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Makaveli The Mystic Part 1: (Symbolism of Tupac Shakur; Books he read in prison)


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The aura that surrounds Tupac Shakur’s life and death grows stronger with each passing year.  New theories and old theories of him faking his death continue to be supported while 2017 marked his induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  Tupac’s posthumously legacy shows no signs of slowing down.  Although much is known about his public life through videos, interviews, and music; his interest in the occult and the astral realm is a little-known fact of history.

Incarcerated from February 14, 1995, until October 12, 1995, Tupac engulfed himself into a literary retreat of the senses.  A list of the books he read at the Clinton Correctional Facility famously made it’s way around the internet in the early 2000’s.  We’ve researched nine books that led Tupac into the white light and influenced quotes such as “Only fear of death is comin’ back reincarnated” and “Let’s go inside my astral plane.”



“Initiation” by Elisabeth Haich was probably one of the first books Tupac read on the occult.  Initiation is a mystical-telling of Haich’s former lives, including her incarnation into the daughter of Pharaoh Athois.  It details how the future is relayed via consciousness as dreams; this is a beginning stage of controlling/altering your fate.  The book will open your eyes into the depths of reincarnation.


Ponder on This” is a compilation of Alice Bailey’s teachings; it acts as an encyclopedia of mystical tools and prepares you for “Initiation,” a spiritual development that you enter upon birth.  Astral Projection is mentioned as a concept that is vital for Initiation; one must learn to see through the fog and illusion, stabilizing their etheric bodies with the vibrations on the plane.


The Destiny of the Nations” is another piece of Alice Bailey’s work.  World dominions are at an ever-changing realm; this and the fate of each nation relies on energy masses and consciousness of its people.  This book examines the inner-depths of social interaction.


Serving Humanity” is Alice Bailey’s concept within “soul contact” and the utilization of the personality on the physical plane of existence.  Telepathy, Illumination, and Control of Speech are a few of the topics covered in the literature.


Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle” is the last book of Alice Bailey’s that appears on the list.  The essence of mental energy and communication is the key dynamic to the book.  A “flow” of energy is discussed and correlates with connecting to the overall system of energy fields for the world.


“The Meaning of Masonry”  by W.L. Wilmshurst describes the inner workings of Free Masonry and the symbolism that incorporates the ancient mysteries of Egypt.   The book opens in one passage with this line “The papers here collected are written solely for members of the Masonic Order.”


Gershom Scholem’s book “Kabbalah” is considered one of the blueprints of Jewish mysticism.  The Torah and the hidden symbology within the text are interpreted and projected into a higher understanding of GOD.


Mysticism” written by Evelyn Underhill acts as an introduction into the manifestation of energy as it pertains to the mystic arts.  This would’ve been the centerpiece for Tupac in regards to magic. 


The Tibetan Book of the Dead” is what more than likely influenced Tupac’s belief in “Only fear of death is comin’ back reincarnated” as it deals with life-after-death scenario and how we perceive this experience.  The line was first used by Evil Mind Gangstas on their 1993 song “Livin On The Edge” and also featured on the OG recording “Reincarnation” along with Hussein Fatal and other Outlawz members.  The quote gained mainstream status with the release of “Only Fear of Death” on the 1997 album “R U Still Down? (Remember Me)”.  The three Bardo realms of the afterlife are “Bardo of Death,” “Bardo of reality,” and, the “Bardo of rebirth.”  


The majority of the books listed are written by New Age writer Alice Bailey and were transmitted to her by the Tibetan Ascended Master Djwal Khul.  This is significant for many reasons.  Bailey’s work correlates along the line of the white magic (right-hand) path; most of her teachings deal with the evolution of karma and the final mastering of the astral plane.  To master or achieve a “higher” realm you need to have an understanding of the “lower” realms and when to embrace it and when to look beyond the vibrations that you’ll encounter. 

Alice Bailey’s teachings are on Theosophy (mystical and occult texts) and embrace a path to enlightenment.  As you can see from the list of books Tupac read, he had no literature on Aleister Crowley and the new age religion “Thelema.”  Thelema is based on “The Book of the Law,” the law is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  Love is the law, love under will.”  This focuses more on the individual spiritual path and the use of magick in different forms.

