The Breitbart Coroner Timeline (Michael Cormier)

What we have here folks, is a failure to communicate.  Timelines… I feel like you really have to be sheeple of the steeple for mabus if you don’t understand this information I’m about to provide.

I’m not going to prove that Andrew Breitbart was murdered.  I’m going to prove that the LA Coroner’s Tech that performed a private autopsy on him was murdered the same day Andrew Breitbart’s official autopsy was released.  I feel like that’s enough evidence along with the eyewitness statement of Breitbart’s face being of a red tint before he died to prove that yes, Breitbart was cyanided.  CYANIDED is not a word, but in this scenario of pig-filled politics and conspiracy theories, it seems fitting. 

I tweeted language similar to that to talk show host and once-close associate of Andrew Breitbart, Lee Stranahan.  Lee called our investigation appalling and shameful.  Well, Lee, the appalling and shameful aspect seems to be the killing of an innocent man while ignoring facts of a cover-up.  You, sir, have entered the no spin realm of denial, affected by Fox News rhetoric and false hopes.


I will now present the timeline for Michael Cormier – THE BREITBART CORONER


March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart died of ‘heart failure’ a month after he revealed he had tapes of President Obama that showed his radical political affiliations.  A heart attack was immediately promoted as the “cause of death” only a few hours after Andrew Breitbart had died.  An eyewitness (Christopher Lasseter) stated that Breitbart’s face was bright red and had a white band surrounding his forehead.

March 4, 2012

An LA Coroner’s Technician Michael Cormier performed a private autopsy along with a Dr. David Posey of Glen Oaks Pathology Group.  Michael retrieved Andrew Breitbart’s toe tag and gave it to our source for safe keeping.

April 9, 2012

The official Breitbart toxicology report (performed by toxicologist Dan Anderson) is finished.

(Dan Anderson)



April 13, 2012

Michael Cormier started to feel sick.  He experienced nausea and vomiting.

April 15, 2012

Michael attended the “Palmdale Cancer Walk” event since his brother Gary passed away from cancer just two weeks earlier.  He became sick; a friend suggested that he eat a small snack and started to feel better for a while.

(Michael @ Palmdale Cancer Walk)


April 18, 2012

Michael went out to dinner with friends and couldn’t finish his meal.  He went to Kaiser hospital and was admitted for observation due to complaints of chest pains but was released the next day with medication.

April 20, 2012

In the early morning hours, paramedics were called to his home and he was transported to St. Joesph’s Medical Center.  Our source found out that Michael was in the hospital and called to inform them to check for poison.  The doctors found high levels of arsenic in Michael’s blood (REMEMBER, MICHAEL HAD GIVEN THE TOE TAG TO THIS VERY SAME SOURCE AS ASSURANCE JUST A FEW WEEKS EARLIER).

Michael Cormier died while in the hospital and the official Andrew Breitbart autopsy was published.  Assistant LA Coroner Chief Ed Winter is one of the first people at the hospital along with two unidentified employees.  Two police officers Anatole (Badge #36969) and Ruiv (Badge #36956) are called by Ed Winter to file an injury report in regards to the poisoning.  Project Astral researched the badge numbers and have established that they are not registered with any form of law enforcement.  An Ex-FBI agent who looked into the case stated that arsenic had to be administered while Michael was in the hospital due to the levels (2300 ppm) of arsenic found in his stomach.

(Ed Winter)


May 9, 2012

Ed Winter stated to news agencies that Michael Cormier never worked on the Andrew Breitbart autopsy because “only doctors had ever worked on the case because foul play was never suspected.”  *Andrew Breitbart was indeed tested for cyanide (proving motive of foul play) and Michael Cormier did indeed work on a Breitbart autopsy (proving Ed Winter’s statement to be false).

September 6, 2012

Dan Anderson instructed two different doctors (also friends of Michael Cormier) that advanced testing couldn’t be performed on Michael Cormier’s stomach contents or blood samples.

April 11, 2013

Our source emailed the LA Coroner’s Office to inquire about Michael’s investigation and the stomach contents.  The LA Coroner’s Office told our source the contents weren’t tested because they couldn’t find a proper lab.  Our source then contacts the “Laboratory of the Applied and Special Consulting”
in Washington state and they agree to perform the testing.  The LA Coroner’s Office never responds.

April 22, 2014

AFTER A YEAR OF BACK AND FORTH WITH NO AVAIL – Dan Anderson finally emails our source.  Dan Anderson told our source that there were no stomach contents TO BE TESTED “since his stomach was pumped at the hospital.”

Dan Anderson: “As of today, Labs is in possession of HB, Fbx3, Vit, EDTA, Hosp bldx1, Hosp serumx2.  The ST, Liv, Bile, Urine Skeletal muscle, Fat and Msentin fat were discarded on 3-25-13 per retention policy.  If I recall correctly, he spent several days in the hospital—therefore, testing of the stomach would not be so relevant as they may have already pumped his stomach.

Source: “Thanks, Dan, However, your recollection is not correct.  Mike did not spend several days in the hospital, only several hours.  His stomach was not pumped.  Submitted stomach contents contained 2300ppm of arsenic according to a lap report emailed to you 5/9/2012.  We need the stomach contents. Do you have it Dan?

Dan Anderson: “Stomach contents?  My apologies about my recollection. As stated, the specimens (as stated) were discarded.

April 23, 2014

Our source emailed back and corrected him, pointing out that HIS (Dan Anderson) OWN TOXICOLOGY REPORT STATED THERE WAS ARSENIC IN MICHAEL’S STOMACH CONTENTS.  Dan Anderson then notifies our source that the stomach contents were actually destroyed on 3/25/13 “Per-retention Policy) *Remember that our source first contacted the LA Coroner’s Office about the stomach contents on April 11, 2013.


July 23, 2014

Lab tests are finally conducted on Michael Cormier’s blood by the “Laboratory of the Applied and Special Consultingand are confirmed to be of the inorganic origin.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL investigation.

Press Graye








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