yet to come true

With the increasing readings performed due to his popularity, his mind fell to the stress of the trances.  His last “reading” instructed him to rest until he became well.  He ignored the warning and continued his work until a stroke debilitated his powers; he passed away four months later.  Edgar Cayce is our TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK. 

Find out more about Edgar Cayce.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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Time Travel Tales Part 1: (The Chronovisor & Project Pegasus)

Father Francois Brune (Catholic Priest) wrote in his book “The Vatican’s New Mystery” about a device that could view time in the past.  In a mid-evil twist of the show Person of Interest, this machine decoded and reproduced electromagnetic radiation leftover from the past.  The chronovisor, designed as a large cabinet that worked along with a cathode ray tube, allowed for viewing the memories of any location.


The inventor of the machine, Pellegrino Ernetti was an Italian priest and scientist.  Some people believe that Pellegrino was not the mastermind behind the Chronovisor and that honor belongs to Nikola Tesla.  Using the device, Pellegrino stated he witnessed the crucifixion of Christ and had photographed the scene.  The photo was later discredited.  Although many inconsistencies align with Pellegrino statements, conspiracy theorists have pointed the blame on the secrecy of the Vatican.  On his deathbed, he made a confession to Father Brune that he had faked the photo but that the machine was indeed genuine.

(The alleged photo of the crucifixion depicted in a newspaper)


Andrew Basiago, a well-known attorney, and recent United States Presidential Candidate added to the mystery behind Pellegrino’s controversial statements with some of this own.  Basiago explains that in 1968, Project Pegasus launched with information based on papers left by Nikola Tesla in The New Yorker hotel upon his death in 1943.  The War Department seized Tesla’s belongings and utilized them for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Basiago has detailed a secretive life that started while he was in the third grade and was mandated by his father via a program code name “Project Pegasus”.   At a young age, Basiago stated he was sent to Gettysburg in 1972 from a research center in East Hanover, New Jersey during a session of a “Plasma confinement chamber.”  The chamber is said to use radiant energy (cloud of plasma) inserted into a vortal tunnel that allows teleportation to a location.

Dressed as a Union Bugle Boy, he started his trip about twenty minutes outside of Gettysburg.   He lost his shoes and hat during the teleportation.  He met a man who he would later identify as “John Lawrence Burns” who fought in the war of 1812 and was injured four months earlier at the battle of Gettysburg.  Burns welcomed Basiago into his shop and provided him with a coat and a pair of adult shoes.  Basiago wandered around with the oversized shoes and became etched in time when the iconic Josephine Cobb photographed this piece shown below.


Project Pegasus is said to still be in effect but not in the capacity of human teleportation (only for supplies or other items deemed safe for travel).  The psychological and physical effects on the children were examined and the findings utilized in what now is part of a CIA protocol that involves teleportation for the President’s or high ranking official’s children in the case of a national emergency.  Andrew Basiago knows for certain that his comments are controversial but his intrigue into time travel not only provides a new opinion into a limited realm, it opens the door to finding the truth.