Assange is free

Assange, where have you been?

Maybe I should ask, where have we been?  The media cannot help themselves, they are an onslaught of misdirection surrounded by the ignorance of honesty during the time when we could use it the most.

You are not alone.  You are not confined by the definition of confinement. YOUR ARE FREE.  Your spirit completes the cycle of THE TRUTH.  You seem like a man of substance; I’m sure your astral abilities are on the field of “Second Initiation”.  A simple instance of a traveler with no path to travel, unless you know the substance.

It’s a tiny world, and as a guest of the Embassy, you’re cut off from the modern age of this timeline; an onlooker at the distress and a motivational tool for the positive.  If you’re the author, we are clearly the pages of history… to accept or deny your revolution as in how it was written.  WikiLeaks is our freedom in a sense…

The best way to explain how information can be manipulated by our media is this quote presented below.

  • I saw a wise man give a book to a child, once the child accepted, the book transformed into a chainsaw.  The man pulled back the rope on the chainsaw, and the rest wasn’t envisioned.”

We will probably never meet within this realm.  But foretold, precautions aside, we will search.

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?  In a cave full of metaphors, grasping for the light.

You can help me by prophecy.

Where do you envision me?

What do you want from the light?


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL essay.

Raphael Baldaya


Where is Assange?


Finding Myself

Basically, I found myself without being myself.

Here’s a poetic summary, from a passage of my upcoming novel Red Eyes See Red Stars.

I always had a particular reason for my questionable actions. I would imagine twisting in the air, specs of dust formed of memories and those memories were words, not actual images. And I… I took the form of myself. This projection entitled: “Nine” Myself, a heteronym created by a Portuguese writer that manifested during the timeline of 1991; a full-effect Gemini, you might call it reincarnation. I might call it another form of gravitational force.

Myself, by myself. A lone gentleman who fizzled away history, every atom that had passed through myself, a category, name, and story for each of them. Words took their place, similar to the treatment of memories. I sincerely believe the best way to travel is to feel. Feel with words, not your hands. This might be another symptom of being myself without truly being myself. This year entitled: “2036” Equals nine.

A Time Poet initiates life.

Example A: Bob is a regular fella, he sits on a couch and watches TV. Inside the wallpaper of the house – hair follicles left over from the 1987 renovation; a memory of a carpenter, a life force of 1987. Was it Bob? No, it wasn’t Bob’s hair follicle. Bob couldn’t even switch over a breaker that Thanksgiving in 1987 when a blunder Thunderstorm helped carry on the tradition of his family’s candle-lit dinner they were to have at 8:PM sharp that night. Bob was old-fashioned, but Bob was never a handyman, not in any way or form.

The man the hair belonged to went by the name of “Ernest Wallings” his hair crusted within the spectrum of the drywall. Leftover for times’ benefit. Ernest had taken the renovation job for extra cash. The holidays were burning a hole in the savings of him and his dried-up wife; she had produced six children and each one had an appetite of a mule. They had a mule, two of them, one was given to Ernest as payment on a roof he patched up for a local farmer. The other they purchased at an auction to accompany the other mule, a thoughtful gesture from a tumbling fella.

Example B: Susie attends her first day of High School. A Time Poet masters a memory. Bricks from the school dilute modern era and lay forward a new foundation. 1864, a livery is the school, the school is a livery. Ball caps exchanged for Cow-skinned hats. Example B is the mastering of a time and space, using no current DNA to engage the travel. Deriving fallen memories without substance. Pure skill. There was no proof that the livery existed, letters fell from the bricks, unraveling languages, commanding a plot and story. Humans view life through a second-story window, never paying attention to what takes motion underneath their feet. Myself, a limbless facilitator of time and space. I am that motion. And just to let you know… I did find a memory underneath a piece of wallpaper once, it peeled into a capability of everlasting motion.

This is official Project Astral poetry

-Raphael Baldaya







recollection, in particular.

the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence (often used with reference to Platonic philosophy).

Do you often recall vague instances of energy?  Energy levels are at the highest they’ve been in recollection.  Finding yourself takes time and with the RIGHT STEPS, it’ll be a journey worth traveling.


It was fate or synchronization.  I fell into a trance… my writing style changed, personalities clashed.  My first poem written in this stage was DOOR EXIT.