Spirituality captures the imagination of not only your inner-self but the self that surrounds you.  There exists techniques that many consider controversial or even witchcraft… the left-handed path & the right-handed path depending on usage.  Two examples of this would be Madame Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine” as it holds a right-hand atmosphere to the readers.  The opposite of this would be Aleister Crowley’s “The Book of the Law” which deals with the aspect of the left-hand.  In reality, how you perform the white or black magic and for what use determines the Good or Evil concept.

The Right-Hand Path deals with concepts of the body, spirit & mind.  Karma is also present.  This would be associated with ‘finding yourself’ through meditation and white light. 

Tupac and Alice Bailey’s spiritual guide Master DK.


The Left-Hand Path dives into the use of Satanic imagery, sex magic & other taboo methods of rituals.  Many musicians and artists have adapted to this path as it symbolizes and showcases the use of magic (in the open). 

Pictured below is Jay Z with Crowley’s law “Do What Thou Wilt” next to a picture of Crowley.


Here is the famous Beatles cover “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.  Crowley is included.


According to Alice Bailey: The White Magician has the motivation that will benefit the group he surrounds himself with/has contact with.  The Black Magician works alone, and if he works within a group, his/her purpose is shrouded with a selfish ego.  The White Magician works for the balance of the universe.  The Black Magician works for no one and represents no unity.  The Left-hand path will always assume supreme power on the physical and astral realms; this is because Black Magicians crave exposure within their rituals of magick.  The Right-hand path evolves, it does not believe in using magick for ‘selfish’ reasons as induced by the Left.

Papa Legba is a spirit in Haitian Vodou whose job is to act as a “channel” between the living and the dead.  In folklore, he’s presented as an old man with a cane.  Updated versions depict him as young and energetic.  The cane represents the connection to the fertility of the earth.  To salute Papa Legba, a follower will present three knocks to ask him to open the door of the unknown.  The colors he wears are red and black or white and black.  In Tupac’s music video “Made Ni**az” Papa Legba makes multiple appearances.  Below is a scene that symbolizes Papa Legba.

Red/White and Black are presented on his jacket.  Three knocks close the ceremony of the music video.




The same footage can be seen in the “Hit ‘Em Up” music video.


Also, the “I Wonder if Heaven Got A Ghetto” video was specifically designed by the director Lionel C. Martin to leave the door open to theories revolving around if Tupac was still alive.  Tupac arrives at RUKAHS, New Mexico on a helicopter where nuns take care of him.  There’s a scene where Tupac gets on a bus, and along the ride, different musicians and revolutionaries get on such as…  Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Huey Newton, Martin Luther King, but who is the mysterious guy in the very back?










This looks identical to the mystic Grigori Rasputin.  He is widely known for the various assassination attempts on his life, most of these attempts all took place in a period of one night in December of 1916.  He was poisoned, shot, beaten, strangled and survived each encounter but finally, his conspirators tied him in a rug and tossed him into an icy river.  Rasputin broke out of the bondage and attempted to swim until he succumbed to the cold.


If you look hard enough, mysticism is a foundation of Tupac’s work.   And Tupac wasn’t the only Outlaw to make a song about astral projection.

No More Pain





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Sefer Yetzirah (Golem creation in Kabbalah)

A creation bonded and brought to life by the divine names.  When a ritual is given proper creation through the use of symbology within the Sefer Yetzirah, a Golem will manifest.  Monsters like Frankenstein and Golems are thought to only be of folklore.  On an episode of X-files “Kaddish” (episode 15 of season 5), a Golem is brought-to-life and takes vengeance on anyone who opposes its creator.  The “Golem of Prague” is the best-known story of the Golem, aligning with the plot of the X-Files as well.  In the 16th century, Rabbi Judah Bezalel created a Golem to fight and stabilize Prague from antisemitic attacks and rhetoric.  The magical spell would work all days of the week besides on Saturday, the sabbath.

Multiple writings reveal how to use the Sefer Yetzirah to summon a life-fused puppet of sorts, there also exists a broad range of texts that distort the original.  The Kabbalah wheel (231 gates) connects Hebrew letters as gateways for the ritualUse dust to spell three letters ADM (man).  You summon combinations within the eleven letters of Hebrew rune.  This is only one technique, others can be seen here.


Mystic texts are barely performed via rituals, but what if someone could interpret the correct sequence of letters and create a Golem? Or is the text just another prophetic way of telling us that technology is our Golem?


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Astral Philippines IV (Mystical Locations)

Where can you find mystic locations for astral projection?  You can check out our list here, but if you live in the Philippines, you’re even more in luck. The Philippines ranks number 1 in Google searches for Astral Projection; is this just a coincidence or does the Philippines hold a view of mysticism that other civilizations overlook?

