Suspicious Deaths Part 2: (DNC-Linked Shawn Lucas; The Office of the DC Medical Examiner)

38-year-old Process Server Shawn Lucas rose to fame on July 3, 2016, through a Youtube video posted of himself accompanied by a cameraman entering the DNC headquarters on July 1, 2016, to serve a lawsuit related to the misconduct of then DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman.  The video went viral and provided insight into Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC’s agenda into suppressing the platform and votes of the Bernie Sanders’ campaign. 

The revelation of the lawsuit took place less than three weeks before the July 22, 2016, WikiLeaks/DNC dump of emails that would prove the allegations against the DNC to be true; Debbie Wasserman resigned from her position after the revelations

On August 2, 2016, the lifeless body of Shawn Lucas was found in a bathroom by his girlfriend Savannah King in the apartment they shared.  In November 2016, after months of questions and no answers, lab results from the Office of the DC Medical Examiner contributed his cause of death to “Combined adverse effects of fentanyl, cyclobenzaprine, and mitragynine.

July 10, 2016, merely seven days after the publishing of the Shawn Lucas video, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer and data analyst was killed during an apparent “botched robbery.”  The District of Columbia is built on conspiracy theories and political vengeance that dates back to the origins of the United States; the Office of the DC Medical Examiner is regulated to reflect this “philosophy” of corruption and suspicious activities.  Even though the DC Medical Examiner did release the official “cause of death,” no official autopsy report can be provided (unless your family) due to “District Law.”  This differs from the LA County Coroner’s Office in the aspect that the autopsy results can be requested by the public and are often published on websites.

The Office of the DC Medical Examiner and the LA Coroner’s Office both have been under investigation for misconduct and autopsy discrepancies.  In 2011 the Office of the DC Medical Examiner lost its national accreditation after an investigation discovered that many top employees lacked the proper certifications.  The death of former Russian Press Minister and businessman Mikhail Lesin ended up in the hands of the Office of the DC Medical Examiner in November 2015; Lesin entered his hotel room on November 4, 2015, at the Doyle Dupont Circle Hotel and was found dead the next day.  Blunt force trauma to his head and body were found during the autopsy but the cause of death was ruled “accidental.”

In a statement to Fox News regarding the release of Mikhail Lesin’s autopsy results: “District law prevents the release of the autopsy report or any other information, though she said the autopsy report can be provided to Lesin’s family.” – Office of the DC Medical Examiner

Due to the laws and regulations of the Medical Examiner, Washington DC is the perfect place to commit a ‘suspicious’ murder.  If you control the system that performs the autopsies then you control the truth. 

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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7 Replies to “Suspicious Deaths Part 2: (DNC-Linked Shawn Lucas; The Office of the DC Medical Examiner)”

  1. My friend shawn was murdered. He was killed with opiates. He was not ab addict. He was on and off practices of being vegan, he was creating a brand of natural products with his girlfriend, called “capital naturals”. I specifically remember having a conversation with him at a hotel pool party in dc, about a time he sprained/broke an ankle/foot. He was presrcibed pain pills and couldn’t even complete the script. He said the pills made him feel sick and that we both heard of too many people close and far who get addicted and end up on heroin because of big pharma dosing pain pills. He was not an addict, he was not an opiate user. He was a rise with the sun type person. #justiceforshawnlucas this is the type of investigation he wouldve wanted!!!

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    1. You’re absolutely right about this, he was the rise with the sun type person. Also a man of wisdom with intelligence out of this world. I can’t remember if I had the opportunity to meet you or see you at the OTDE that summer, but Shawn would always preach to homies about how that shit (opiates) are destroying our loved ones left and right. With that being said, unless he’d be in unbearable pain that week he sprained his ankle, he’d stay far far away from those devils. He was in great health, we’d just hit our 4th month 100% vegan and everything was perfect. I couldn’t agree with you more about keeping this investigation completely open, I won’t give up on this until justice is given to him. Much love homie!

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  2. I actually contacted the Chief Toxicologist at the ME’s office in DC after the cause of death was reported. ( I thought that Kratom was an odd thing to screen for. ) I asked what was screened for in a toxicology panel when a death occurs outside the hospital and the cause is unknown. A return email provided an answer but Kratom wasn’t on the list. I then asked on what panel Kratom would be included . The email response said that Kratom made up a part of the extended panel. I then asked under what circumstances would the extended panel be done in the case of a death occurring outside the hospital where the cause of death is unknown. ( In other words why test for Kratom. It is unlikely to cause death.) Dod they know it was there because they gave it to him? Response. Crickets.


  3. Hey Anon,
    Just left a comment above in response to your reply to the article posted. His autopsy results came back over a month after his passing, which I found to be extremely odd and something didn’t sit right with me at all. Reviewing it, I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around them stating that Kratom would have caused him to have some sort of adverse effect. Not to mention they wouldn’t even give you a legitimate straightforward answer as to what panel it fell under or for what reasons they even tested for it. I am not giving up on this investigation and I hope you and other loved ones stand strong with me too on this. I am doing my best to make my voice heard and find justice for our Shawn.

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