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Houdini Debunked Séances

And then promised to come back through the use of a Séance.  The man was Harry Houdini & his life was shrouded in mystery.  Houdini and his wife Bess had devised a coded message (Rosabelle Believe) that he would try to communicate back to her if he was ever to pass away performing his life-daring acts.  The passing of his mother sent him for answers from a spiritual perspective.  He noticed the parlor tricks included with the Séances & dedicated his time to debunking traveling mediums he would encounter, often offering them awards to showcase their “true” abilities. 

One of his best-known cases involved the self-proclaimed medium Mina Crandon, revealing her techniques he had observed through her performances.  The magazine Scientific American held a contest rewarding a cash prize to any medium who could demonstrate psychic abilities in a controlled environment.  No one was able to claim the prize, although the magazine published an article praising Crandon’s psychic handy-work.


Houdini claimed that Theatrical Séances were within the proper protocol of performance if the entertainer did not relay his abilities to the workings of psychic powers, but instead to a theatrical approach.  He invented the Séance Box, which covered the majority of the medium’s body.  This was the main factor in debunking the medium and their trickery.  All and all… Houdini never met his match.

Séance Box


Houdini showcasing the spirit photograph technique used to project images.


Edgar Cayce was deemed the “Sleeping Prophet” for his uncanny approach to fortune telling.  He would lay on a couch… entering a trance & would interpret images that were channeled to him.  A master of Christian Mysticism… he dealt with astral projection, automatic writing, holistic healing, astrologer & much more.  A random meeting with a traveling stage hypnotist (The Laugh Man) was the cause of his sudden BOOM in powers.  Many of the future events he describes have taken place or the time period has not arrived yet.


His talents were not only tied into the future, he also engaged in readings for health information.  He worked alongside Doctors, with no prior knowledge of medicine & supplied knowledge that later has been confirmed by health organizations & Doctors to be true.

Predicting the deaths of two Presidents while in office.

You are to have turmoil — you are to have strife between capital and labor. You are to have a division in your own land before you have the second of the Presidents that next will not live through his office … a mob rule!”

The Rise of Hitler

In 1935 he stated Hitler would rise and would only “come as an overthrow or an outside war” to end his reign.

You can read more about his life here.


Even though Cayce didn’t perform Séances in the sense of using his knowledge & powers for publicity –s etting him aside from the tricks associated with wowing an audience at-will; he did provide a service that holds true-to-the-facts.  Edgar Cayce’s readings provide an insight on the spiritual movement that rose to fame during the 1920’s.  Could Houdini have debunked Cayce?  Or would Cayce have debunked Houdini?

Join our “A Psychic Meeting” series where we reveal our experiences with mediums/psychics we encounter on our travels.

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How to Perform a Séance (Tap into your Spiritual Side)

Well-known Magicians gained extra exposure by debunking Ouija board sessions. Spirituality captures the imagination of not only your inner-self but the self that surrounds you.  There exists techniques that many consider controversial or even witchcraft… the left-handed path & the right-handed path depending on usage.  Two examples of this would be Madame Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine” as it holds a right-hand atmosphere to the readers.  The opposite of this would be Aleister Crowley’s “The Book of the Law” which deals with the aspect of the left-hand.

The Right-Hand Path deals with concepts of the body, spirit & mind. Karma is also present.

The Left-Hand Path dives into the use of Satanic imagery, sex magic & other taboo methods of rituals.

1. Water Séance

Influenced by the Ancestors in Espiritismo (Santeria) & incorporated into the ceremonial process in the 1940s/50s.  It’s a channeling of working with spirits, your Ancestors of blood, spirit animals, guides & masters.  The spiritual elevation is the concept for this practice.  Maintaining a stable prayer while assisting in spirits that are trapped or lost in this realm.  This is where the white light, prayer, and communication with the spirits align.  The sole focus is on prayers, the evolution of your ESP levels & developing a gateway of guidance via your spiritual energy.  This can also be utilized for spiritual blessings/healing.

Pseudoscience or not. If you believe in it, it’ll take effect.

What You Need

  • White Light.  An aura surrounds you. 
  • Prayer or Spiritual items (prayer beads, spiritual statues…etc.) protects you. 
  • The water.  It moves if energy is around, or channeling might come via vocalization. 