Hinatuan’s Enchanted River is a deep river situated on the island of Mindanao, located in the Philippines.  Surrounded by the borders of nearby regions Cambatong and Barangays of Talisay; its nickname “The Enchanted River,” derives from the poem “Rio Encantado,” and the unique coloration of the water.  Folktales of fairies and mystical fish that can’t be caught are just a few of the stories locals have passed down.

Scientists are baffled by the salt water that occupies the spot, the river was originally thought to be a fresh water outlet.  The depths of the enchanted river have never been recorded. Thus theories have arisen about what could lie underneath.  The legends of this beautiful place will never cease.

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Mount Banahaw is an active volcano you can find in the Quezon province within the Philippines.  Spiritual sightings and religious revelations are only a fragment of the psychic activity documented in and around the mountain.  Ancient cults, religious structures, and holy healers have graced the land for ages. 

Nearby, a spring dubbed “Yapak ni Kristo,” which translates to “Christs Footprint” is a site visited by thousands during the Holy Week in the Philippines.  The spring is believed to radiate healing powers and induce visions; this might be an effect of the high sulfuric levels in the water.

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Here’s a sample of some of the legends surrounding MT. Banahaw.

From ciebraceheart.com:

  1. A hermit living near the foot of the mountain dreamt or had a vision that the mountain is the supposed promised land.  This also stems from a legend that because of the unrest in the middle east, the four Archangels transferred the Holy Land to Mt. Banahaw.

2.The mountain’s summit has three Crosses to depict the Crucifixion of Jesus.  On Good Friday However, that place has to be empty or deserted because they believe that only God can see the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.

3.On Good Friday also, they think that an Engkanto appears and opens up a secret cave which is a gateway to Hell.  Anyone who is at the summit will be unwillingly taken into it and never return.

4. People living near Mountain also believe that every now and then, a beautiful lady appears out of nowhere and rescues those who are in peril.

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*Traveling to the Philippines? — The Philippines: A Visual Journey

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7 Eye (I) Wonders of the United States (Conspiracy theories & Mysterious structures)

The world is an eerie place, but let’s focus on America this time around.

7 Eye (I) Wonders of the United States


New York City/New York.  You’ll probably never get to witness the majestic qualities that fill this room, right?  Wrong.  It’s open to the public and located to the right of the information desk inside the UN.  Occult symbology has been aligned with the creation of the meditation room.  The stone located in the middle of the room required a crane for its position into the building.  Many world leaders & patrons of the United Nations have entered this room, are there magical qualities to the rock?



Located along the Ohio Bush Creek in Ohio.  The Serpent Mound is a 1,348 ft long, 3 ft high – Effigy Mound.  The origin varies but has been contributed to Indigenous peoples of the Americas.  People also have claimed to have found GIANT HUMAN SKELETONS that date back to the time of Aristotle.  Is the Serpent Mound simply a scared location for the Natives, or is it a clue to a civilization of the giants depicted in the religious texts?




San Jose, California is home to one of the mysterious mansions in the world. Built by William Wirt Winchester; Construction started in 1884, only to stop in 1922 when the widow, Sarah Winchester, passed away.  Sarah was advised by a psychic that she was cursed by the victims of the Winchester rifle.  She became obsessed with numerical values of 13, adding 13 bathrooms, windows have 13 panes).  Was this an obsession or a paranormal request from another realm?



Where does it end?  That was the question many construction workers probably asked themselves when they arrived on site to this everlasting project.  It opened in 1995 & is the largest airport (land) in the United States, yet only the 18th-busiest airport in the world.  Many patrons have raised concerns over the art & sculptures that lace the walls of the airport.  As you enter the airport, you are greeted by a sculpture of the “BLUE MUSTANG” a piece of artwork that cost the sculptor (Luis Jiménez) his life.  As he was working on the piece, it fell on him at his art studio, crushing him.  The sculpture was then removed and placed at Denver Internation Airport.  Artwork throughout the airport provides a weary outlook on the end of times & biblical references.  Conspiracy Theorists have stated that the underground portion of the airport is the real mystery, a neverending construction routine & budget increases have been met with scrutiny by the outside world.  What is really going on at DIA?






