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Static Drama

Static Drama.  An invention that I have developed into the overall essence of my writing.  It’s a creation that stems from Maurice Maeterlinck.  He is the recipient of the 1911 Nobel Prize in Literature; a successful playwright, poet & a leader symbolism of the arts.  For his plays, he preferred the performances of marionettes.  What is Static Drama?  How was it incorporated into the structure of his plays?  Maeterlinck claimed that actors should create something that did not express human emotions.  External factors were to be showcased via symbolism.  He would refer to his actors as “marionettes” (Alfred Hitchcock famously compared his to cattle).  This often gave the performance a building suspense of realism.

Maeterlinck claimed that actors should create something that did express human emotions.  External factors were to be showcased via symbolism.  He would refer to his actors as “marionettes” (Hitchcock compared his to cattle).  This often gave the performance a building suspense relying solely on external forces.

Here’s a synopsis for his play Interior.

An Old Man and a Stranger appear outside of a house.  A Family can be seen inside through the windows.  The Old Man and Stranger have a disagreement over the proper way to inform the family regarding the death of one of their daughters.  As the crowd descends down the roadway with the body; the Old Man enters the house and can be seen through the windows relaying the news of the daughter.

It deals with death & anxiety.  In the play, the Girl is seen by the riverside.  Maybe she drowned or committed suicide?  The story never tells.

Maurice Maeterlinck


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Water Séance

Influenced by the Ancestors in Espiritismo (Santeria).  It’s a channeling of working with spirits, your Ancestors of blood, spirit animals, guides & masters.  Spiritual, elevation is the concept for this practice.  Maintaining a stable prayer while assisting in spirits that are trapped or lost in this realm.  This is where the white light, prayer, and communication with the spirits align.

White Light.  An aura surrounds you.  Prayer protects you.  The water moves if energy is around, or channeling might come via vocalization. 

Me: I ask you politely to move the water…

Him: It’s very…

Me: Talk to me.

Him: What do we have to talk about?

Interested in PERFORMING IT?









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Facts are Wrong. That’s a Fact. (Fake News)

Fake news conspiracy.  Fake polling data.  Fake America.  Revelations have occurred to Facebook that fake news stories could very well sway public opinion.  Paul Horner, the self-proclaimed Guru of the Fake News movement on Facebook is behind the sprout of copycat sites and headlines that read like this…

“REPUBLICAN MASCOT ATTACKS: Donald Trump supporter attacked by man in Elephant Mask”


Horner seems to only take aim at Republicans (Donald Trump Supporters specifically).  Here’s a quote from The Washington Post

“Honestly, people are definitely dumber. They just keep passing stuff around. Nobody fact-checks anything anymore — I mean, that’s how Trump got elected. He just said whatever he wanted, and people believed everything, and when the things he said turned out not to be true, people didn’t care because they’d already accepted it. It’s real scary. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“My sites were picked up by Trump supporters all the time. I think Trump is in the White House because of me. His followers don’t fact-check anything — they’ll post everything, believe anything.”

Contradictive or ironic?  He submits a fake news outlet to generate an income but publicly shames the same people that provide the lifestyle he lives?  He then downgrades half the population because of an election he says was influenced by stories like his.  Facebook and Google have issued initiatives to ban such Fake News sites from advertisement but this will not detour the overall chain mail effect that these stories provide.

President Obama even weighed in on the issue today on the misconception fake news outlets generate by stating:

We won’t know what to fight for, and we can lose so much of what we’ve gained in terms of the kind of democratic freedoms and market-based economies and prosperity that we’ve come to take for granted.”

Remember, folks, FACTS ARE WRONG.  THAT’S A FACT.  Do not check Wikipedia and do not share headlines from unverified news sources.  You can be assured that PROJECT ASTRAL is 100% for the people and readers.  We thank you for your support.  We do not care about your political ideology.


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Chicago: Sanctuary City?


Chicago, I’ve personally never been but let’s say I had an important meeting in downtown Chicago, how do you expect it’d go?  I guess it’d be smooth sailing but let’s check the stats.

As of 11/14/2016, there have been roughly 4,000 shooting victims and 674 murders according to the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Rahm Emanuel issued a statement declaring that the city he rules over would sustain it’s sanctuary status even if President-elect Trump mandates otherwise.  The sanctuary issued to immigrants is not under question in this article.  Chicago law basically eliminates any chance of law enforcement questioning locals about their immigration status. It offers a layer of comfort to the confounds of the city.  Any individual that clearly risks their life to be in this freedom we embrace deserves some credit, they surely deserve some credit if they’re an individual who makes it to America and stumbles their way to Chicago; they’ve chosen a sanctuary that should be in a constant state of emergency.

