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He who looks inside, awakes (Precognitive Dreams)

  After a dose of Precognitive Dreaming, I’ve established a clear link between disruption of my REM & the ability to induce Precognitive Dreams.  This ESP seems to be present at early morning time-lines (3am-6am).  What very well could be a simple case of Déjà vu, develops into a controllable power through the use of sleep deprivation and the manipulation of REM.

In my latest article on precognitive dreaming, I described an encounter that has changed the way I decipher my dream state.


Imagine that old fella in his rocking chair, summertime lemonade aura… that’s the sensation that engulfs this vessel.  Humming.  Glided war machines.  I found a slight of society; they were accustomed to the flight of the future.  I woke up from the limbo and designed an article through the symbology.

Astral Projection comes into these familiar settings as I find myself without being myself.  My ESP is leading the way.  Carl Jung believed common occurrences or “synchronicity” as he coined it, were subjected to the realm of the paranormal.  In a lecture in 1951 entitled ‘On Synchronicity,’ he explains that events are connected on a casual level but also exert connections of meaning.

Semantics etched in history that follows us throughout life – a somber dream.  Harnessing astral energy as one awaits the winter.  The blues never screams, whispers, dances… it stays silent.  If you’re getting the winter blues, here’s a few films that might assist the hibernation.

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Astral Tips Part 3: (Astral Television)


Astral Television

Your favorite film is on the tv & strains of the information seep into your astral travel.  Have you ever fallen asleep & had a dream related to what you recently watched or listened to?  Can films & music be used in astral travel to easily transport your astral body to another realm?  In a recent article, Project Astral describes where creatures of folklore & horror can cross over with the help of negative energy.  Astral Television uses a similar process but can translate into positive or negative energy depending on the subject-matter of the film/music. This would be considered a form of ASTRAL TIME TRAVEL.  The film can act as a supporting cast for your journey into the projection.


If you’re intrigued with romance & comedy, then, of course, a romantic-comedy would be a good fit. But what if you want to explore another aspect of your mechanical emotions?  I recently conversed with a fan about their encounter of Astral Television – this started while watching the film “Resident Evil;” they were immersed in a zombie-filled dream-state induced by the movie.  The experience depends on the genre of the material provided during your astral trip.  Here’s a list of films that could be used to induce AP.


Astral Television has been compromised since the inception.  Programs linked to the Mockingbird Operation & others only skim the top of CIA-linked propaganda.  Commercials & certain TV shows have adverse effects on our REM-CYCLE.  We are programmed subliminally from birth without any control in the matter. What we can do now to escape this situation is to utilize the positive attributes of entertainment & stay vigilant in the face of the Phantom Plan.

Films like Videodrome & They Live are subliminal examples of CIA techniques.  In Videodrome, a broadcast signal interferes with the psychological attributes of a local TV manager.  They Live featured a brainwashing campaign led by subliminal messages incorporated into mainstream media.  A man discovers sunglasses that have the power of detecting the beings behind the words.


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Deer in The Headlights (Precognitive Dreams)

A sense of belonging, minding your business as usual. What could come from this?  Thoughts arise on the way home.  Then – CRASH.  A deer hits your hood, staring into your eyes, then limping off into the nearby woods. This is unusual, right?  Just another causality of the highway, but what if you dreamed a scenario similar to this? And what if that dream came the night before the crash?  A form of Precognitive Dreaming.

(Precognitive Dreaming is a dream that appears to foreshadow future events through the sixth sense).

I recently sent out random messages to Facebook followers of Project Astral

Have you had a dream about something, and then it happened?  Either exactly like a dream showed, or similar in fashion with the details changed?”

Everyone I’ve asked the question to claimed that they have, but can’t recall the exact details.  Here’s my most recent encounter.


A few days before the 24th I started research & exploration into Séances & how to conduct them.  This seemed to open a tunnel of ESP.  That night I attempted Astral Projection but instead fell asleep, losing the grip on my REM. My dreams started off as anxiety, pushing itself outward over the cliffhanger persona it had adapted throughout my history.  I envisioned my car on the interstate, the tire on the driver’s side BLOWS OUT. The dream is over.

The 24th arrives.  I enter my glass house & accelerate onto the highway. Along the way to my destination, I pass the interstate; I’m on a road that’s separated by a fence & on the other side occupies the interstate.  While taking a sharp curve at around 15 MPH – a deer runs into the left side of the car, maintains it’s path & limps away.  I suffered no physical damage to myself, but the left headlight did crack during the impact.  Was this a form of Precognitive Dreaming?


The blown tire is not only a concept of the story, but it’s also a warning to my senses.  Did the foreshadow of the blown tire save me from further damage that the deer inflicted?   The interstate was a location in both interactions.

  • In my dream, I was traveling on the actual interstate.
  • In real-life, I was driving on the road nearby the interstate.
  • The tire in my dream explodes on the driver’s side.
  • The deer smashes into my car in real-life on the driver’s side of the hood.

