Rik Clay

TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK Rik Clay Born August 5th, 1982 Died August 28th, 2008 A man who had not only a knack for numerical connections but also an open mind that provided a vast entrance for many to follow into.  Rik Clay was a musician, graphic designer & investigator of the esoteric — […]

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Night Stalkers (Black Helicopters)

The humming of blades.  Vibrations from above.  What’s taking place in our largest cities?  Accounts of helicopters over the Georgia landscape.  Sightings near Fort Gordon & Metro Atlanta have been accounted for as of right now. Hunter Army Airfield Located in Hinesville, Georgia (Near Savannah).  The Airfield is one of the homes to THE NIGHT […]

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10 Conspiracy Films

Naked Lunch Bill Lee is a normal guy… okay… maybe not.  Exterminator by trade, his wife & friends find his bug poison to be the perfect fit for injection.  Paranoia ensues… He believes an organization called Interzone Incorporated is behind his current case of trouble. Bad Day at Black Rock A one-armed man gets off […]

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