Astral Tips Part 5: (Shadow People/Locust Men)

Picture this: A being of unknown origin feeds off your energy source while you’re trying to astral project.  Is this the tales of nightmares, or something more?  I’ve had run-ins with beings, and even with shadow entities that have shown an attraction to my energy levels… from my research, interviews, and personal experiences… I have come to an understanding of what mainstream culture deems as “Shadow People” or “Shadow Beings”.

I agree with some assessments that surround the lore of the astral realm but will leave that analysis and theories for the upcoming documentary “Locust Men” which is produced by Project Astral.  Locust Men examines the true intentions of the “shadow beings” and how they differ within the astral realm.

If you encounter a shadow being during your astral travels, or dream sequences, do not panic; the aura of these beings are utilizing your fear to manifest themselves – you should exit your astral session and close-off any portals of meditation for a short duration of time (stay within the physical realm) and then try again.  Want to know more about overcoming this roadblock to astral traveling?


If your encounters are frequent, you must meditate and raise your vibrations to a higher realm.  Attempting to astral project without proper research & energy is the equivalent of trying to ride a bike without prior experience; you’ll keep falling… instead, frustration overtakes.

While astral projecting, you should have a safety net.  This includes TWO STEPS.

1. Alarm

Set your alarm to envision the amount of time you wish to travel.  The time within the astral realm seems longer than the actual presence.

2. Object/Light

Envision an object in the room you’re projecting from.  This can be anything from a chair, a piece of jewelry, or a light source you envision to protect yourself. Surround yourself with a light force, projecting an aura.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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