How To Get 2Pac Euphanasia Part IV: (Origins of Where Tupac Read How To Fake His Death)

A lot of false information regarding Machiavelli and a reference to “Faking his death” has littered the web since Tupac’s death, starting on make-shift websites like GeoCities in the late 90’s.  This isn’t true, as we demonstrated in Part I, Machiavelli only made a statement that a prince must use deception to achieve great things, there’s no evidence that he said to ‘fake your death’.  What has been overlooked by sleuths and researchers for years is a simple connection.

What is the connection of Holy Scriptures to Tupac’s death?  What book/author did Tupac REALLY read and find-out about “faking one’s death’?  These questions are explored and answered in Part IV.   Part IV is only avilable through a Donation of $2 or more through PayPal, PayHip, or join our Patreon page

Our research takes time and intense effort; we will be releasing a book for sale and creating an investigative series on this case… but until then — all articles other than Part I, II, and III will be avilable only through a donation.

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This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL investigation.

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