A man using the alias Robert C. Christian walked into the Elbert Granite Finishing company in Elberton, Georgia; the next stage of development would change the course of history.  Robert Christian claims to be from a small group of loyalists, preserving a consciousness of words; he commissioned the Guidestones to be erected on March 22, 1980, – an event attended by fewer than 500 people.  A time capsule was also included!  What’s inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones, and what is the philosophy behind Robert Christian?  Are the Masons involved?

These ‘Commandments’ are etched on the monument in 8 different languages.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

  10. Be not the cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.




New Orleans!  Welcome to the home of folk magic, ghosts, the occult & anything else you can think of dealing with the paranormal.  Hoodoo practitioners & psychics can be found through verbal references, although known for its tourism & party atmosphere… could you find the Devil on Bourbon Street?  Tales of a Devil Baby born out of wedlock, the deformed nature of the child caused hysteria for the mother, the cries of the child could be heard along Bourbon street…  Or what about Rootworking (conjuring)?  In Hoodoo, the bible is the “great” conjure book of the times.  Could it be possible to find a true version of Hoodoo on Bourbon Street?




Ballard, Utah – the home to Skinwalker Ranch.  Paranormal occurrences first came to the public’s attention through Journalist George Knapp.  Claims of CROP CIRCLES, MYTHICAL CREATURES, UFOS, GLOWING ORBS, POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY, & CATTLE MUTILATIONS are just some of what takes place here.  Based near a Ute Indian Reservation, is this just folklore, or something else?


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Astral Philippines II (Kapre)

Creatures from the private dwellings of what we call mysticism can be linked to numerous allegorical tales & creations of modern-day entertainment.  The Kapre exhibits both of those qualities.  The origin of “Kapre” derives from the Arabic “Kafir,” which is a non-believer in Islam. The legend has roots that stem from Spanish settlers and folklore throughout Filipino communities about the “negative energy” surrounding escaped African slaves from South America.  These lies were spread to install a network of fear amongst locals.

The Kapre doesn’t maintain the same evil qualities that relate to the Aswang, in fact, they often befriend humans & form lifelong friendships. Time loss and forgetfulness are signs of a nearby Kapre; familiar realms can be altered by their pranks.  They have characteristics of darkened flesh and stand 7-feet tall; they enjoy cigars and the luxury of the treetops.

Philippines President Emilio Aguinaldo didn’t have the secret service, but no worries… he had a Kapre who oversaw his protection.  Mystic stories tell of a tree giant who lived under a bridge near the residence of Aguinaldo.  A white stone was given to the President by the cigar smoking giant thus granting him the power of immortality.  Below is a video that will give you more details on this legend.

Variations of the “Kapre” have entered mainstream entertainment in the form of tree giants.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


The Wizard of Oz

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Irish Travelers (The scams of a traveler)



Many questions are posed about these unique but tarnished individuals.  What is an Irish Traveler?  Why are they called Gypsies?  How do they earn a living?  Why are child marriages arraigned?

They sailed from their old country to expand into the territory (USA) we sometimes take for granted.  Other than their European DNA, they have no known point of origin; they’re traditionally called “Gypsies,” “Roma,” or “Travelers.” Wise-tales can be traced back to the mid-1800’s; they’ve been depicted in Hollywood lore and their controversial lifestyle has flourished through the headlines of the years.

Tales of the traveler are scarce but do exist through folklore, eyewitness accounts, police records, & entertainment.  A caravan of gypsies was not a rare site to see in the early 1900’s.  The mystical powers of crystal ball readings & spiritual advice, usually given from an older lady or man; often cloaked in gems, jewelry, scarves & yes, the hat.  Mystical powers were often advertised, but were they real?

Films such as Traveller (1997), starring Bill Paxton & Mark Walhberg as a pair of traveling Gypsies have added to the ongoing curiosity. In the film, they pull simple scams to lure in their victims.  Scams are not only a part of the folklore that accompanies Irish Travelers, it’s their livelihood. The film, Snatch (2000), starring Brad Pitt as an Irishman, referred to as (Pikey) in the film — which is a derogatory term for a Traveler.  Bare-knuckle boxing & scams run rampant throughout this movie, a European-take on the subject-matter.  Thinner (1996), a product of Steven King, showcased the Gypsies as traveling fortune-tellers, casting curses upon their victims.