Automatic writing consisted of restless nights & research of obscure documents.  I stumbled across Fernando Pessoa & an article his Heteronym had written.  I felt a belonging to this Heteronym & synchronization meshed.  This formed from the practical method of Astral Time Travel; I classify it under the terminology Time Machine Poetry.

I arrived at the conclusion that Fernando Pessoa had to be a Gemini.  I was correct.  Born on the June of the 13th.  I’m also a Gemini, born on the 19th.  This also relates to my connection to another Gemini… Tupac Shakur.  He has been my main influence since age 13, maintaining a constant force upon my writings & research.

These are a few examples of Time Machine Poets I’ve found along the way.



Carl Jung was a psychiatrist, the founder of individuation. He was intrigued with the occult & mysticism. Past lives & the thoughtful measures of reincarnation entered his realm near the end of his life.  Jung felt that Western civilization perceived life as a never-ending cycle, no goal to obtain… the opposite of Eastern beliefs of reincarnation, Hinduism & Buddhism.

These are passages from Jung that relate to anamnesis –

“I could well imagine that I might have lived in former centuries and there encountered questions I was not yet able to answer; that I had been born again because I had not fulfilled the task given to me.”

I was living in an insane asylum of my own making. I went about with all these fantastic figures: centaurs, nymphs, satyrs, gods, and goddesses, as though they were patients and I was analyzing them. I read a Greek or Negro myth as if a lunatic were telling me his anamnesis.”



Tupac Shakur was a poet and revolutionary leader via the movement of THUG-LIFE.  One of the books he read in prison was “INITIATION, HUMAN AND SOLAR:” a book based on Theosophy (occult philosophies).

He prophesied his death & talked frequently about reincarnation…

“I don’t have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.”

I been shot and murdered, can tell you how it happened word for word
But best believe, that ni**as gon’ get what they deserve”



Fernando Pessoa was a famed Portuguese poet, known for his Heteronyms & mystic approach to his work. He became involved with the occult and befriended Aleister Crowley, founder of Thelema. On predicting his death…

Pessoa’s last writing: 29-11-1935

I know not what tomorrow will bring.”.

On his past life…

My past is everything I failed to be.”

I look at my past life as at a field lit up by the sun when it breaks through the clouds, and I note with metaphysical astonishment how my most deliberate acts,my clearest ideas and my most logical intentions were after all no more than congenital drunkenness, inherent madness and huge ignorance. I didn’t even act anything out. I was the role that got acted.” At most, I was the actor’s motions.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye


Astral Philippines I (Aswang)

 Philippines President Duterte has been in the news lately, making a splash with his documented style of support for his native people.  This article isn’t about him, though. Recently, I developed the Project Astral page to relay information of the obscure… subjects as such astral projection & sleep paralysis.

The major audience of the information I provide has been young Filipinos.  I’ve conversed with a few of them & found that not only the aspect of astral projection intrigues them… but the overall aspect of qualities that are far from our reach; no matter what country we are from.  These qualities provide us with astral travel and a sense of belonging to the past.

Filipino mysticism has roots within mythical creatures such as the Aswang, a shapeshifter who first appeared in the 16th century (similar to familiar spirits & witchcraft.) They are known to frequent the daylight & prey on corpses.  They do not harm their neighbors & demonstrate characteristics of an average human.  Although human characteristics hide their true nature, they are vulnerable to holy water, crucifixes, salt… etc.  They’re different portrayals of Aswangs such as a Tik-Tik (an Aswang that attacks pregnant women).


Here’s an article from a blog regarding a story with one.

The one question I’ve received from most Filipinos is this:

Can creatures of folklore enter our astral realm?

Yes.  The lower realm populates itself with these spirits. They exist to drain your energy thus detouring you from astral travel.  They can manifest as Aswangs, Ghosts, Evil spirits & much more… your greatest fears will be found if you show them your true colors. They’re attracted to negative distributions of emotions, depression & traumatic experiences that dwell in the lower realm.

If your encounters are frequent, you must meditate and raise your vibrations to a higher realm.  Attempting to astral project without proper research & energy is the equivalent of trying to ride a bike without prior experience; you’ll keep falling… instead, frustration overtakes.

While astral projecting, you should have a safety-net.  This includes these THREE STEPS.


Set your alarm to envision the amount of time you wish to travel.  Time within the astral realm seems longer than it’s actual presence.


