Astral Philippines V (Astral Projection Ebook Guide 1)

In our 3-Guide series, you will receive independent astral projection research and tips from Project Astral.  The research and information relate to folklore beliefs of the Philippines and showcases the essence of the beautiful country. Are you at a current state of frustration because you fail to achieve astral projection by your will?  Maybe you can induce astral projection involuntarily, but you can’t harness the … Continue reading Astral Philippines V (Astral Projection Ebook Guide 1)

Astral Philippines IV (Mystical Locations)

Where can you find mystic locations for astral projection?  You can check out our list here, but if you live in the Philippines, you’re even more in luck. The Philippines ranks number 1 in Google searches for Astral Projection; is this just a coincidence or does the Philippines hold a view of mysticism that other civilizations overlook? Hinatuan’s Enchanted River is a deep river situated … Continue reading Astral Philippines IV (Mystical Locations)

Astral Philippines III (Exorcisms)

During a time where mysterious specimens are washing up on the coast of the Philippines and exorcisms are given out on the regular, we are diving into the realm of demon infiltration. The Office of Exorcism in the Philippines needs YOUR HELP.  If you’re spiritual and willing to engage in your local exorcism team, you might be in luck.  An uprise of exorcisms has the … Continue reading Astral Philippines III (Exorcisms)

Astral Philippines II (Kapre)

Creatures from the private dwellings of what we call mysticism can be linked to numerous allegorical tales & creations of modern-day entertainment.  The Kapre exhibits both of those qualities.  The origin of “Kapre” derives from the Arabic “Kafir,” which is a non-believer in Islam. The legend has roots that stem from Spanish settlers and folklore throughout Filipino communities about the “negative energy” surrounding escaped African … Continue reading Astral Philippines II (Kapre)

Astral Philippines I (Aswang)

 Philippines President Duterte has been in the news lately, making a splash with his documented style of support for his native people.  This article isn’t about him, though. Recently, I developed the Project Astral page to relay information of the obscure… subjects as such astral projection & sleep paralysis. The major audience of the information I provide has been young Filipinos.  I’ve conversed with a … Continue reading Astral Philippines I (Aswang)