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Ken Russell’s The Devils: Still Banned in America UNCUT

Uncut and banned from America; “The Devils” is a 1971 film directed by Ken Russell and stars Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave.  The film is an adaptation of the book “The Devils of Loudun” by Aldous Huxley.  The story is a historical perspective on witchcraft during the 1700’s and the persecution of those accused.  Psychological aspects of witchcraft and religion are carefully tailored into a flamboyant tale of paranoia and sexual suppression that sets ups for a brilliant experience on the screen. 

Oliver Reed portrays Urbain Grandier; a French Catholic priest who exhibits all traits of a 17th-century ladies man while attending to his Religious duties.  Vanessa Redgrave’s characterization of Sister Jeanne of the Angels is a Magnum opus of cinematic performances; Sister Jeanne accuses Urbain Grandier of “fornication” and “seduction” within the Church and a trial begins.  He’s found guilty of practicing and invoking witchcraft.  Grandier’s head is shaven — he’s tortured and is set on fire amongst the stake.

The film instantly received criticism by the Catholic Church for material that was deemed “blasphemy.”

  • The infamous “Rape of Christ” scene which is a two and a half minute sex performance between the nuns and a statue of Jesus Christ.
  • Sister Jeanne’s masturbation scene where she uses Urbain Grandier’s charred femur bone for a dildo.  

(Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave)


Warner Bros. originally released the film in July 1971.  The official “Uncut” version is a length of 117 minutes and has been shown in public only three times since 1971; the latest in 2011 and includes footage of the two omitted sex scenes and others.  Inquiries from filmmakers such as Guillermo Del Toro have expressed their disappointment in Warner Bros. refusal to release the film on DVD/Digitial Formats.  In 2010, a 108-minute release of The Devil’s was approved by Warner Brothers for distribution on Itunes; it was removed three days later. 

The Catholic Church has a history of suppressing films via the “National Legion of Decency” that helped to create the “Motion Picture Association of America“.  The National Legion of Decency was a Catholic institution that identified and rated films based on their moral and religious objectives.  The Devils received the largest campaign of protestors in the National Legion of Decency’s 1971 movie blacklist which included: 

  • Billy Jack
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • The Devils
  • The Last Picture Show
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday 

Legend has it Stanley Kubrick’sEyes Wide Shut” suffered the same fate by Warner Brothers; scenes were cut after his death and the true version has never been seen… 

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Ken Russell


Ken Russell


Born Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell
3 July 1927
Southampton, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
Died 27 November 2011 (aged 84)
London, England, United Kingdom

Ken Russell was an English filmmaker, a genius of cinematic storytelling, and a legend in the realm of BBC.  Known for his controversial style and unique vision that combined a theatrical approach to the glamor of a film.  Ken Russell’s approach to challenging the Catholic Church in the subject-matter of his movies have won him critics and fans alike.  Russell’s best-known films include “The Devils” (1971), “Tommy” (1975) and “Altered States” (1980).

In 1990 he directed “The Russia House” starring Sean Connery as a British secret agent who goes head on with the CIA. One of Ken Russell’s last projects is a 2007 short film entitled “A Kitten for Hitler” which is an intentional attempt at controversy by Russell.  Ken Russell is a TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK.  His political incorrectness and ability to cause unrest within the Religious spectrum will be missed.

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Hussein Fatal (Bruce Washington)


Hussein Fatal


Born April 3, 1973
Montclair, New Jersey, U.S.
Died July 10, 2015 (aged 42)
Banks County, Georgia, U.S.

Hussein Fatal (Bruce Washington) was a soldier within the Thug Life movement and a member of one of the best-selling rap groups of all-time. Hussein joined Tupac’sOutlawz Immortalz” and was featured on Tupac’s two-disc masterpiece “All Eyez on Me” in 1996 and continued to be a constant voice on the OG recordings of the 90’s.  Hussein Fatal’s verse in “Hit ‘Em Up” demonstrates his lyrical ability in the war of words.

Get out the way, yo, get out the way, yo
Biggie Smalls just got dropped
Little Moo’ pass the MAC and let me hit him in his back
Frank White needs to get spanked right for setting traps
Little accident-murderer, and I ain’t never heard of ya
Poisonous gats attack when I’m serving ya
Spank you, shank your whole style when I gank
Guard your rank cause I’ma slam your ass in the paint
Puffy weaker than the fuckin’ block I’m running through, ni**a
And I’m smoking Junior M.A.F.I.A. in front of you, ni**a
With the ready power
Tucked in my Guess under my Eddie Bauer
Your clout petty/sour, I push packages every hour
I hit ’em up

He released several solo albums that were met with positive reviews and collaborated with Ja-Rule in the early 2000’s during Murder Inc’s beef with G-Unit.  He rejoined The Outlawz in 2010 after a hiatus from music; this reunited him with fellow members Young Noble & E.D.I. Mean.  On all of Tupac’s OG recordings and studio albums, Hussein Fatal appears in the verse following Pac’s.