(scene from Traveller, starring Mark Wahlberg as an outcast of the gypsy outfit)

Shrouded in mystery, their lifestyle also provides an in-depth blueprint into the development of their morals.  Child marriage is a common theme within the Travelers; often girls & boys – young as 12, are positioned into a marriage ceremony or engagements that align with the better good of the establishment.  The largest settlement of Travelers can be found in Murphy Village, a compound located outside of North Augusta, South Carolina. They’ve recently been projected into the spotlight via the RICO ACT (Federal Fraud Charges) have been brought against 22 members of Murphy Village.  Their pre-trial date is for November, 30th, 2016.  Alleged sex crimes have also been at the forefront of a new investigation regarding children located in the Village.

Is this a modern-day conspiracy taking place against men & women with a different lifestyle, or is the conspiracy the Travelers themselves?  Although these scams & others are often associated with Gypsies, not all practice this way of life.  Many Gypsies marry a GORGER (Non-Gypsy), sometimes abandoning their way of life for a GORGER or vice versa.

Scams associated with the Travelers include…


This was a common theme during the early 1900’s.  A traveling caravan would stop by nearby towns, associated with festivals or sideshows.  The MAGICAL & ALL-SEEING GYPSY would tell your fortune. People with mental issues or grief-stricken were perfect victims (repeat customers). Parlor tricks & simple psychology were just the beginning, they would often rob the individual, robbing them of their horse or personal belongings, this was usually performed by an apprentice (a kid).



A group of men will arrive at a household (usually the elderly).  They present themselves as workers from a nearby area who & have extra supplies; they’re willing to make a deal since they do not want the materials to go to waste.  They offer to paint your house or spray your driveway (to fill in the cracks), only accepting cash.   The materials they use are watered-down, outdated, & barely function-able.   They leave the job unfinished – the after-effects cost the homeowner more money to fix the problem.



A knock… then… another one.  The man standing at your front door… you don’t recognize.  They claim to be an insurance salesman and would like to have a chat with you about their new program, which guarantees acceptance for citizens over the age of 70.  You’re not intrigued, but this interaction takes a total of 5 minutes, he’s quite the fella.  You go back inside.  The next day you notice misplaced items in your bedroom; your jewelry is missing.  This takes place in rural areas of the south; the victims are home alone & have been scouted out for their vulnerability.


If you want to know more about the scams & interactions with Irish Travelers, I’ve included links to check out.

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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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Astral Philippines I (Aswang)

 Philippines President Duterte has been in the news lately, making a splash with his documented style of support for his native people.  This article isn’t about him, though. Recently, I developed the Project Astral page to relay information of the obscure… subjects as such astral projection & sleep paralysis.

The major audience of the information I provide has been young Filipinos.  I’ve conversed with a few of them & found that not only the aspect of astral projection intrigues them… but the overall aspect of qualities that are far from our reach; no matter what country we are from.  These qualities provide us with astral travel and a sense of belonging to the past.

Filipino mysticism has roots within mythical creatures such as the Aswang, a shapeshifter who first appeared in the 16th century (similar to familiar spirits & witchcraft.) They are known to frequent the daylight & prey on corpses.  They do not harm their neighbors & demonstrate characteristics of an average human.  Although human characteristics hide their true nature, they are vulnerable to holy water, crucifixes, salt… etc.  They’re different portrayals of Aswangs such as a Tik-Tik (an Aswang that attacks pregnant women).


Here’s an article from a blog regarding a story with one.

The one question I’ve received from most Filipinos is this:

Can creatures of folklore enter our astral realm?

Yes.  The lower realm populates itself with these spirits. They exist to drain your energy thus detouring you from astral travel.  They can manifest as Aswangs, Ghosts, Evil spirits & much more… your greatest fears will be found if you show them your true colors. They’re attracted to negative distributions of emotions, depression & traumatic experiences that dwell in the lower realm.

If your encounters are frequent, you must meditate and raise your vibrations to a higher realm.  Attempting to astral project without proper research & energy is the equivalent of trying to ride a bike without prior experience; you’ll keep falling… instead, frustration overtakes.

While astral projecting, you should have a safety-net.  This includes these THREE STEPS.


Set your alarm to envision the amount of time you wish to travel.  Time within the astral realm seems longer than it’s actual presence.


Envision an object in the room you’re projecting from.  This can be anything from a chair, a piece of jewelry, or a light source you envision to protect yourself. Surround yourself with a light force, projecting an aura.

The third step is to click here.


I want to personally thank all supporters of PROJECT ASTRAL.  The intrigue from the U.S. and beyond has been an amazing experience.  I hope to meet you on my travels in the near future.

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