THE NO GRAPES THEORY DECODED is an original Project Astral series created to research Tupac and the No Grapes Theory.

Project Astral has researched the original “No Grapes Theory” and will shed light on what’s the truth and what can’t be substantiated.  The “2Pac THE NO GRAPES THEORY DECODED” investigation explores Tupac’s death and the original No Grapes Theory.  We are forgoing the typical arguments that Death Row Records had Tupac murdered or the LAPD’s involvement in the crime.  Several individuals have come forward and confessed to Tupac’s murder in the past, we are taking into account none of these statements as they are often fueled by fame, street credibility or false allegations.

There are also multiple theories of who the shooter really was, including well-known suspect Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson.  First respondents on the scene of the 1996 shooting have made statements on what they encountered on the call, a shattered BMW and a lifeless Tupac who they claimed was in and out of consciousness.  And let’s not forget the infamous Illuminati theory.

What does this all add up to?  There are many mainstream ideas and/or claims of how Tupac died or who killed him; there’s barely any solid theory that he successfully faked his death.  Independent investigators have deciphered many clues including Machiavelli, the number 7 correlating with his shooting and time of death but no one has presented a credible scenario how he could have pulled the last case of deception.  The closest attempt to prove Tupac plotted his death is called the “No Grapes Theory,” which falls flat in many areas regarding proof of substance.  Our investigation will take the first platform of the No Grapes Theory but will change important details to correlate with the actual details of what we know about the case.

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I often have fans ask me how Tupac could officially fake his death and get away with it?  I’ve also had those same questions out of curiosity.  I’ve followed many of the plots and twists over the years and have always been fascinated with an obscure posting on a forum entitled “No Grapes Theory.”  I researched and engaged with other investigators on the case and found many holes in the overall concept and execution but that it also posed a few questions that couldn’t be ignored.  Project Astral will present a plausible theory regarding Tupac’s plot to fake his death and how he could have accomplished it.  We will showcase Tupac Shakur as the revolutionary leader who was far beyond his time and was given the tools and ability to illustrate a lavish conspiracy for the sake of a clandestine revolution.

This article is written purely as an investigation into the “No Grapes Theory“.

Timeline for September 7th, 1996

2:30 p.m. Tupac arrived at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas for the MGM fight between Bruce Seldon & Mike Tyson.  The match was originally scheduled for July, 13th but was postponed due to Mike Tyson’s diagnosis of bronchitis.


8:00 p.m. Tupac and Suge Knight entered during the National Anthem proceedings of the boxing match (he snapped a few photos with fans).


8:39 p.m. Mike Tyson knocked out Bruce Seldon 109 seconds into the first round.


8:45 p.m.The onslaught in the MGM lobby between Tupac, Death Row associates and a rival gang member known as Orlando Anderson.


9:00 p.m./10:55 p.m.  Tupac headed back to the Luxor Hotel and met up with Frank Alexander (Tupac’s bodyguard) MC Hammer and Tupac’s fiance Kidada Jones.  Tupac then changed into a green Nike basketball jersey, sweat pants, and his Euphanasia chain.  Tupac, along with Suge and entourage drove to Suge’s house located at Monte Rosa Av.  Soon after they assembled and left for Club 662.



10:55 p.m. The last photograph of Tupac Shakur is taken at a red light by a fan and associate of Shakur named Leonard Jefferson.  (the time is not right because the camera was more than likely on “Eastern” time and the date had switched to the next day or the camera time had already hit midnight, and thus it adjusted to 9 8 ’96.)  The police actually took the camera footage from Leonard (for evidence) and eventually gave it back for him to publish.


11:00-11:05 p.m. Suge and Tupac are stopped by Las Vegas Bike Patrol for playing music too loudly and not having license plates visible on the BMW 750 Sedan they were in.

11:10 p.m. Suge, Tupac and entourage are at a red light when two women are heard screaming “Tupac!  Tupac!” from a car positioned on the driver side of the BMW.  They remain engaged in a conversation; Tupac invites the women to Club 662.

11:15 p.m. A white Cadillac pulls aside the passenger portion of the BMW (Tupac still distracted with the women) and thirteen shots are released into the car, four of which hit Tupac.  Once in the chest, pelvis, right hand (middle finger) and thigh.  Suge presses the gas and maneuvers a U-turn onto West towards Flamingo.


