Man On The Moon


Mental illness.  A disease.  Self-identity suffers…a lack of air for the anxious.  Gripping titles from albums, ears to the music, induced self-worth.  Who are we?  We are millions.  Kid Cudi is in the news lately; battling personal demons while engaged in words with rap artists who don’t necessarily understand the SELF of many individuals they encounter on a daily basis.

The recent diss from Drake stems from comments made a few weeks ago in which Kid Cudi questioned the motives of current rap artists.  Drake dropped “Two Birds, One Stone,” featuring the line…

You were the man on the moon, now you go through your phases/Live for the angry and famous.”

Kid Cudi has responded today with a tweet aimed at the “Hotline Bling” singer.

“Say it to [my] face pussy. You think it’s a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I’ll be out soon. Promise.”

Is mental illness fair game when it comes to the battleground we call RAP?  Where do we draw the line?

Tupac famously went after Mobb Deep/Prodigy, regarding his Sickle Cell Anemia in the song Hit ‘Em Up.

Don’t one of you ni**as got sickle-cell or something
You’re fucking with me, ni**a?
You fu*k around and catch a seizure or a heart-attack
You better back the fu*k up
Before you get smacked the fu*k up

I remember the first time hearing Kid Cudi & his debut album Man On The Moon, he brought a realness & a sense of psychokinesis that represents Time Machine Poetry .  This isn’t a Drake vs Kid Cudi scenario; this represents society as a whole.

Stay tuned for more on this ongoing story.



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Georgia Guidestones (Symbolism of a mystic structure)


October 27th, 2016 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released a statement regarding the police-involved shooting of Edwin Amaya Maldonado, near the site of the Georgia Guidestones.  The routine traffic stop led to a foot chase on Hartwell Highway, ending with the death of the individual.  Information has been released detailing the altercation.  Edwin was pulled over Thursday night on the suspicion of driving under the influence.  The Officer had attempted to conduct an arrest when Edwin grabbed for the Officer’s gun – the Officer then released one shot, striking Edwin in the torso.  More to come.

The 27th relays to the Masonic value of the 9 as it symbolizes 3 nines.

Chaldean numerology explains that 27 surrounds an aura associated with power, authority, & command.  9 is a ruling number if you’re born on the 27th or vice versa.

A transformation is underway… is it mystical?  I would say so.  The Georgia Guidestones are shrouded in a mystery that dates back to 1979.  Where did the Guidestones derive from?   And what are the facts surrounding the structure?


A man using the alias Robert C. Christian walked into the Elbert Granite Finishing company; the next stage of development would change the course of history.  Robert Christian claims to be from a small group of loyalists, preserving a consciousness of words; he commissioned the Guidestones to be erected on March 22, 1980, – an event attended by fewer than 500 people.

What’s inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones, and what is the philosophy behind Robert Christian?

These ‘Commandments’ are etched on the monument in 8 different languages.


English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Swahili, and Spanish.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

  10. Be not the cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.


On the right side of the tablet is the following column of text (metric conversions added):

1. OVERALL HEIGHT – 19 FEET 3 INCHES [5.87 m].

2. TOTAL WEIGHT – 237,746 POUNDS [107,840 kg].



   AN AVERAGE OF 42,437 POUNDS [19,249 kg].


   INCHES [4.98 m] HIGH, WEIGHS 20,957

   POUNDS [9,506 kg].

5. CAPSTONE IS 9-FEET, 8-INCHES [2.95 m]

   LONG, 6-FEET, 6-INCHES [1.98 m] WIDE;

   1-FOOT, 7-INCHES [0.48 m] THICK. WEIGHS

   24,832 POUNDS [11,264 kg].


   4 INCHES [2.24 m] LONG 2-FEET [0.61 m] WIDE.

   1 FOOT, 4-INCHES [0.41 m] THICK, EACH


   POUNDS [2,211 kg].


   2½ INCHES [1.28 m] LONG, 2-FEET, 2-INCHES [0.66 m]

   WIDE, 1-FOOT, 7-INCHES [0.48 m] THICK.

   WEIGHT 2,707 POUNDS [1,228 kg].

8. 951 CUBIC FEET [26.9 m³] GRANITE.





What are the Guidestones?

What connection does this have with the tallest building in the world?

Who is RC Christian?

What form of alchemy is involved in the spiritual realm of the Guidestones?

Why were they created?

What is the Hymnosophia?

Are Masons involved?




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Assange Underground (Where is Julian Assange?)

Where is Assange?


OCTOBER 21ST 2016: Armed forces have been spotted at the Embassy, was this a distraction for an exit plan?

The Ecuador Embassy is located near the Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, & Sloane Square tube stations.  Could tunnels exists that connect to the nearby Embassy for evacuation purposes, or else?  If they do exist… why haven’t they been utilized for the Assange situation, or have they already? Could the CIA or a supporting force behind Wikileaks gain access to the tunnel networks & explore a raid or rescue?

