Kurt Sova/Eugene Kvet PART II: (FOIA Filed, Weather Timeline & Franko revealed)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Kurt Sova/Eugene Kvet PART II: (FOIA & Weather Timeline)

Project Astral filed a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (FOIA) on Eugene Kvet and have requested copies of Kurt Sova & Eugene Kvet’s autopsy records to shed more light on the timeline of their deaths and the investigation.  The F.B.I. stated they didn’t have any files on Eugene’s death — we will keep you updated on the autopsy records.






  • October 23rd, 1981 – Rain
  • October 24th – Clear
  • October 25th – Clear
  • October 26th – Fog was dense
  • October 27th – Fog was dense
  • DATE OF BODY FOUND: October, 28th, 1981.
  • This was a NEW MOON phase. The weather was clear and had a temp of 54 degrees. 

The Duplex is circled, and the ravine is located in the picture below.


This is a close-up picture of the duplex.





His body was found on the 1st of February, 1982.  We believe he went missing around the 27th/28th of January because he was buried on the 5th of February, 1982.  This would be the same amount of days Kurt was also missing.

  • Wednesday, January 27, 1982 – Fog
  • Thursday, January 28, – Snow
  • Friday, January 29, – Clear
  • Saturday, January 30 – Fog/Rain
  • Sunday, January 31 – Fog/Rain/Snow
  • DATE OF BODY FOUND: Monday, February 1, 1982
  • This was a WAXING CRESCENT moon phase. 51% Illuminated. The weather was clear and had a temp of 20 degrees.


They both had vanished for 4-5 days before their bodies were found in the same area that they were reported missing from.

  • Both had missing right shoes.

  • Kurt & Eugene were around the same age.

  • We have from a source that Eugene Kvet was wearing a bright colored clothing (white).  Kurt Sova was wearing a yellow shirt when he went missing.

  • Inclement weather patterns surrounding both cases during the period of time that they disappeared during.

  • The bodies of Eugene & Kurt both had minimum damage, including bruises & a few scratches.




Project Astral has obtained new information from an UNKNOWN SOURCE that has been posting on the Unsolved Mysteries forum.  Their information has checked-out and we are now posting those findings.  

Here is the original statement:


May 22, 2017, at 4:46 AM

“December 6, 1981 …. Craig H. Franko was killed Thursday as he worked at a downtown service station.”

“That is most likely the “Franco” Kurt got int the van with. There are more apparent connections to Kurt and Eugene’s deaths around the same time period, not to mention that 2 of the Newburgh Heights investigating officers were fired for corruption, and 3 others were killed in a car crash while the driver, another officer survived but jumped bond and disappeared. 35 years have passed, and while I was only involved after the fact (I am one of the three boys that found Kurt) I still think about the case and all the loose ends that no one ever followed up on, even though much was reported in 81, then again during the filming of the UM segment.”  – UNKNOWN SOURCE

We researched Craig H. Franko (20) and found this information: Craig Franko was shot while working at a local gas station in Cuyahoga County (which is about a 10-minute drive from where Kurt was found dead.)



(1950’s picture of an SOHIO gas station in Cleveland)


Sohio offers reward Associated Press CLEVELAND The Standard Oil Co. of Ohio has posted a $10,-000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the shooting death of a Sohio employee in Cleveland. Craig H. Franko was killed Thursday as he worked at a downtown service station.” – Akron Beacon Journal

Download our Kurt Sova Case File


Along with new articles, each investigation will be followed with a 45-minute episode including reenactments of key-scenes, commentary, and new evidence that’s exclusive to the research conducted at Project Astral.  This series is entitled EXIT 9.  We will reveal four theories at the end of the episode, and demonstrate the scenarios with actors and/or archive footage.


Kurt Sova/Eugene Kvet is episode 1 of our EXIT 9 docu-series and will be solely produced by Project Astral; the remaining cases are pending.  If you enjoy our Kurt Sova investigation, please subscribe and join-in on our Patreon efforts for FUTURE EPISODES — or Donate directly to the website via the button below (all information is confidential and we appreciate all support).

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Who is Chief James F. Lukas?  Is there any other details on him and Robert Carras?  Why did the police investigation fail at catching the killer(s) of Kurt Sova and Eugene Kvet?  We answer these questions in Part III.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL investigation.

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2 thoughts on “Kurt Sova/Eugene Kvet PART II: (FOIA Filed, Weather Timeline & Franko revealed)”

  1. Thank you for continuing the investigation into the Kurt Sova case – looking forward to that episode of EXIT 9. A few random thoughts? 1) An aspect of Kurt’s death I haven’t seen discussed is the role dehydration may have played in his death. Observers said he was sick/vomiting at the party at the duplex. If Kurt was unconscious and in a coma for part of the time he was missing, it’s possible he’d not taken any water or liquids, and from what I’ve read, dehydration can speed death without causing pain. 2) The police investigation/autopsy also never reveals what condition Kurt’s body was found in in the ravine, besides “no obvious injuries” – only that he was still wearing the same yellow t-shirt he was seen in at the party. I think the abrasions/bruises to the shins and lost shoes may have resulted from dragging Kurt’s body from place to place, and to the ravine – I tend to believe the eyewitness who saw two men dragging a teenage boy near the ravine, but they probably didn’t take the entire route on foot; it’s possible they drove a car to an area adjacent to the ravine, as Kenneth Sova is shown doing in the UM “Halloween Party Death” segment. From what I understand, bruises only occur while a person is alive. 3) Where was the blood pooled in Kurt’s body? That would show the approximate position around the time of death. 4) I’m torn on whether Dave Trusnick actually saw Kurt in the “Franco van” incident, or if he simply saw someone that resembled him. 4) I think it’s likely the “Detroit Crazy” was at the duplex party, as it’s mentioned many of the partygoers were visiting from Detroit. On some forums, I’ve see people conflate the “Detroit Crazy” with “Franco,” but I think it’s likely “Franco” was the individual you mention – Craig H. Franko, killed in the gas station robbery.


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