Along with music, Hussein maintained a healthy lifestyle and had a passion for his family, fitness, and acting.  In 2012 a song and film (Sleeping with Angels) based on astral projection was established with Press Graye & Hussein Fatal; “Sleeping with Angels” appeared on Hussein’s studio album “The Interview: It’s Not a Gimmick 2 Me” and was released on Youtube in 2013.  Hussein projected his life & soul into the essence of his music and he is our TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK.

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Astral Projection Films (History of Astral Projection in Films & Television)

Astral Projection is no longer an underground discussion amongst spiritualists & believers of the astral realm; the manifestation into the entertainment spectrum has a long history of B-Horror films, and now we have Blockbuster Hollywood movies on the topic of astral travel.

Released in 1975, the B-Horror film “Psychic Killer,” is one of the first cinematic adaptations of astral projection.  Originally produced as a “paranormal thriller,” the plot of the movie involves a mental patient who masters the art of astral projection; he uses his new-found talent to assist him in homicides, leaving no trace of his whereabouts.


Three years after the release of “Psychic Killer,” a film with a similar concept “The Astral Factor,” screened at the Grindhouse circuits across the States.  A manic who’s imprisoned for the murder of his mother starts to study books and methods of astral projection.  He later uses his O.B.E to strangle the five women who are responsible for testimony that persuaded his guilty verdict.



1984 brought the teen fantasy film “Dreams Come True,” and holds the highest ranking on IMDB of the latter astral movies.  A young couple discovers the realm of astral travel. They explore the concept and learn that the adventures they’ve been taking are only the start of their journey.



The plot doesn’t change much with the 1985 astral horror film “The Blue Man (Eternal Evil).”  A detective hunts down a woman and a TV producer who are using astral projection for ill intentions.  This film differs from the previous two; astral travel is involuntary, and the murders are not planned.



Luckily, horror isn’t the only genre astral travel is associated with.  In the two scenes below, astral projection is utilized in “Ace Ventura” and “Beverly Hills Ninja.”



A 1995 episode of the “X-Files” entitled “The Walk”  focuses on a Lieutenant Colonel Victor Stans who lost the use of his legs in a war.  He dreams and longs for the ability to walk again, this manifests into a dose of reality.  FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully discovers that astral projection might be a factor in the case.


Enter The Void, a 2009 French drama directed by Gaspar Noe, isn’t directly tied to the practice of astral projection but delivers in the form of surreal images in the form of “floating.”  It illustrates the essence of life after death and the world of reincarnation.  The film is shot from a first-person viewpoint.  The cinematography showcases the mystical spirit that we might experience in the life-after-life cycle.


The first mainstream Horror flick regarding astral projection was released in 2010.  Insidious examines a realm know as “The Further,” and a comatose young boy’s ability to astral projection.  Demonic tones are present in the overall plot; increasing the connection between black magic and astral ability.  Insidious has spawned multiple sequels and continues to broaden the interpretations of astral projection.


The latest film to induce astral projection is 2016’s “Dr. Strange.”  Dr. Strange was originally brought to the Marvel Universe to exhibit the mystical qualities that were missing from the comics at-the-time.  His career as a surgeon comes to an end when a car accident ruins the use of his hands.  He hears about “The Ancient One” located in the Himalayas & becomes a disciple of mysticism.

The Ancient One is based on the Theosophical traits relating to Djwal Khul or The Tibetan.  He is one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.  Djwal Khul or Master DK as known to followers of Alice Bailey, first communicated with Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society & author of many books on the topic, including The Secret Doctrine. He relayed information of the cosmos, esoteric & was vital (according to Blavatsky) in bringing the 20th/21st century into a spiritual awakening.






Several short films have been influenced by astral projection. “Sleeping with Angels” is a 2012 experimental film about a man named David Ante. David is a victim of sleep paralysis and enters the realm of an entity called Prophecy.  The film stars Hussein Fatal from Tupac’s “The Outlawz.”




Narco Leap” is an upcoming web series in 2017.

Producer/Director Kate Green described the concept of the film to Project Astral:

It’s about a young woman, Heather, who had never been very remarkable. Things don’t get any easier when her persistent teenage lethargy escalates into full blown Narcolepsy. As if things weren’t bad enough she begins waking up from these vivid dreams screaming and most recently on the floor of a shopping Mall. The dreams are always in different places but have a recurring theme; being trapped in someone else’s body. Heather tries to take control of the dreams and is thrust into a world of espionage. With the help of her only friend, Antony, she investigates what is happening to her only to learn that she is Astral Projecting and commandeering the bodies of real people across the globe. Heather’s “superpower” is something the military wants to use as part of a covert operation turning people that can astral project into trained assassins. It isn’t long before Heather is on the run fighting to stay alive and to stay awake.


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10 Additional Films for Astral Projection

In our first and second installments of “Films for Astral Projection,” we listed a variety of films that could influence astral travel. Our third installment adds 10 films to those lists.

