All Eyez On Tupac for the All Eyez On Me Film

Tupac Shakur is a living legend although he took his last breath over twenty years ago.  The anticipated release of the film based on his life “All Eyez On Me” has brought-to-light theories regarding his life and indeed his deathDemetrius Shipp Jr. portrays Tupac in an action-packed film that depicts the ups and downs of the rap star’s career.  The movie is slated for release on June 16th, 2017.

What’s the buzz around the movie?  The controversy surrounding Tupac has hit an all-time high; negative comments from Funkmaster Flex about Tupac’s 1994 Quad Studio shooting have stirred numerous debates.  Tupac’s music and political status within the music scene of the nineties paved a way for a broad spectrum of artists who claim his influence.  Joey Bada$$ recently caused rap blasphemy when he talked to Genius about Tupac:

(Photo of Joey Bada$$)


I believe I am one of the minds that Pac said would change the world. I believe I am one of those. I’m probably not the one that’s going to change the world—probably the one after me. It’s a part of me wanting to have their messages travel further, because their messages resonate with me. I know there is a lot of people out there that resonate with me, who don’t necessarily resonate with them” – Joey Bada$$

EDI, Tupac’s friend and a member of the rap group “Outlawz Immortalz” responded and had no problem with Joey’s statement.  Why are current artists finally confronting Tupac’s legacy?  Flashback to 2009 and the biopic “Notorious.”  Did West Coast rappers challenge Biggie?  No.  Tupac’s provocative nature seems to be the bait; Biggie demonstrated a casual demeanor and would often respond to Tupac’s insults with subliminal lyrics.

In “Brooklyn’s Finest” Biggie rapped:

If Fay’ had twins, she’d probably have two Pac’s. Get it? Two-Pacs.

The life of Tupac Shakur came to a screeching halt in Las Vegas; he was there on September 7th, 1996 attending the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon boxing match.  After leaving the fight, Tupac got into an altercation in the lobby of the MGM.  At around 11:15 p.m. thirteen bullets smashed through the passenger side of the BMW Tupac, and Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight were riding in.  Suge Knight sustained a head wound from a piece of glass; four of the bullets made their way into Tupac’s flesh.  He was pronounced dead six days later on Friday the thirteenth.  Many clues were left behind, and countless fans believe he faked his death.

The 2017 induction of Tupac Shakur into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame only adds to his incredible legacy as he is the first Rap artist to hold that honor.  75 million units of his musical talent have transcended to almost every region of the world.  Tupac might not be alive, but his fans keep his memory alive through record sales and soon-to-be movie tickets.

(Screenshot from “All Eyez On Me” film)


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye


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