Las Vegas Bike Patrol is first on the scene.  Chaosand chaos ensues.

The chaos, there was a lot of chaos, a lot of cop cars,” – First responder Shane

It was just chaotic. There were a lot of onlookers.” – Photographer Leonard Jefferson.


With all of this “chaos” and with the Outlawz (Kadafi below) and other witnesses in handcuffs, would that be enough time to make a switch of bodies?


Two different accounts of “helicopters” being present are mentioned at the scene.  Below you can view their statements.  This had led many to adapt Tupac’s “helicopter theory”


The ‘stolen’ autopsy picture seems to be missing traces of the Makaveli tattoo, and the position of the photo angle is curious, why take it facing away from Tupac’s best-defined features?


Here’s a screenshot from a makeup effects video from the set of Tupac’s movie “Bullet.”


The official Coroner’s Report has some explaining to do.  The weight on the report is listed as 215lbs, the height is wrong also.  The social security number listed (546-47-8539) is not registered in the social security death index.



Machiavelli wrote in “Discourses on Livy” of the productive gains contributed to deception.  This includes “a prince who wishes to achieve great things must learn to deceive.”  He did not write about “faking one’s death” as some has suggessted.

*We actually uncovered the true books/author and origins of where Tupac read about “Faking one’s death”.


Also discussed in the book is how to deceive and plot an attack.  This HIGHLY relates to the Tupac and Biggie Smalls scenario.  Tupac died, and then a mere 6 months later Biggie travels to California (Tupac’s dominion) and meets his death.



A few of the number “7” connections.

Makaveli the Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.  Tupac was shot on September 7th; and survived on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and”died” the FRIDAY THE 13th. 

There’s 7 shots at the begining of the song “Bomb First” on the “Makaveli” album.

Tupac’s album “All Eyes on Me” was released on Feb.13, 1996. Tupac “died” on Sept.13, 1996. = 7 months

Tupac officially died at 4:03 PM. = 7

He “died” at the age of 25 years. = 7

You can read more here.

What about the thousands of Haitians who called into to various news agencies to report sightings of Tupac in the country shortly after his death?


(Tupac & Kadafi)

The only eye-witness who told the cops they could possibly identify the shooters was Outlawz member Kadafi.  Kadafi was shot and killed execution style November 10, 1996.  The shooter later came forward and confessed, he was identified as a cousin of fellow Outlawz member Napolean.

In the song “All Out” Tupac raps this verse.

I take the figure of 30 niggas who all got me
While bitches wonderin’ who shot me
No love, keep a grudge, shootin’ slugs like Muammar Gaddafi
Murder my friends, build a new posse.”

Was this a prophecy that people close to Tupac would be killed because of his plan?  “Murder my friends, build a new posse,” seems like it can be related to Machiavelli’s principles on deception and/or the casualties of war.

Below are screenshots from Tupac’s music video “How Do You Want It?”  This scene is the last part of the music video that depicts Tupac wearing the green Nike basketball jersey he was also wearing on the night of the Las Vegas shooting.  He stares at the two women to the left side of him and quickly moves his head to the right side before it fades into the next scene.  This scene is familiar to the shoot-out setup in Las Vegas.




The NEW No Grapes Theory

The original “No Grapes Theory” is a creation that has been marveled at on underground forums and by Tupac conspiracists.  Project Astral will now provide the facts and discrepancies of the original theory along with an updated theory.  You should read the original “No Grapes” before you continue.


Tupac grew up around Black Panthers and leaders of the Black Liberation Army which acted as an underground branch of the Black Panthers.  Could the Black Liberation Army conduct a clandestine operation and pull it off successfully?  Yes.  The BLA in 1979, performed a prison break and retrieved political prisoner and fellow Black Panther, Assata Shakur.  Assata was serving a life sentence for the murder of two New Jersey police officers.    The officers stopped her and two other suspects for a broken brake light on their vehicle, a gunfight ensued.  She was also wanted on bank robbery, assault, and other charges.  She fled to Cuba in 1984 where she was granted political asylum by President Castro.  Her exact whereabouts in the reclusive country are unknown and political conversations are gearing up for Cuba regarding her extradition.


