Bioterrorism: Ventilation Systems And How To Protect Your Air

Terrorist organizations thrive on their ability to create scenarios geared at inflicting maximum destruction while integrating their philosophies into the attacks.  The 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing on May 22 and the recent London bridge terrorist stabbing on June 3 are only the start of a holy war that has its eyes set on Western civilization.  Terrorists have frequently utilized propaganda and the publicity of an … Continue reading Bioterrorism: Ventilation Systems And How To Protect Your Air

Edgar Cayce

TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK Edgar Cayce Born Edgar Cayce March 18, 1877 Christian County, Kentucky Died January 3, 1945 (aged 67) Virginia Beach, Virginia Edgar Cayce was deemed the “Sleeping Prophet” for his uncanny approach to fortune telling.  He would lay on a couch… entering a trance & would interpret images that were channeled to him.  A master of Christian Mysticism… he dealt with … Continue reading Edgar Cayce

Elohim Arising (Alchemy and White/Black Magic)

Necromancy is the practice of channeling magic to contact the deceased. Considered a form of black magic, this very tool was used in the Hebrew Bible by the Witch of Endor who first appears in The Book of Samuel.  The Witch summoned the prophet Samuel’s soul using a technique known as scrying, this was requested by King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel.  Saul seeks … Continue reading Elohim Arising (Alchemy and White/Black Magic)

No Grapes Theory (Tupac Shakur Underground Info)

Conspiracy theories that surround Tupac Shakur will never die, just like his death status.  Countless fans have pointed to clues within his lyrics & albums that he may still be alive.  We won’t go into the countless theories (His autopsy discrepancies, The # 7…etc), you can look them up easily on a search engine.  We are here to bring attention to an obscure theory entitled … Continue reading No Grapes Theory (Tupac Shakur Underground Info)

Static Drama

Static Drama.  An invention that I have developed into the overall essence of my writing.  It’s a creation that stems from Maurice Maeterlinck.  He is the recipient of the 1911 Nobel Prize in Literature; a successful playwright, poet & a leader symbolism of the arts.  For his plays, he preferred the performances of marionettes.  What is Static Drama?  How was it incorporated into the structure … Continue reading Static Drama

Georgia Guidestones (Symbolism of a mystic structure)

BREAKING NEWS October 27th, 2016  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released a statement regarding the police-involved shooting of Edwin Amaya Maldonado, near the site of the Georgia Guidestones.  The routine traffic stop led to a foot chase on Hartwell Highway, ending with the death of the individual.  Information has been released detailing the altercation.  Edwin was pulled over Thursday night on the suspicion of driving under … Continue reading Georgia Guidestones (Symbolism of a mystic structure)


  Anamnesis an·am·ne·sis ˌanəmˈnēsis/ noun recollection, in particular. the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence (often used with reference to Platonic philosophy). Do you often recall vague instances of energy?  Energy levels are at the highest they’ve been in recollection.  Finding yourself takes time and with the RIGHT STEPS, it’ll be a journey worth traveling. 2014 It was fate or synchronization.  I fell … Continue reading An·am·ne·sis