Carl Jung would not relay his interpretations to his patients.  Instead, he would hand them the power to decipher their own images of sleep. Synchronicity plays into the hand of cards on this realization, in part because what are we without instances of fate?  Did a glitch make its way into my subconscious?  Myself without being myself.  That’s my interpretation of this scenario.

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Dreaming in Dog Years (Astral Travel & Animals)


Can dogs astral project?  It happened to me.  My best friend entered my astral realm.  His name is Tupac; he’s named after the poet & rap artist known as Tupac Shakur.  He’s a Pug/FrenchBulldog & we are forever connected, especially after this encounter.

We made our initial connection in the fall of 2011, picking him up a few hours away from where I was located.  He helped me grow & better understand the relationships between animals & humans.  I truly believe they were created for a purpose and we are here to help each other comprehend that creative force.



5:14 AM, May 25th, 2016

Laying on the couch, deepened into a trance of projection… A green blur of static overtook my senses.  An injection of vibrations.  I feel as if I’m free to travel during this episode of AP.

I flipped out of my body from my head.  First, it was if I was using my head to do all the work.  While struggling to leave my body, I noticed my dog staring directly at me.  This shook my foundation; I had never seen my dog in the astral realm before (I didn’t notice because I usually lift directly from my body to another location… this time I was stuck in my bedroom.)

After a few minutes I awoke to find my dog asleep, whimpers of him dreaming… WOW. (I’ll upload a recording of his dream noises soon.)

What does this mean?  Can dogs astral project?  Can cats astral project?  How is this possible?


I’ve often heard of stories consisting of cats & their ability to project 24/7. They enter & exit the realm as they please, hence why the Egyptians had such a keen interest in the noble qualities of our feline friends.

Egyptians believed that envisioning a cat in the astral realm was a sign of good fortune.  Bastet was a divine creature worshiped by the Egyptians during the 2nd dynasty.  She was the Goddess of sunrises, birth, family, & has been depicted throughout history as a domestic cat.  Her rival, Sekmet is the Goddess of war & destruction.


Can deities be the link between astral projection within the animal kingdom?  Were Egyptians enthralled with the heighten sensitivity of the cat’s astral plane?

Recently, scientists have confirmed that Egyptians were the originators of feline domestication. (or if you want to go the biblical route, cats were created when Noah’s ark became infested with rats. A Lion sneezed, creating two domesticated cats to clean up the problem.)

Was the domestication of cats a significant contribution planned by the Pharaohs to spread consciousness throughout history?  Why were millions of mummified cats discovered in tombs located along the Nile?  A power line of worship?  Are the deities to blame?

Cats are also viewed as a negative presence… Pope Gregory IX issued a murder of the masses during his reign, expressly released towards black cats, toads & geese.  Heresy against the church claimed many innocent lives, animals included.

As a result of the depopulation of cats; vermin started to spread diseases & wage war upon livestock.  Witchcraft & cats are often connected for the same reasons that Egyptians are entwined with them; for the powers that we long to master.


A “Familiar Spirit” is an entity that often appears as an animal. They were known to be companions to witches & mystics alike. Guiding young disciples in developing their powers for the astral realm. Spirits would accompany the journey of the witch by manifestation, using the cat often as a vessel while gaining power by influencing the decisions & life of the Master.

Trances into the spirit world were familiar to battle malevolent forces or perform insidious deeds for the witch.  Could familiar spirits be delegated to us by supernatural beings?



  • According to folklore: Meuzza was a cat belonging to the Prophet Muhammad.  He was awakened one day to the call of worship (Adhan). He started to dress but soon felt a snag at the bottom of his prayer robe.  Meuzza was fast asleep, not wanting to wake him; Muhammad tore his robe and attended Adhan. For this venture, cats are now a positive life force for the people of Islam.  Their cleanliness permits them access to many households, where dogs are dismissed as carriers of filth.
  • Here’s a recent news article about a cat who has predicted over 50 deaths. Cat Predicts Death
  • Within sects of Japanese Buddhism, a cat is considered a temporary vessel for beings of a higher realm
  • Purrs/Meows create a vibration that reduces stress for their human counterparts at a range of (20-140 Hz).
  • In the short film, Invocation of My Demon Brother, a Satanic funeral ritual for a family cat can be viewed.


  • An example of a Gottfried Mind painting.

He was referred to as the Raphael of Cats for his precise characteristics of the mystical creature.


Do dogs possess such mysticism?  I believe so and here’s why.

  • During the projection, I could sense a change in breathing patterns with my dog.  He was frozen in a state of meditation & his OBE directed him in my direction.
  • Searching… he was expecting to travel with me… as if to say “Let’s go.”
  • The scenario of me waking up to find that my dog was still asleep.


Prince Rupert of the Rhine possessed a hunting poodle by the name of Boye. Opposing forces claimed the dog had magical powers and that Rupert had used the dog in similar fashion to how witches used cats & familiar spirits. The dog met his demise though at The Battle of Marston Moor; escaping from a handler & running into a fight that Prince Rupert happened to lose.


Certainly, there are other explanations, hysteria takes place & people start to place mysterious powers upon animals or objects; an effect of the subconscious.

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