Kadafi’s father is Sekou Odinga — an expert in clandestine operations, military tactics, and versed in revolutionary philosophy.  Twelve years underground were utilized to position and expand the BLA and various factions.  He was finally caught in 1981 and recently released in 2014.


The F.B.I.’S COINTELPRO program is responsible for the downfall of the BLA and has been connected to Tupac Shakur’s career over the years.  COINTELPRO specifically targets pro-black political entities and receives various forms of intelligence based on “illegal” activities related to their platform; this has been the case of Mutulu Shakur, stepfather of Tupac and supporter of a “Republic of New Afrika.”  Click here to listen to the “Dare to Struggle” mixtape that Dr. Mutulu organized for the awareness of COINTELPRO.

The Republic of New Afrika is a concept that the black majority of the southern United States would be converted to a newfound Kingdom for black unity and progression.  This plan has never been implemented, and with the Assata Shakur connection to Cuba and death of Fidel Castro, it makes more sense to visualize Cuba as this republic and not the United States.


Javana & John Thomas

Here’s where we are rewriting “No Grapes.”  The BLA connection is solid but the mention of  “The Murder of BLA Commander John Thomas in September 1996 [in Las Vegas, NV” is not correct.  John Leo Thomas passed away in the late 70’s.  Javana Thomas could be a better lead.  Javana actually died January of 1997.  If she was part of the plot, her death wasn’t recorded in September.  No newspaper articles or obituaries could be found.  Did she fake her death and flee to Cuba as well?

No Grapes states: “the enemy is here kill or be killed” Javana Thomas: the 19-yr. Old daughter of John and Ignae Thomas was “undercover” as a Paramedic. Who called for an ambulance?”


 Devin Clark

Devon/Devan Clark is the “body double” theory that No Grapes has made famous.  Tupac would’ve paid Clark’s family the money for the use of his body.

[Tupac plays a heroin addict] for the movie Gridlock’d, Tupac spent a lot of time in hospitals visiting heroin addicts. It was at Bellflower Medical Center [9542 E Artesia Blvd, Bellflower, CA Los Angeles county] that Tupac met Devan Clark a young man addicted to heroin and slowly dying of Aids.

Project Astral’s search found no Devon or Devan Clark registered in the social security index that correlated with the death of Tupac.  We did find another variation of Devon/Devan in the form of Devin Clark.  This Devin was born in Maryland and died one month after Tupac’s death.  The length of time from September 13th, the autopsy and cremation make sense on why Devin Clark’s actual body wouldn’t be reported as dead until October.  Devin was only 20 years old, this would be within the age-range needed for the operation.



His final resting place is listed as Hancock County, Indiana.  His social security number wasn’t registered/issued until 1988 in Maryland.  Where was Tupac in 1986-1988?  He was in Baltimore, Maryland attending Baltimore School of the Arts.  Did Tupac have a friend from school or the area named Devin Clark?  Or was Devin Clark not an actual person until 1988?  We couldn’t find any photo or identification of Clark’s family or Devin himself.  Devin Clark could be a real person or an alias for a body double.

(Devin Todd Clark’s gravesite)


Wood Harris, Tupac’s co-star in “Above The Rim” talked to The Breakfast Club and recalled a story about a Tupac body double used at the end of the film.


(Not Tupac)



Everything has been set into place for September 7th, 1996 and now we present the most logical way he could fake his death and get away with it.   Before we begin, let’s cover some questions that might arise.  The article was given to two Tupac fans, and these are their inquiries.

Question: Why didn’t the BLA or associates of Tupac bail him out of jail in 1995?

Answer: They couldn’t bring attention to the assistance of Tupac in the public’s eye.  Hence the ‘clandestine’ part of the operation.

Question: How could something this large be paid for?  I thought Tupac was broke.

Answer: Exactly.  A multimillionaire is flat broke.  We can say that Death Row took most of Tupac’s profits in his short time with the label, but what about the supporters of the BLA?  Cuban funding possibly?

Question: If Tupac didn’t get shot, how did Devin receive wounds of the gunshots to resemble a shooting?

Answer: Euthanasia is a slow process.  Here’s an interview where Tupac talks about it.  Wounds could’ve been inflicted with a professional marksman in a similar test situation.  The body double (in another location beforehand) is situated in a car and shot at, medical attention is given to sustain his life, and he’s flown to the crime scene of Tupac.  He would be on life-support at the hospital for the appropriate number of days to complete the “7-day theory”.