2. Talking Board

The mainstream tactic of necromancy is using a board of some sort to communicate with spirits.  Ouija boards (talking boards) have been used since ancient times but were thrown into the public’s eye in the late 1800’s.  One of the first accounts of this is in The Hebrew Bible, the Witch of Endor is sought out by King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel to communicate with the Prophet Samuel. The witch is immersed with familiar spirits, she obliges. Accounts speculate that she did not summon Samuel, but instead a force of manipulation.

The Witch of Endor, Dmitri Nikiforovich Martynov


The alluring factor of the Ouija board is the power to communicate with an unknown source. This could very well be a side-effect of the Ideomotor Phenomenon (motions made unconsciously).  Ouija boards & the subconsciousness go hand-to-hand, acting as a form of Anamnesis.  Whatever your belief is, you’ll get something out of the experience depending on your input method.  Well-known Magicians gained extra exposure by debunking Ouija board sessions.

What You Need

  • White Light.  An aura surrounds you. Image B
  • Prayer or Spiritual items (prayer beads, spiritual statues…etc.) protect you. 
  • Talking Board (You can buy one like Image A or make one like Image B.
  • A Planchette of some sort.  (It’ll come with the board if you buy one Image C.  I made mine from the bottom of a glass base. Image D









3. Catoptromancy

The art form that forces the past, present, and future into a cycle of mediumship by looking into the reflection of a mirror.  Positioned usually towards the moon.  A makeshift shadow box of sorts can be used to place the subject into complete darkness while staring directly into their reflection.

Experience the new reality.  Brought to you by your third eye.  Free-forming a self without being a version of that self.  A form of this (Scrying) can be found within techniques of many mediums.

What You Need

  • Prayer or Spiritual items (prayer beads, religious statues…etc.) protect you. 
  • A mirror.  This can be a small makeup mirror or a larger one… it’s due to preference & size of the location you’re conducting the Catoptromancy at.


Forms of Catoptromancy & Necromancy can be found in more than a few Disney films. The Black Cauldron, Hercules & Snow White.

4. Psychomanteum

A claustrophobic approach to necromancy & the most modern concept on the list.  This is an invention from famed Dr. Raymond Moody (a philosopher, psychologist & doctor); known for his experiments on life after death, OBE (Out of Body) & NDE (Near Death).  It involves an enclosed area, limited lighting (candle), and a mirror angled to only reflect the darkness.  This allows you to contact spirits & deal with grief.  This can also induce astral projection.

What You Need

  • Prayer or Spiritual items (prayer beads, spiritual statues…etc.) protect you. 
  • A mirror.  This works better with a larger mirror.
  • White Light – Candle for aura


5. Cartomancy

The teller of the future.  Cards envision this very moment… or did they? Cartomancy involves fortune telling via the usage of cards. The most common example of this is Tarot Cards.  Mainstream Cartomancy can be attributed to Antoine Court de Gébelin (Freemason) who launched the idea that the Tarot Cards were an Egyptian wisdom to be harnessed by Western civilization.

What You Need

  • Prayer or Spiritual items (prayer beads, spiritual statues…etc.) protect you. 
  • Tarot Cards (you can purchase these almost anywhere)
  • White Light – Candle for aura


Texts such as Dogma et Rituel de la Haute Magie written by the Sage Éliphas Lévi includes traces of Tarot.


In the letters of the words AZOTH and INRI written kabbalistically; and in the monogram of Christ as embroidered on the Labarum, which the Kabbalist Postel
interprets by the word ROTA, whence the adepts have formed their Taro or Tarot,
by the repetition of the first letter, thus indicating the circle, and suggesting thatthe word is read backwards. 

All magical science is comprised in the knowledge of this secret.

To know it and have the courage to use it is human omnipotence; to
reveal it to a profane person is to lose it; to reveal it even to a disciple is to abdicate in favour of that disciple, who, henceforward, possesses the right of life and
death over his master – I am speaking from the magical standpoint – and will certainly slay him for fear of dying himself.”

Magician Debunks Séance

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Water Séance

Influenced by the Ancestors in Espiritismo (Santeria).  It’s a channeling of working with spirits, your Ancestors of blood, spirit animals, guides & masters.  Spiritual, elevation is the concept for this practice.  Maintaining a stable prayer while assisting in spirits that are trapped or lost in this realm.  This is where the white light, prayer, and communication with the spirits align.

White Light.  An aura surrounds you.  Prayer protects you.  The water moves if energy is around, or channeling might come via vocalization. 

Me: I ask you politely to move the water…

Him: It’s very…

Me: Talk to me.

Him: What do we have to talk about?

Interested in PERFORMING IT?