Envision an object in the room you’re projecting from.  This can be anything from a chair, a piece of jewelry, or a light source you envision to protect yourself. Surround yourself with a light force, projecting an aura.

The third step is to click here.


I want to personally thank all supporters of PROJECT ASTRAL.  The intrigue from the U.S. and beyond has been an amazing experience.  I hope to meet you on my travels in the near future.

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This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

Press Graye





Front porch traveler.
Back door man.
Moonshine still.

Still a front porch traveler.
Still a back door man.
Still moonshine.

Albert tobacco smoker.
Hickory horned devil.
The moon shines still.

Still an Albert tobacco smoker.
Still a hickory horned devil.
Still, the moon shines.



This is official Project Astral poetry

-Raphael Baldaya


POLLiticians (The systematic approach)


This won’t be about statistics.  I promise.  This has to do with our current cycle of energy that we can relate to the 2016 election. Polls demonstrate a sense of security for the politicians to campaign around. No doubt polls have been a major player in the history of elections… but has anyone asked the true question?



Who conducts polls on the pollsters?”

Should we submit our own questions for the pollsters to answer?

  • What political affiliations surround your company finances?
  • How many of your polls are based on bias conditions due to employee interference?
  • Were your questionnaires formed as emotionally charged dialogue or were questions pressed concerning personal agendas towards a particular candidate?
  • Are Republican & Democratic polling companies only targeting states and persons that conform to their political objectives?
  • What are the conditions of your work environment? Are employees registered to any current campaign? Are they politically involved (outside the fact of election polling?)
  • Are employees versed in psychological techniques to use during questionnaires?


People have adapted to a media-bias world of information, often coming from the wayside of a political organization or assets that assert personal beliefs upon work delegated to them by the media controlled by that very same political organization.

Is the majority of the United States population influenced by the swaying of poll numbers?  Yes; this has proven true throughout the years.  In the midst of stats & questionnaires, how large of a role do the subjects of the polling play with the actual election?

The polling companies essentially reach their hand in the cookie jar, receiving crumbs, fallen chips of chocolate… not the whole cookie.  The subjects of questionnaires should also be subjected to psychological testing if we are to gain the true insight of validation surrounding their choices.  Some polls have achieved this level of testing & legitimacy, but it takes time & money;  most companies do not have the resources for this.


Understanding one’s self can only be achieved through the true sense of meditation.  These candidates endure countless hours of strategic meetings, press conferences, campaign speeches, and the list goes on. Even though both candidates claim a sect of religion, where does true spirituality come into the equation?  Have they already found themselves?

Do they understand the two types of Anamnesis?

Christianity presents it as a statement which refers to the character of the Passion, Resurrection & Ascension of Christ.

On the psychological side, there’s an Anamnesis — a position of finding yourself without being yourself.

Both candidates are realizing the regulation of their soul.  A process of individuation as cited in Jungian psychology.  They have reached the alchemical process we would label within the ongoing “Magnum Opus”. The self is the greatest power in the psyche, it can cause a person to accompany egomaniac, losing touch with one’s world. This ‘self’ is a creation of mystic images, dream sequences, understanding of the Anamnesis & traits of extra & introversion.

Why do I mention this? Although they’re billions of people on this planet… these two are among the very few to conduct such large waves of energy for this current timeline.  There’s a channel for this energy, connected to the ‘self‘ described as above, either to enlarge the ego or to find one’s self through the journey.  Neither candidate provides a large angle of emotions to examine; the lapse of this generation seems to be stocking the energy for a future movement.

Energy levels of voters do not achieve the same Quest for the Phoenix.  More of that to come.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

Press Graye

Dreaming in Dog Years (Astral Travel & Animals)


Can dogs astral project?  It happened to me.  My best friend entered my astral realm.  His name is Tupac; he’s named after the poet & rap artist known as Tupac Shakur.  He’s a Pug/FrenchBulldog & we are forever connected, especially after this encounter.

We made our initial connection in the fall of 2011, picking him up a few hours away from where I was located.  He helped me grow & better understand the relationships between animals & humans.  I truly believe they were created for a purpose and we are here to help each other comprehend that creative force.



5:14 AM, May 25th, 2016

Laying on the couch, deepened into a trance of projection… A green blur of static overtook my senses.  An injection of vibrations.  I feel as if I’m free to travel during this episode of AP.