Question: Why would he disappear and put his friends and family-in-jeopardy of possible death?

Answer: The mission of the revolution and Tupac as it’s leader would be the ONLY objective, all else would be casualties of war or martyrs for the cause.  Some of these friends or family members might know the truth and thus accepted the risks.

The Clandestine Revolution

Towards the end of his Death Row contract and legal woes with the Hughes Brothers on assault charges, Tupac’s life was once again on the downward spiral.  Atlanta was the second home to Tupac and one of the headquarters for the BLA.  Take into account, after Kadafi had left Las Vegas he headed to Atlanta and then New Jersey.  Tupac was also in Atlanta before his journey to Las Vegas, he stated that “Suge talked him into going” but that “he didn’t really want to go.”  The plot to fake Tupac’s death would’ve been a large-scale operation that included cooperation from Medical & Law personnel.

It had to go off without a hitch and have the dazzling appearance of realism through the use of Hollywood magic.  The BLA and loved ones around Tupac suspected the worse, FBI surveillance and the recent revelation that the FBI had recordings that someone wanted Tupac dead (either Death Row or Bad Boy) had come to the forefront of the investigation.  What was Tupac’s next move?

Tupac was an actor who had prior experience with theatrical performances while attending the Baltimore School for the Arts.  His acting skills would be on full display that night to fool his friends and enemies.  The operation used squibs for the bullet holes in the car.  Blanks were utilized in the guns, and Tupac had a squib inserted into a thin layer of his basketball jersey and a C02 cartridge positioned within his loose sweatpants.  This is one reason why he didn’t wear the bulletproof vest, it would have caused to much pressure and taken away from the opportunity for him to be ‘shot.’



The squib would’ve been a lighter version of this.  The c02 tank had to smaller than the one pictured.


Why didn’t Suge get shot out of the 13 bullets that were fired?  Suge’s only injury was the result of flying shrapnel to the head.  Because only explosive squibs were detonated, this caused a bullet hole to manifest but sent shrapnel and glass flying.  Also, bullet holes were aimed at below the door handle, indicating that they knew he would duck or an elaborate plan to make sure no head wounds would be questioned if all bullets were aimed low, then the damage would be within the torso area, lining up with the squib.  The tires were blown out from the same setup.  This was also important to the plan, the car had to neutralize in the vicinity of the helicopter landing.


Tupac’s finger was supposedly injured, if it really was, it was an effect from the detonation of the bullet hole squibs.  For them to make an entry and exit hole, the explosion would need to be stronger than what would be allowed in a film or music video; this resulted in actual harm, but Tupac was aware of this possibility beforehand.  Glass popper squibs were used for the penetration through any of the windows, but these cause more injury when using real glass.  The BMW had to be in-the-hands of the technicians or whoever else before September 7th.  Suge Knight primarily was driving a ‘stunt’ car, if you remember from the timeline at the beginning of the episode, the tags for the car were inside of the trunk… how much did he pay attention to this BMW?


Tupac’s body was switched in the ambulance with the Devin Clark individual.  This man weighed more and was taller than Tupac, but with the right dressing up and Hollywood magic — he was made into Tupac.  Crime scene chaos would add for the perfect opportunity for a silent helicopter to land.  Tupac had the acting capabilities to make a scene play out in his favor.  Medical responders and cops who were not aware of the setup would’ve been fooled.  One body is transported to a helicopter, and another is inserted into an ambulance with Suge and/or by itself.  What about the bike patrol that initially stopped Suge and Tupac for loud music?  Was that perfect timing or something else?

At the hospital, Devin’s body would be filled with tubes connected to various airways of the body and the establishment of a cover or medical blanket would’ve kept most traits of him under wraps.  Recent interviews of those at the hospital admit they barely visited or saw Tupac in the hospital room and stayed outside in the lobby mostly.  Tupac’s biological dad (Billy Garland) stated how his son’s body didn’t look the same (mainly because of the swelling of the body).  Tupac was placed on the first floor of the hospital, which is suspicious due to the nature of the shooting and the severity of his wounds.  The cremation of Tupac’s body was only a day after his death, the 14th.  Theories have arisen about the man who cremated Tupac as having retired after a “pay off.”   Was this a simple case of the BLA or could we reverse the role and say another organization collaborated with Tupac on his scheme?

