Project Astral provides research into material overlooked by the mainstream media & search engines.  We are dedicated to creating a network similar to what you’d find in an online forum or a news article – we differ in the perspective that our platform has overcome the paradigm paralysis often associated with media outlets.  We investigate the issue at-hand & showcase due-diligence regarding all our information.  Incorporating a variety of poetic & musical attributes within our work; we thrive to create a realm of knowledge… a plane for 9. 

Exit the systematic approach to information and enter Project Astral.



I’m Press Graye and the founder of PROJECT ASTRAL.  I started my independent research into cold case investigations in October of 2016; since that time, I’ve uncovered new evidence in the case of Michael Cormier, Kurt Sova, and have contributed relevant information most news outlets ignore or overlook.  My mission for Project Astral expands into a dimensional blueprint; I explore concepts of mysticism and apply alternative methods to unsolved cases.


Raphael Baldaya –  A student of astrology & prose writer who has an in-depth experience within the mystical realm.  His career started with published works including Denial of the Treaty & Principles of Metaphysics ESOTERIC.  He creates the poetry & essays located on the site.


Alexander Kurt –   A traveler & viewer of the world.  He contributes to Project Astral.