Séance Through-out History

Well-known Magicians gained extra exposure by debunking Ouija board sessions. Spirituality captures the imagination of not only your inner-self but the self that surrounds you.  There are many techniques that many consider controversial or even witchcraft… the left-handed path & the right-handed path — depending on usage.  Two examples of this would be Madame Blavatsky’s […]

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5 Places for Astral Projection

5 Places for Astral Projection Get away from that irksome life for a while.  Try these 5 PLACES FOR ASTRAL TRAVEL DON’T LET TECHNOLOGY KEEP YOU FROM MEDITATION… READ ABOUT THE PHANTOM PLAN Also check out 6 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR ASTRAL TRAVELS BED You spend a good amount of your time sleeping.  Although not […]

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Astral Philippines I (Aswang)

 Philippines President Duterte has been in the news lately, making a splash with his documented style of support for his native people.  This article isn’t about him, though. Recently, I developed the Project Astral page to relay information of the obscure… subjects as such astral projection & sleep paralysis. The major audience of the information […]

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