This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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Astral Time Travel (Astral Projection technique)

The Truth

The closest I’ve been to time travel or the telling of an event not from this realm is via The B-Theory of time.  A Séance can induce & mesh with not a paradox but with a constant value, that time has no past, present or future.  We are in an on-going process of mathematics, physics & alchemy.  Would I be lying to you if I were to tell you time travel is possible?  Could a classic tale of a mad scientist inventing the machine, that alters space & time be true?  Well, this isn’t the case of a scientist or creation of man.   Astral Time Travel is not a thing of fiction...

Myself, a Time Machine Poet.  Cursive curtains of RED to cement myself; I do not travel for pleasure… no first class ticket to Bermuda for myself.  Visualization; that’s it. I don’t see the world-line pertaining to the past, present and future, this is called the “B-Theorist.” Words replace memories, I arrange these “words” or “memories” into a world-line, thus poetry-in-motion at its most literal persuasion.

A Time Poet initiates life.

Example A: Bob is a regular fella, he sits on a couch and watches TV.  Inside the wallpaper of the house – hair follicles left over from the 1987 renovation; a memory of a carpenter, a life force of 1987.  Was it Bob?  No, it wasn’t Bob’s hair follicle.  Bob couldn’t even switch over a breaker that Thanksgiving in 1987.  That’s when a thunderstorm helped carry on the tradition of his family’s candle-lit dinner they were to have at 8:PM sharp that night. Bob was old-fashioned, but Bob was never a handyman, not in any way or form.

The man the hair belonged to went by the name of “Ernest Wallings” his hair crusted within the spectrum of the drywall.  Leftover for times’ benefit.  Ernest had taken the renovation job for extra cash.  The holidays were burning a hole in the savings of him and his dried-up wife; she had produced six children and each one had an appetite of a mule. They had a mule, two of them, one was given to Ernest as payment on a roof he patched up for a local farmer.  The other they purchased at an auction to accompany the other mule, a thoughtful gesture from a tumbling fella.

Example B: Susie attends her first day of High School.  A Time Poet masters a memory. Bricks from the school dilute the modern era and lay forward a new foundation. 1864, a livery is the school, the school is a livery.  Ball caps exchanged for cow-skinned hats. Example B is the mastering of a time and space, using no current DNA to engage the travel. Deriving fallen memories without substance. Pure skill.  There was no proof that the livery existed, letters fell from the bricks, unraveling languages, commanding a plot and story. Humans view life through a second-story window, never paying attention to what takes motion underneath their feet.  Myself, a limbless facilitator of time and space.  I am that motion. And just to let you know… I did find a memory underneath a piece of wallpaper once, it peeled into a capability of everlasting motion.

January, 11th, I found myself searching for myself.  Airplanes and automatic writing never mix, but on this particular passage myself made an exception.  Da Vinci-stylization.  A modern-day jumbo jet, all the seats were empty, red seats as the image transformed into a UFO of sorts; I say UFO because it happened quickly with a snap of a flash added into the mix.  The illustration was not floating, nor in a state of projection.  An image I took without the I.  Mage.  Red face-lifts, the ego-death of all surrounding persons, no identities are given, and my automatic writing becomes another kingdom.

As the red filter dissolves, a middle-aged man of India descent had an approach of words to engage in.  The seat next to me couldn’t possibly be large enough to contain his self-absorption, yet he maintained a sitting-manner in which no disruptions were observed.

Your stance is all wrong,” he said without processing emotion. “What is your reason for India?” The first statement was still fresh in my zone, but I answered his second.


After Effects

 When you spend time outside of your normal realm, things become more blurred than normal.  I do not recommend Astral Traveling at this depth if you’re not up-to-par with the basics of astral projection.  Days will tend to disappear.  The Moberly-Jourdain incident is a good example of this.  They did not induce nor did they astral project.  They were simply in a time-lapse of sorts.  To self-induce this sort of travel one could utilize the formal structure of astral projection, for others, more is needed.  If you do not care for tarot cards or an ouija board…. a Water Séance could be the way to go.  This includes simple household items.  This is not recommended without proper consideration.

A Water Séance could be the way to go.  This includes simple household items.

Influenced by the Ancestors in Espiritismo (Santeria).  It’s a channeling of working with spirits, your Ancestors of blood, spirit animals, guides & masters.  Spiritual, elevation is the concept for this practice.  Maintaining a stable prayer while assisting in spirits that are trapped or lost in this realm.  This is where the white light, prayer, and communication with the spirits.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Raphael Baldaya



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Tree of life necklace

Kurt Sova Unsolved Mysteries (Fantasy of the Flesh/Theories)

The case first gained traction on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.show_logo

  Project Astral has assembled all evidence in this article & our follow up article. 

