Junya Ca$$inova (Featured Artist)

Junya Ca$$inova is an upcoming talent with the momentum of Austin, Texas behind him and a philosophy that stands out in a genre of music where it can either make you or break you.  Given life into this world on November 26, 1991; Junya Ca$$inova was born Joseph O’Cuilliean in the city of Augusta, Georgia and attended high school in a small town nearby named Thomson; known for its football tradition and NFL legend Ray Guy. 

Junya Ca$$inova (middle)


Throughout the years and frequent collaborations with friends and local talents – he gained a sense of loyalty to music, established a mentality of a WOLFHOUND and a truly believes in the statement: “Quit Dreaming.”  Project Astral caught-up with Junya Ca$$inova on 5/28/2017 after one of his performances and have an EXCLUSIVE interview with the one-and-only!

Project Astral: Where did the name Junya Ca$$inova originate from?  You hail out of Austin, TX, but where are your roots at?

Junya Ca$$inova: Junya Ca$$inova is actually an acronym for “Just Us Niggas Yearning After Crazy Ass $$ IN Our Vision Always.”  I was born in Augusta Georgia and raised in a small country town in Georgia named Dearing.  I graduated and went to full sail college in Florida; then I moved to Colorado for a while and I visited Austin, Texas shortly after to see my sister.  I’ve been here in Austin for the last three years.

Project Astral: What’s your biggest motivation in terms of the creativity you exhibit through your music?

Junya Ca$$inova: Pain, I use it as a stimulus for growth. I do something to make myself comfortable whenever I’m in pain.  So I’m always in these cycles of joy/hurt but they are what’s needed to grow into what I desire.  The people I surround myself don give up.  I don’t give up

Project Astral: Dirty .38 is your newest music video.  Describe your experience shooting it.

Junya Ca$$inova: Directed by Niko Zorich; originally we filmed it at a party in West Lake Hills, Austin.  This is some crazy shit but the footage got lost on a hard drive and we had to reshoot it.  Challenges and mistakes happen, you learn from that.

Project Astral: What spiritual aspects of life are you intrigued with?

Junya Ca$$inova: I am aligned with the teachings of the book (Seth Speaks: The eternal validity of the soul).

Project Astral: Explain your philosophy behind Quit Dreaming?

Junya Ca$$inova: It’s simple.  Quit Dreaming, Start Living.  Or Quit Dreaming, Make It Real.  The movement is a way of living.  Anything you inspire or dream and achieve, you quit dreaming.  You stop inspiring for a moment and make it happen.  Two parts of everything, the creation and then the appreciation.  It’s like if you sit there and say you come up with the best record there is, but you never try to make it, then what good is it?

Project Astral: What’s your next project and what will be the influence behind it?

Junya Ca$$inova: The next album is “Irish Wolfhound.”  The reasoning behind the name is my Irish heritage and the embodiment of the WolfHound.  WolfHounds are brave and believe and die for their dreams.  The title of the album is a tribute to my more intellectual side.  More pop culture influenced music in terms of sounds.

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This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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