Cuba has always been a supporter of Africa and has a primarily Cuban/Black community.  Fidel Castro is now dead, and his brother Raul assumes the position as President of Cuba.  Is Tupac Shakur a revolutionary leader in the shadows of Cuba, waiting to establish a Mecca?  The theory is far-fetched, but “No Grapes” will always be the “alternative” to his death.

“Euphanasia” was listed on Tupac’s autopsy report as his employer.  He hadn’t finished forming the company and was still officially employed by Death Row.


Machiavelli statue.



Tupac “Me Against The World” album cover.


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This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

Color Pessoa


  1. I got a theory, 2Pac never was in the car with Suge, the body double was. The REAL plot was to kill Suge and the body double, also Devin Clark was a fake identity created by Pac while in Maryland so he wouldn’t get in trouble for being a Shakur, and also used it to label the body double and ship it to Indiana so nobody would know to check.
    1. 2pac was SUPPOSED to be In menace 2 society so the plot for the beat up now, get shot later was likely used cause he was supposed to be Shariff but wanted to be Cain or Odogg
    2. “Above the Rim” in the second half of the shooting scene where Pac dies when his eyes close… it’s not Pac! it’s Barshem the look alike because the real 2pac had been locked up. You can side by side it! NO ONE KNEW THIS TIL WOOD HARRIS SAID IT! So Pac knew people that did not really know him wouldn’t kno the difference if it was him or another person acting as him, possible with makeup and fake tattoos.
    3. This surveillance on here from MGM where is the rest of deathrow?!? You see Pac but the rest of Deathrow and the guys that beat up Orlando are NO were to be found? When was Pac NOT with Suge at MGM? Just Frank and Pac when Pac passed the other black man with a bald head, Gold chain, orange shirt on and points to him to go where he just came… so the double could end up with death row and Frank could get the real 2pac away.
    4. 2pac was supposed to go to court for sentencing on the 12th of September for probation violation and serve longer than he did in 95…and he was not gettin paid from death row properly and knew suge was not right. Pacs image grew larger than expected so he decided to “kill” 2pac (the double) and live his life free off the grid knowing he’d be worth more dead and the American dollar in other countries is worth far more. He said he considered stopping rap while in prison to live a normal life, while studying Macaveli, but Pac knew he didn’t wanna be broke and he would never not be in the public eye.
    5. The bigger unseen plot, I think was to get the 2pac double AND Suge killed together, I personally believe Pac n Snoop set it up for Orlando and the crips to be there and staged the beef to make it seem like Snoop was clueless. How tf would Orlando know to be alone, and Pac on cue runs and punches him🤨 then they knew the exact BMW “Pac” and Suge would be in? Come on. Pac wanted off death row and a free life, snoop wanted to get off death row and Dre left. “Disappeared in the crowd(mgm) all YOU(WE) seen was troops(Shooting on Koval)
    “Fuck em all let em understand my plot to get richer”
    “I predicted this shit, the 2pacolypse”
    “God forgive me cause it’s wrong but I plan to die”
    Euphanasia, was a tweaked word by Pac, which is really spelled Euthansia and means to die free, like a dog when euthanized. Machiavelli faked his death at 25. Pac set the stage when he when he went to Tyson Vs Bruno in March of 96, and filmed the perfect movie. Tyson just told Fat Joe on a podcast “I believe the fight was set up for that to happen to him” You gotta understand, Jada, Snoop, Mike, Dre, shit everyone around Pac are ACTORS, his Mom was in on it God rest her soul, she was hiding Mutulu for years, so she would do the same for her son. Pac made more money after death than living, and now can’t get arrested, shot or shot at just like he said in thugs mansion. I kind of think Starin through my review sounds like a directors view of what happened saw happening to him, “multiple gunshots clear the block, the fun stops, niggas is callin cops, people shot, nobody stop” with the sample being of in the air by Phil Collins which was a huge song in boxing at that time. Then I ain’t mad at cha was Pacs vision too, he spoke to Joey Fama, Pac brought up his Aunt Assata to him, the one who escaped prison, and he told him that he knew he was selling his soul by signing to Suge, this is all fact in Fama’s interview. Pac also said that he wrote an autobiography of his life in jail, so he must of wrote his own ending


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