On the misty night of October 23rd, 1981, a 17-year-old went missing in the small town of Newburgh Heights, Ohio.  What happened next is a complete mystery composed of eyewitness accounts, theories, and a botched investigation by a corrupt detective.


Kurt Sova attended a party that was taking place a few blocks from his house on the 23rd of October, his friend (Samuel C. Carroll) came along.  This party was at the home of Susan and her brother, Clayton.  Kurt became disruptive as his alcohol consumption became a problem and caused him to become sick.

Samuel accompanied Kurt outside for a breather.  Kurt sported a yellow shirt that night.  The temperature was a chilly 56 degrees, this tempted Samuel to go back into the house to grab their jackets.  After a brief trip inside (2 or 3 minutes), Samuel arrived back to the scenario of a missing Kurt.

Samuel searched the nearby streets and a parking lot connected to J.L. Goodman Furniture Inc. warehouse, (this location not being far from the location where Kurt was eventually found).  After no luck in locating Kurt, he assumed Kurt had walked home, Samuel went back to the party.

The next day (Saturday) Dorthy and Ken Sova (Kurt’s parents) became worried and started to roam the streets looking for his whereabouts.  Two nights passed before the official search took action.  On Sunday Dorthy questioned Susan about the party, she denied any knowledge and claimed to not have seen Kurt that night.

A further investigation proved her wrong as a local pizza delivery worker provided proof of the party and Kurt’s attendance.  Dorthy and Ken were certain on this information, they went to the house and found Kurt’s jacket, they were then ordered by the Police Chief James F. Lukas to cease any attempts to visit the house, notifying them that any further progression of their efforts would result in harassment.  Missing posters went up around the town, and up to 50+ volunteers participated in the search.

Monday brought a series of odd events. Slavic Village Records, a hip and stylish place that engulfed the essence of the early 80’s, this is the occurrence of the ‘Crazy.’  A homeless man who had been hanging around the record store had been a fixture outside for a few weeks, bragging of access to bodies flown into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

He bragged about stealing the shoes from the bodies.  On this Monday, he finally came into the store and pointed to a flier of Kurt taped to the window.  He stated “They’re going to find him and they’re gonna find him in two days, and they’re not going to know what happened to him,” this coming from a statement from Judy Oros, manager of the store.

Tuesday morning, Dorthy received a phone call from Susan that Kurt was sleeping on a cot in the basement her house.  Ken Sova kicked in the door but found no Kurt, only an empty cot.  The frenzy of false clues and constant defiance from eye witnesses made the search into a living hell.


Wednesday, around 5:30 p.m., three local kids found the body of Kurt Sova in a ravine near the J.L. Furniture Warehouse (Ken Sova had searched this very same area 24 hours earlier).  His body was positioned on the ground in a Christ-like crucifixion.  Both shoes were missing, his left shoe was eventually found twelve feet away from Kurt’s body.  Kurt had a bruise on his cheek and numerous bruises on his shins.  A few abrasions were found on his flesh.  No bullet holes, knife wounds, needle punctures or internal injuries existed.

Thursday morning, the homeless man appeared back at the record store.  Judy isn’t at work yet, the man instructed a nearby merchant to give a bouquet of flowers to her.  There was an accompanying note that read “Roses are red, the sky is blue.  They found him dead, and they’ll find you, too.”  The police picked the man up and questioned him, finding him to be of no harm, they released him.  He was never seen from again.

David Trunsnik, one of Kurt’s close friends, came forward and claimed to have seen Kurt three days after he had disappeared, less than a mile from Kurt’s house.  David witnessed Kurt walking with another individual, as he gained ground on the distance between the two of them walking — David saw a van pull up, and Kurt yell out “Franko!  Kurt entered the van and was never seen again.

The investigation did get a new lead, a local by the name of Angeline Reddicks stated she saw two males dragging what looked like to be an unconscious teenage male toward the ravine.  This account was never given to the Sova family and only came to their attention when they ran into Angeline and sparked a conversation.  She gave this statement to the sheriff’s department in 1989 but never heard back.  She stated “I seen them taking a boy down the alley.  It was just before Halloween,” said Reddicks, who said she witnessed the scene one afternoon from a window in her house on Washington Park Blvd. “One foot was barefoot.  I’m almost sure it was the right one.  I figured – “Couple teenagers with a couple beers too many and they’re probably trying to sober up.”