President-elect Trump issued his own statement on the issue during 60 Minutes.  He proclaimed that his immigration process would target criminals, drugs & gangs.  Are criminals, drugs & gangs the main factor in the violence throughout the city?  These shootings are not committed by ordinary citizens that roam the streets; they’re committed by men & women tied to the muzzles of gunshots and remnants of chalk.  Mornings are embraced by both sides.  The ordinary are thankful for the light outside, it lets them conduct their daily lives with a clear view of violence.  The criminals are grateful for another day they’ve encountered.  Air.  Food.  Usage.  Violence.

While illegal immigrants account for about 3.5 percent of the U.S population, they represented 36.7 percent of federal sentences in FY 2014 following criminal convictions” – Breitbart News

At-the-moment is it wrong to assume that the 2016 stats are going to be within the same range?  Rahm Emanuel was Obama’s Chief of Staff from January 20, 2009 – October 1, 2010.  He then launched a campaign for Mayoral duties of Chicago, winning with 55% of the vote.  Although Rahm has bodies piling up, blowing past him like tumbleweeds; he has a clear vision of pressing scenarios that shouldn’t be the focus of his attention. Sanctuary Cities will more than likely sustain their purpose in one way or another.  Activities that only elate my argument, the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions & the only thing I think about when I hear of Chicago is this story… Aaren O’Connor

You can read more about the debt crisis & information regarding the Chicago worker pensions back in May of this year…

It seems Rahm is riding out his term. He hasn’t improved in the areas that actually matter.

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Irish Travelers (The scams of a traveler)



Many questions are posed about these unique but tarnished individuals.  What is an Irish Traveler?  Why are they called Gypsies?  How do they earn a living?  Why are child marriages arraigned?

They sailed from their old country to expand into the territory (USA) we sometimes take for granted.  Other than their European DNA, they have no known point of origin; they’re traditionally called “Gypsies,” “Roma,” or “Travelers.” Wise-tales can be traced back to the mid-1800’s; they’ve been depicted in Hollywood lore and their controversial lifestyle has flourished through the headlines of the years.

Tales of the traveler are scarce but do exist through folklore, eyewitness accounts, police records, & entertainment.  A caravan of gypsies was not a rare site to see in the early 1900’s.  The mystical powers of crystal ball readings & spiritual advice, usually given from an older lady or man; often cloaked in gems, jewelry, scarves & yes, the hat.  Mystical powers were often advertised, but were they real?

Films such as Traveller (1997), starring Bill Paxton & Mark Walhberg as a pair of traveling Gypsies have added to the ongoing curiosity. In the film, they pull simple scams to lure in their victims.  Scams are not only a part of the folklore that accompanies Irish Travelers, it’s their livelihood. The film, Snatch (2000), starring Brad Pitt as an Irishman, referred to as (Pikey) in the film — which is a derogatory term for a Traveler.  Bare-knuckle boxing & scams run rampant throughout this movie, a European-take on the subject-matter.  Thinner (1996), a product of Steven King, showcased the Gypsies as traveling fortune-tellers, casting curses upon their victims.


(scene from Traveller, starring Mark Wahlberg as an outcast of the gypsy outfit)

Shrouded in mystery, their lifestyle also provides an in-depth blueprint into the development of their morals.  Child marriage is a common theme within the Travelers; often girls & boys – young as 12, are positioned into a marriage ceremony or engagements that align with the better good of the establishment.  The largest settlement of Travelers can be found in Murphy Village, a compound located outside of North Augusta, South Carolina. They’ve recently been projected into the spotlight via the RICO ACT (Federal Fraud Charges) have been brought against 22 members of Murphy Village.  Their pre-trial date is for November, 30th, 2016.  Alleged sex crimes have also been at the forefront of a new investigation regarding children located in the Village.

Is this a modern-day conspiracy taking place against men & women with a different lifestyle, or is the conspiracy the Travelers themselves?  Although these scams & others are often associated with Gypsies, not all practice this way of life.  Many Gypsies marry a GORGER (Non-Gypsy), sometimes abandoning their way of life for a GORGER or vice versa.

Scams associated with the Travelers include…


This was a common theme during the early 1900’s.  A traveling caravan would stop by nearby towns, associated with festivals or sideshows.  The MAGICAL & ALL-SEEING GYPSY would tell your fortune. People with mental issues or grief-stricken were perfect victims (repeat customers). Parlor tricks & simple psychology were just the beginning, they would often rob the individual, robbing them of their horse or personal belongings, this was usually performed by an apprentice (a kid).



A group of men will arrive at a household (usually the elderly).  They present themselves as workers from a nearby area who & have extra supplies; they’re willing to make a deal since they do not want the materials to go to waste.  They offer to paint your house or spray your driveway (to fill in the cracks), only accepting cash.   The materials they use are watered-down, outdated, & barely function-able.   They leave the job unfinished – the after-effects cost the homeowner more money to fix the problem.



