6 Tips to Improve Astral Projection

6 TIPS TO FIND YOURSELF & IMPROVE YOUR ASTRAL TRAVELS.  CHECK OUT 5 PLACES TO ASTRAL PROJECT 1. MEDITATION How can meditation improve your chances of Astral Projection?  This depends on your understanding of projection & how to apply it to benefit your atmosphere. This could also include prayer or religious practices pertaining to a higher being.  Meditation allows you to cleanse emotions while stabilizing … Continue reading 6 Tips to Improve Astral Projection


Door EXIT. And she’s in the next room staring through a stained glass window And the paint is peeling from the frame between here and somewhere STATIONARY. Parallel pyramids project her shadow on mute Euclid angles architect antidotes of a plane laced with pores FACE. Pineal paths drift her along Phatnitic water Arrayed asterisks allude elements of wilderness on horseback FLASHING. And she carried purple … Continue reading DOOR EXIT.