The investigation has been called a “joke” and is tainted by former Detective Robert Carras and Police Chief Lukas.  Carras pleaded guilty to striking Eric Kotonski of Newburgh Heights with a flashlight during a drunken driving arrest in December 1990; kicking John Rogers of Cleveland as Rogers lay handcuffed after a February 1989 abduction and harassment arrest; pulling Larry Villanueva’s hair during questioning about a February 1989 break-in; and striking Donal Geib across the face during the same interrogation.  Carras was also convicted on drug and corruption charges.  Newburgh Police Chief Lukas falsified documents for a police dispatcher and was found to have a criminal history, including a conviction for dereliction of duty.


The below statement is from the Associated Press:

CLEVELAND (AP) _ A former police officer serving a 4 1/2 year prison term on drug charges pleaded guilty Monday to mistreating suspects.

Robert Carras, 41, of suburban Newburgh Heights originally pleaded innocent to five federal charges of kicking, hitting and pulling the hair of suspects.

Carras pleaded guilty to the charges before U.S. District Court Judge Thomas D. Lambros, who sentenced him to a 51-month term concurrent with his drug sentence.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Clarence Taylor said Carras changed his plea in exchange for the concurrent term.

The former police officer was charged with brutalizing suspects in four separate incidents.

Carras pleaded guilty to striking Eric Kotonski of Newburgh Heights with a flashlight during a drunken driving arrest in December 1990; kicking John Rogers of Cleveland as Rogers lay handcuffed after a February 1989 abduction and harassment arrest; pulling Larry Villanueva’s hair during questioning about a February 1989 break-in; and striking Donal Geib across the face during the same interrogation.

He also pleaded guilty to handcuffing a Cleveland taxi driver, James Stipetich, to a hot radiator after a confrontation.

Carras was convicted in December 1990 of 76 counts of aggravated drug trafficking and 76 counts of illegal processing of drug documents. Carras was convicted of forging prescriptions for Percocet, an addictive painkiller.

Carras was fired in January.” 


Kurt’s autopsy was performed by Lester Adelson, Chief Deputy Coroner of Cuyahoga county.  The autopsy determined Kurt had been dead 24-36 hours before his body was found, meaning he was alive for at least three days after leaving the party.  The coroner could not determine an official cause of death.  Kurt Sova had no preexisting medical conditions, no drugs were found in the autopsy and he didn’t have enough alcohol in his system to kill him.  Deputy Coroner Adelson cites this as “Diagnosis by exclusion”.


January 1982Eugene Kvet is found dead under similar circumstances to Kurt Sova’s death and disappearance.  His shoe was missing, and he was also found in the ravine; Eugene (14) was around the same age as Kurt.

What are the circumstances revolving Eugene’s vanishing and murder? What color shirt was he wearing?   Was any of his shoes found?  What other elements pertain to the Kurt Sova Death?  These questions are presented within Project Astral.


We give four viewpoints told through four different scenarios. Now understand, some of these are logical, and some are not.  THESE ARE FICTIONAL ACCOUNTS MIXED WITH FACTIONAL INFORMATION.

David Trunskik


David Trunsnik witnessed what he thought was Kurt’s last appearance.  Kurt got inside a van after a man named Franco appeared, and they rode off together.  Kurt Sova was murdered by the Crazy and Franko.

A few months later a young male (Eugene Kvet) is walking along the ravine. The Crazy and Franco’s VW suddenly stops.  These are serial killers who traveled in the 1980’s killing young boys.  Removing the shoe was their MO.  Eugene was their last victim in Newburgh.

Dorthy and Ken Sova


Ken Sova searched for his son and produced his own conclusion.  Ken believed that his son perished at Susan’s house and was hidden and then dumped in the ravine.  There were a group of older kids at the party who were known members of a local street gang called Brick City Outlawz.

Kurt consumed an unknown substance and started to go into seizures.  He was carried to the basement and covered with a sheet while they argued what to do — he dies, and they cover up the overdose.  They lost the shoe during transport.  Eugene Kvet suffered the same fate with the unknown substance.  The Crazy was revealed as a homeless nut that saw the body of Kurt and spilled the beans about it.

Clues emerged that one of the local detectives (Robert Carras) might’ve been involved, but it’s a vague whirlwind of accusations.  The police investigation goes along with the overdose theory but with a twist.   Kurt Sova attempted to walk home that night and Detective Carras busted him for public intoxication.  Kurt is tortured for several days and then killed.