The Blue Man (Eternal Evil)

A TV Director uses astral projection unwillingly as a tool for murder.  How can he be stopped?



The planet K-PAX has sent a messenger, but will anyone believe him?  Prot (Keven Spacey) claims to be from K-PAX and soon finds himself in a psychiatric facility under the care of a Dr. Powell (Jeff Bridges)



Astral projection seems to be a ruckus for one small town family.  Their son becomes a dimensional funnel for the paranormal.


Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece from 2002.  One wrong turn is all it takes; Chihiro Ogino and her family enter a magical world where anything can go wrong.  They explore the world and Chihiro are warned by a young boy (Haku) to leave before sunset.


The Magician (1958)

 Ingmar Bergman directed this journey into the life of Albert Vogler; a traveling magician with a few tricks up his sleeve.  Hypnosis.


Cloud Atlas

Reincarnation at it’s finest.  Explore the Pacific Islands in 1849, or how about Neo Seoul in 2144?  Zachary Bailey (Tom Hanks) recalls stories of an alien colony.


Wizard of Oz

Kansas disappears for a young girl named Dorthy.  The Wizard of Oz takes over.  A classic film that seems to grow better with time.


Wild At Heart

This list wouldn’t be completed without a David Lynch classic.  Wild At Heart is an homage to “Wizard of Oz,” and takes you on a ride into murder… murder… and crazy Nicolas Cage committing more crime as a pissed-off dude named Sailor.



Medical students conduct experiments on NDE (near death experiences).  What do they find on the other side?  This film is slated for a remake & release in 2017.


What Dreams May Come

Chris Nielson (Robin Williams) searches for his life throughout his death.  He dies in a car crash and tries to interact with the world around him.


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10 More Films for Astral Projection

10 More Films for Astral Projection

In our first article we listed 10 films that could influence astral projection – this can be used in conjecture with astral television as well.

Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange was originally brought to the Marvel Universe to exhibit the mystical qualities that were missing from the comics at-the-time.  His career as a surgeon comes to an end when a car accident ruins the use of his hands.  He hears about “The Ancient One” located in the Himalayas & becomes a disciple of mysticism.




What takes place when you gather Mary Shelley within the development of “Frankenstein” and John Polidori creating the concept for “The Vampyre”?  Strange illusions.  Sleep paralysis.  And lots of drinking.



Ghost World

Two friends experience the summer together after high school graduation. Simple problems turn into a major problem with the introduction of a new friend and an eerie obsession.




Lucid dreams.  Dreams are stolen.  A task force that can infiltrate your dreams and plant dreams within dreams.  Whoa.



The Machinist

Surrounded by guilt and sleep deprivation; a man seeks for a mysterious man he’s never seen but suddenly encounters on a daily basis. Christian Bale gives a performance of a lifetime.




Numbers that connect to God.  A man seeks this theory.



Lost Highway

A man lives many lives.  A life lives many lives.



The Fountain

Reincarnation.  Time travel?  Fear of death?  Searching for a loved one through the eyes of time?



Solaris (1972)

A scientist travels to the space station that is on a host planet after an untimely demise of a researcher. The scientist soon starts to interact with his wife who also made her way to the station… problem is… she’s dead.




Actual dream sequences from Akira Kurosawa depicted in 8 segments.



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Astral Tips Part 3: (Astral Television)


Astral Television

Your favorite film is on the tv & strains of the information seep into your astral travel.  Have you ever fallen asleep & had a dream related to what you recently watched or listened to?  Can films & music be used in astral travel to easily transport your astral body to another realm?  In a recent article, Project Astral describes where creatures of folklore & horror can cross over with the help of negative energy.  Astral Television uses a similar process but can translate into positive or negative energy depending on the subject-matter of the film/music. This would be considered a form of ASTRAL TIME TRAVEL.  The film can act as a supporting cast for your journey into the projection.


If you’re intrigued with romance & comedy, then, of course, a romantic-comedy would be a good fit. But what if you want to explore another aspect of your mechanical emotions?  I recently conversed with a fan about their encounter of Astral Television – this started while watching the film “Resident Evil;” they were immersed in a zombie-filled dream-state induced by the movie.  The experience depends on the genre of the material provided during your astral trip.  Here’s a list of films that could be used to induce AP.


Astral Television has been compromised since the inception.  Programs linked to the Mockingbird Operation & others only skim the top of CIA-linked propaganda.  Commercials & certain TV shows have adverse effects on our REM-CYCLE.  We are programmed subliminally from birth without any control in the matter. What we can do now to escape this situation is to utilize the positive attributes of entertainment & stay vigilant in the face of the Phantom Plan.

Films like Videodrome & They Live are subliminal examples of CIA techniques.  In Videodrome, a broadcast signal interferes with the psychological attributes of a local TV manager.  They Live featured a brainwashing campaign led by subliminal messages incorporated into mainstream media.  A man discovers sunglasses that have the power of detecting the beings behind the words.


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