He who looks inside, awakes (Precognitive Dreams)

  After a dose of Precognitive Dreaming, I’ve established a clear link between disruption of my REM & the ability to induce Precognitive Dreams.  This ESP seems to be present at early morning time-lines (3am-6am).  What very well could be a simple case of Déjà vu, develops into a controllable power through the use of sleep deprivation and the manipulation of REM. In my latest … Continue reading He who looks inside, awakes (Precognitive Dreams)

Astral Television (Astral Projection technique)

Astral Television Your favorite film is on the tv & strains of the information seep into your astral travel.  Have you ever fallen asleep & had a dream related to what you recently watched or listened to?  Can films & music be used in astral travel to easily transport your astral body to another realm?  In a recent article, Project Astral describes where creatures of … Continue reading Astral Television (Astral Projection technique)

Deer in The Headlights (Precognitive Dreams)

A sense of belonging, minding your business as usual. What could come from this?  Thoughts arise on the way home.  Then – CRASH.  A deer hits your hood, staring into your eyes, then limping off into the nearby woods. This is unusual, right?  Just another causality of the highway, but what if you dreamed a scenario similar to this? And what if that dream came … Continue reading Deer in The Headlights (Precognitive Dreams)

Dreaming in Dog Years (Astral Travel & Animals)

Can dogs astral project?  It happened to me.  My best friend entered my astral realm.  His name is Tupac; he’s named after the poet & rap artist known as Tupac Shakur.  He’s a Pug/FrenchBulldog & we are forever connected, especially after this encounter. We made our initial connection in the fall of 2011, picking him up a few hours away from where I was located.  … Continue reading Dreaming in Dog Years (Astral Travel & Animals)