Here’s a MAP showing the tube stations in accordance with the Embassy.

Also… The Camden Market (part home to the London Catacombs) — this is located less than 3.7 miles from the Ecuador Embassy.

A former employee of Harrod’s Department Store (located a few yards away from the embassy) claims that there’s an underground complex that spreads around the area of the building.  He states Harrods uses it to stock their products & doesn’t know if the embassy has access to underground portion.


The CIA have connections to the UK and tunnel tactics… such as Operation Gold.  Operation Gold served as a joint force between the United States & United Kingdom to tap into the landline communications of the Soviet Army headquarters, located in Berlin.  They designed a tunnel & construction began in 1953.  The Soviet’s were warned of the espionage and Operation Gold ceased.

This isn’t exactly an unknown concept to them.  If tunnels already exist near the Embassy then access to nearby buildings should be a feasible task.  Could an escape be orchestrated, has an escape been orchestrated?  We will soon find out.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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Assange is free

Assange, where have you been?

Maybe I should ask, where have we been?  The media cannot help themselves, they are an onslaught of misdirection surrounded by the ignorance of honesty during the time when we could use it the most.

You are not alone.  You are not confined by the definition of confinement. YOUR ARE FREE.  Your spirit completes the cycle of THE TRUTH.  You seem like a man of substance; I’m sure your astral abilities are on the field of “Second Initiation”.  A simple instance of a traveler with no path to travel, unless you know the substance.

It’s a tiny world, and as a guest of the Embassy, you’re cut off from the modern age of this timeline; an onlooker at the distress and a motivational tool for the positive.  If you’re the author, we are clearly the pages of history… to accept or deny your revolution as in how it was written.  WikiLeaks is our freedom in a sense…

The best way to explain how information can be manipulated by our media is this quote presented below.

  • I saw a wise man give a book to a child, once the child accepted, the book transformed into a chainsaw.  The man pulled back the rope on the chainsaw, and the rest wasn’t envisioned.”

We will probably never meet within this realm.  But foretold, precautions aside, we will search.

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?  In a cave full of metaphors, grasping for the light.

You can help me by prophecy.

Where do you envision me?

What do you want from the light?


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL essay.

Raphael Baldaya


Where is Assange?

Finding Myself

Basically, I found myself without being myself.

Here’s a poetic summary, from a passage of my upcoming novel Red Eyes See Red Stars.

I always had a particular reason for my questionable actions. I would imagine twisting in the air, specs of dust formed of memories and those memories were words, not actual images. And I… I took the form of myself. This projection entitled: “Nine” Myself, a heteronym created by a Portuguese writer that manifested during the timeline of 1991; a full-effect Gemini, you might call it reincarnation. I might call it another form of gravitational force.

Myself, by myself. A lone gentleman who fizzled away history, every atom that had passed through myself, a category, name, and story for each of them. Words took their place, similar to the treatment of memories. I sincerely believe the best way to travel is to feel. Feel with words, not your hands. This might be another symptom of being myself without truly being myself. This year entitled: “2036” Equals nine.

A Time Poet initiates life.

Example A: Bob is a regular fella, he sits on a couch and watches TV. Inside the wallpaper of the house – hair follicles left over from the 1987 renovation; a memory of a carpenter, a life force of 1987. Was it Bob? No, it wasn’t Bob’s hair follicle. Bob couldn’t even switch over a breaker that Thanksgiving in 1987 when a blunder Thunderstorm helped carry on the tradition of his family’s candle-lit dinner they were to have at 8:PM sharp that night. Bob was old-fashioned, but Bob was never a handyman, not in any way or form.

The man the hair belonged to went by the name of “Ernest Wallings” his hair crusted within the spectrum of the drywall. Leftover for times’ benefit. Ernest had taken the renovation job for extra cash. The holidays were burning a hole in the savings of him and his dried-up wife; she had produced six children and each one had an appetite of a mule. They had a mule, two of them, one was given to Ernest as payment on a roof he patched up for a local farmer. The other they purchased at an auction to accompany the other mule, a thoughtful gesture from a tumbling fella.

Example B: Susie attends her first day of High School. A Time Poet masters a memory. Bricks from the school dilute modern era and lay forward a new foundation. 1864, a livery is the school, the school is a livery. Ball caps exchanged for Cow-skinned hats. Example B is the mastering of a time and space, using no current DNA to engage the travel. Deriving fallen memories without substance. Pure skill. There was no proof that the livery existed, letters fell from the bricks, unraveling languages, commanding a plot and story. Humans view life through a second-story window, never paying attention to what takes motion underneath their feet. Myself, a limbless facilitator of time and space. I am that motion. And just to let you know… I did find a memory underneath a piece of wallpaper once, it peeled into a capability of everlasting motion.

This is official Project Astral poetry

-Raphael Baldaya

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