A knock… then… another one.  The man standing at your front door… you don’t recognize.  They claim to be an insurance salesman and would like to have a chat with you about their new program, which guarantees acceptance for citizens over the age of 70.  You’re not intrigued, but this interaction takes a total of 5 minutes, he’s quite the fella.  You go back inside.  The next day you notice misplaced items in your bedroom; your jewelry is missing.  This takes place in rural areas of the south; the victims are home alone & have been scouted out for their vulnerability.


If you want to know more about the scams & interactions with Irish Travelers, I’ve included links to check out.

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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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Georgia Guidestones (Symbolism of a mystic structure)


October 27th, 2016 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released a statement regarding the police-involved shooting of Edwin Amaya Maldonado, near the site of the Georgia Guidestones.  The routine traffic stop led to a foot chase on Hartwell Highway, ending with the death of the individual.  Information has been released detailing the altercation.  Edwin was pulled over Thursday night on the suspicion of driving under the influence.  The Officer had attempted to conduct an arrest when Edwin grabbed for the Officer’s gun – the Officer then released one shot, striking Edwin in the torso.  More to come.

The 27th relays to the Masonic value of the 9 as it symbolizes 3 nines.

Chaldean numerology explains that 27 surrounds an aura associated with power, authority, & command.  9 is a ruling number if you’re born on the 27th or vice versa.

A transformation is underway… is it mystical?  I would say so.  The Georgia Guidestones are shrouded in a mystery that dates back to 1979.  Where did the Guidestones derive from?   And what are the facts surrounding the structure?


A man using the alias Robert C. Christian walked into the Elbert Granite Finishing company; the next stage of development would change the course of history.  Robert Christian claims to be from a small group of loyalists, preserving a consciousness of words; he commissioned the Guidestones to be erected on March 22, 1980, – an event attended by fewer than 500 people.

What’s inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones, and what is the philosophy behind Robert Christian?

These ‘Commandments’ are etched on the monument in 8 different languages.


English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Swahili, and Spanish.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

  10. Be not the cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.


On the right side of the tablet is the following column of text (metric conversions added):

1. OVERALL HEIGHT – 19 FEET 3 INCHES [5.87 m].

2. TOTAL WEIGHT – 237,746 POUNDS [107,840 kg].



   AN AVERAGE OF 42,437 POUNDS [19,249 kg].


   INCHES [4.98 m] HIGH, WEIGHS 20,957

   POUNDS [9,506 kg].

5. CAPSTONE IS 9-FEET, 8-INCHES [2.95 m]

   LONG, 6-FEET, 6-INCHES [1.98 m] WIDE;

   1-FOOT, 7-INCHES [0.48 m] THICK. WEIGHS

   24,832 POUNDS [11,264 kg].


   4 INCHES [2.24 m] LONG 2-FEET [0.61 m] WIDE.

   1 FOOT, 4-INCHES [0.41 m] THICK, EACH


   POUNDS [2,211 kg].


   2½ INCHES [1.28 m] LONG, 2-FEET, 2-INCHES [0.66 m]

   WIDE, 1-FOOT, 7-INCHES [0.48 m] THICK.

   WEIGHT 2,707 POUNDS [1,228 kg].

8. 951 CUBIC FEET [26.9 m³] GRANITE.





What are the Guidestones?

What connection does this have with the tallest building in the world?

Who is RC Christian?

What form of alchemy is involved in the spiritual realm of the Guidestones?

Why were they created?

What is the Hymnosophia?

Are Masons involved?




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Assange Underground (Where is Julian Assange?)

Where is Assange?


OCTOBER 21ST 2016: Armed forces have been spotted at the Embassy, was this a distraction for an exit plan?

The Ecuador Embassy is located near the Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, & Sloane Square tube stations.  Could tunnels exists that connect to the nearby Embassy for evacuation purposes, or else?  If they do exist… why haven’t they been utilized for the Assange situation, or have they already? Could the CIA or a supporting force behind Wikileaks gain access to the tunnel networks & explore a raid or rescue?

Here’s a MAP showing the tube stations in accordance with the Embassy.

Also… The Camden Market (part home to the London Catacombs) — this is located less than 3.7 miles from the Ecuador Embassy.

A former employee of Harrod’s Department Store (located a few yards away from the embassy) claims that there’s an underground complex that spreads around the area of the building.  He states Harrods uses it to stock their products & doesn’t know if the embassy has access to underground portion.


The CIA have connections to the UK and tunnel tactics… such as Operation Gold.  Operation Gold served as a joint force between the United States & United Kingdom to tap into the landline communications of the Soviet Army headquarters, located in Berlin.  They designed a tunnel & construction began in 1953.  The Soviet’s were warned of the espionage and Operation Gold ceased.

This isn’t exactly an unknown concept to them.  If tunnels already exist near the Embassy then access to nearby buildings should be a feasible task.  Could an escape be orchestrated, has an escape been orchestrated?  We will soon find out.


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