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Satan In A Bow Tie

Dapper.  Crisp.  Resembles no one.

Arms race.  Chest caves.  Instant coffee sits idle.

Jazz blackness.  Lost in the hallway.

Righteous.  Wrong.  Thinks like everyone.

Background noise.  Trumpets sail.  Drinks gasoline.

It’s Satan In A Bow Tie.

This is official Project Astral poetry

– Raphael Baldaya





10 Films of Making a Deal with the Devil


Interested in making a deal with the devil?  These 10 films will remind you, no deal with evil goes as it should…

Selling their souls, making deals with the devil, & giving it all for greed.

Phantom of the Paradise

A mutated composure sells his soul to the devil to get the girl of his dreams.  A crooked record executive steals his music & opens up The Paradise.


Cross Roads

A boy finds a blues legend living in a nursing home.  They travel to Mississippi to find a MAN & the mystical place known as Cross Roads.  Based partly on the legend of a famous Blues Musician.


 The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

A traveling sideshow presents its customers with a look inside the mind of Dr Parnassus.  The Devil is collecting on his debts.


Rosemary’s Baby

An aspiring actor makes a deal with the Devil.  Whose baby is Rosemary having?


The Seventh Seal

A Man encounters Death.  They play chess.  Who wins?


The Shining

A Writer house-sits the overlook hotel with his family.  Sounds easy enough?


Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Clones are sent back to eliminate their original time traveling counterparts.  Somewhere along the way they meet Death.


The Devil and Maxim Devlin

Max dies & goes to hell.  He makes a deal for life… in exchange for three innocent souls.


Wall Street

Bud Fox sells his soul for greed.  Money & a twist of schemes take place only on Wall Street.


Invocation of My Demon Brother

Experimental short film.  Clips of Rolling Stones concerts & Mick Jagger performing the score.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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