I flipped out of my body from my head.  First, it was if I was using my head to do all the work.  While struggling to leave my body, I noticed my dog staring directly at me.  This shook my foundation; I had never seen my dog in the astral realm before (I didn’t notice because I usually lift directly from my body to another location… this time I was stuck in my bedroom.)

After a few minutes I awoke to find my dog asleep, whimpers of him dreaming… WOW. (I’ll upload a recording of his dream noises soon.)

What does this mean?  Can dogs astral project?  Can cats astral project?  How is this possible?


I’ve often heard of stories consisting of cats & their ability to project 24/7. They enter & exit the realm as they please, hence why the Egyptians had such a keen interest in the noble qualities of our feline friends.

Egyptians believed that envisioning a cat in the astral realm was a sign of good fortune.  Bastet was a divine creature worshiped by the Egyptians during the 2nd dynasty.  She was the Goddess of sunrises, birth, family, & has been depicted throughout history as a domestic cat.  Her rival, Sekmet is the Goddess of war & destruction.


Can deities be the link between astral projection within the animal kingdom?  Were Egyptians enthralled with the heighten sensitivity of the cat’s astral plane?

Recently, scientists have confirmed that Egyptians were the originators of feline domestication. (or if you want to go the biblical route, cats were created when Noah’s ark became infested with rats. A Lion sneezed, creating two domesticated cats to clean up the problem.)

Was the domestication of cats a significant contribution planned by the Pharaohs to spread consciousness throughout history?  Why were millions of mummified cats discovered in tombs located along the Nile?  A power line of worship?  Are the deities to blame?

Cats are also viewed as a negative presence… Pope Gregory IX issued a murder of the masses during his reign, expressly released towards black cats, toads & geese.  Heresy against the church claimed many innocent lives, animals included.

As a result of the depopulation of cats; vermin started to spread diseases & wage war upon livestock.  Witchcraft & cats are often connected for the same reasons that Egyptians are entwined with them; for the powers that we long to master.


A “Familiar Spirit” is an entity that often appears as an animal. They were known to be companions to witches & mystics alike. Guiding young disciples in developing their powers for the astral realm. Spirits would accompany the journey of the witch by manifestation, using the cat often as a vessel while gaining power by influencing the decisions & life of the Master.

Trances into the spirit world were familiar to battle malevolent forces or perform insidious deeds for the witch.  Could familiar spirits be delegated to us by supernatural beings?



  • According to folklore: Meuzza was a cat belonging to the Prophet Muhammad.  He was awakened one day to the call of worship (Adhan). He started to dress but soon felt a snag at the bottom of his prayer robe.  Meuzza was fast asleep, not wanting to wake him; Muhammad tore his robe and attended Adhan. For this venture, cats are now a positive life force for the people of Islam.  Their cleanliness permits them access to many households, where dogs are dismissed as carriers of filth.
  • Here’s a recent news article about a cat who has predicted over 50 deaths. Cat Predicts Death
  • Within sects of Japanese Buddhism, a cat is considered a temporary vessel for beings of a higher realm
  • Purrs/Meows create a vibration that reduces stress for their human counterparts at a range of (20-140 Hz).
  • In the short film, Invocation of My Demon Brother, a Satanic funeral ritual for a family cat can be viewed.


  • An example of a Gottfried Mind painting.

He was referred to as the Raphael of Cats for his precise characteristics of the mystical creature.


Do dogs possess such mysticism?  I believe so and here’s why.

  • During the projection, I could sense a change in breathing patterns with my dog.  He was frozen in a state of meditation & his OBE directed him in my direction.
  • Searching… he was expecting to travel with me… as if to say “Let’s go.”
  • The scenario of me waking up to find that my dog was still asleep.


Prince Rupert of the Rhine possessed a hunting poodle by the name of Boye. Opposing forces claimed the dog had magical powers and that Rupert had used the dog in similar fashion to how witches used cats & familiar spirits. The dog met his demise though at The Battle of Marston Moor; escaping from a handler & running into a fight that Prince Rupert happened to lose.


Certainly, there are other explanations, hysteria takes place & people start to place mysterious powers upon animals or objects; an effect of the subconscious.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye



Projecting obscure content to the masses

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