2PAC THE MYSTIC PART 6: (Tupac’s Fake Death and Reincarnation Revealed)

2PAC THE MYSTIC is an original Project Astral series that investigates Tupac’s connection to the mystic realm.



Faking death is not a new age concept; throughout history it’s been used as a tactic to escape hardships, actual death, taxes and to deceive one’s enemies.  Many celebrities have obsessed over the idea since the days of television, Andy Kaufman specifically, but no one has accomplished the daring feat.  If one is successful though, would we ever know?

A lot of false information regarding Machiavelli and a reference to faking his death has littered the web since Tupac’s death, starting on make-shift websites like GeoCities in the late ’90s.  This isn’t true; as we demonstrated in Part I, Machiavelli only made a statement that a prince must “use deception to achieve great things,” there’s no evidence that he said to “fake your death”.  What has been overlooked by sleuths and researchers for years is the simple connection between Tupac and the books he read in prison.  Tupac read the works of Alice Bailey while incarcerated.

The connection to faking one’s death can be located within the Right-Hand Path, and an Ascended Master named St. Germain, who has been described as an alchemist, trickster, pianist, and composer.  In the writings of Alice Bailey – St. Germain is known as Master R./St. Germain and has incarnated as several individuals throughout history but the one that stands-out is Francis Bacon.  Francis Bacon was a Philosopher from England and has been associated with theories regarding Shakespeare’s true identity.  St. Germain’s ascension into masterhood happened on April 9, 1626, during Easter Sunday – during his last incarnation (as Francis Bacon) it is said he faked his death and while disguised, attended his own funeral.  St. Germain is the “resurrected form” of Francis Bacon.  The Easter Sunday correlation is important to Tupac’s destiny.

(St. Germain)


(Francis Bacon)



  • Tupac read Alice Bailey in prison.  Alice Bailey had an Ascended Master known as St. Germain who is known for music and faking his death.


  • Tupac’s holy week has him entering into rest on a Friday and his career is resurrected as Makaveli.   Jesus resurrected on a Sunday.  St. Germain entered masterhood on Easter Sunday after faking his death as Francis Bacon.


  • The Italian poet Dante Alighieri was born around June 1265; Tupac was born June 16, 1971.  They both are Geminis.  They were both poets.  Dante Alighieri died on September 13, 1321.  Tupac died on September 13, 1996.  Dante Alighieri wrote the poem “Divine Comedy” which takes place first in the Inferno and follows into Purgatorio and finally Paradiso (Heaven).  The Divine Comedy starts the night before Good Friday in the year 1300.  Good Friday is Jesus’s crucifixion.  Tupac’s death happened on Friday the 13th.

These connections pose several questions.  Did Tupac discover the idea of faking death through Alice Bailey’s writings and was Tupac a reincarnation of Dante Alighieri?  If anyone could’ve faked their death it would be Tupac Shakur and the No Grapes Theory Decoded is the best material on the subject.

(Statue of Dante Alighieri)


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

Color Pessoa



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