Ken Russell


Ken Russell


Born Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell
3 July 1927
Southampton, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
Died 27 November 2011 (aged 84)
London, England, United Kingdom

Ken Russell was an English filmmaker, a genius of cinematic storytelling, and a legend in the realm of BBC.  Known for his controversial style and unique vision that combined a theatrical approach to the glamor of a film.  Ken Russell’s approach to challenging the Catholic Church in the subject-matter of his movies have won him critics and fans alike.  Russell’s best-known films include “The Devils” (1971), “Tommy” (1975) and “Altered States” (1980).

In 1990 he directed “The Russia House” starring Sean Connery as a British secret agent who goes head-on with the CIA. One of Ken Russell’s last projects is a 2007 short film entitled “A Kitten for Hitler” which is an intentional attempt at controversy by Russell.  Ken Russell is a TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK.  His political incorrectness and ability to cause unrest within the Religious spectrum will be missed.

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