Detective Carras is found years later abusing a kid at the same ravine and is charged and sentenced to prison.  The shoe was intentionally stolen by Carras; he screwed up the case and later murdered Eugene under the same MO.

The Crazy had been a known drug informant from Cleveland and had connections to the detective.  David Trunsnik never saw Kurt get in a van.


This is the most unlikely perspective based on the common opinions and reasoning behind the average human’s mind-state.

It would involve the Wright-Patterson Airforce base located in Dayton Ohio, less than three hours from Newburgh Heights.

Could Paranormal activity have been a cause for the long disappearance & the placement of his body within the same area he went missing?  Not only is Wright-Patterson also the founding mothership for the Air Force Research Laboratory, but it also showcases unique underground vaults, similar to what can be seen with the everlasting construction of the Denver International Airport.  Ohio had over 2,907 confirmed UFO sightings in 2015, often near Wright-Patterson.

Kurt Sova lived in one of the most active UFO REGIONS IN THE WORLD.


Here are similarities to disappearances first brought-to-light by investigator David Paulides in his series Missing 411.  Paulides has assembled case-loads of work dealing with missing persons in the national park system and within wooded areas.  All persons who went missing were found with their shoes displaced, most had bright colored clothing and bore no bruising or scratches.  Although Paulides provides no theories on the disappearances, these cases provide insight into the Sova investigation.

Rain and bad weather always took place during these vanishings, and the person often went missing for days before they were found—often in the same location, they went missing or within 2.5 miles of the initial disappearance.  Either dead or alive.

A recent article on Unknowncountry.com presented a case of vanishings.  A man by the name of Alan Lamers claims that in the jungles of Indonesia, locals warn of abductions that take place if they wore certain tints including YELLOW and other bright colors (when and if they were found).  Some are returned alive, but with no memory of the events.

The Kurt Sova case resembles all qualities of the missing-persons mentioned by Paulides.

  • Rain/fog (inclement weather) took place on the day he disappeared and the following days (washing away any evidence and hindering the search)
  • Kurt was wearing a yellow shirt when he disappeared. (bright color clothing)
  • Both shoes were missing, his feet were not bruised or showed signs of walking without shoes.
  • The ravine was searched several times, but his body was found in the ravine after the search had stopped (similar to the details presented below)
  • Kurt’s body was found within miles of where he disappeared.

October 23rd, 1971 – Rain

October 24th – Clear

October 25th – Clear

October 26th – Fog

October 27th – Fog

DATE OF BODY FOUND: October, 28th, 1981.

This was a NEW MOON phase. The weather was clear and had a temp of 54 degrees.

Location: Pepper Pike, Ohio

Date: 10/28/1980

Located 15 minutes from where Kurt disappeared and took place exactly a year before his body was found.

A man and his sister were taking a walk, they were approached by a disc shaped saucer, flying from the northeastern sky. It was a black metallic saucer shaped disk with bright lights directly in the center. It made no sound.

Location: Painesville, Ohio

Date: 1981 (Possibly October or surrounding months)

Located 25 minutes from where Kurt disappeared.

A man sees a triangular object around 2 stories tall.  The conditions of the weather were clear. There was no sound, he sees it over Lake Erie.

Location: Rock Creek, Ohio

Date: October 1981

Located less than an hour from where Kurt disappeared.

Three young witnesses were in an isolated area watching out for strange phenomena, when they noticed a huge black form step out of the wood line onto the abandoned railroad tracks, about 20 feet away.  The creature started coming towards them at a fast rate of speed.  Frightened they all ran back to the house not wanting to stay around.  Peculiar footprints were found at the site.

*And let’s not ignore the mystical qualities that are nearby such as the Serpent Mount in Peebles, Ohio (less than 3 hours from Newburgh, Heights).  Indian folklore has deep roots in spirits such as the wendigo and giants that roamed the lands.  Newburgh, Heights is located in the area formerly home to the Erie Indians ( an Iroquoian tribe).  Indian burial grounds also has connections to another case involving missing 411.

Serpent Mound located in Peebles, Ohio




*The Kurt Sova case first aired via Unsolved Mysteries on November 23, 1988.  It can be found on Amazon.com as Season 1: Episode 9


*Be sure to sign-up for our Kurt Sova EBook: “Fantasy of the Flesh” which will be released this June!  It will follow the Kurt Sova case from a first-person perspective of a ‘fictional’ friend of Kurt.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL investigation.

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