Kurt Sova The Unsolved Mystery: Fantasy of the Flesh (Ebook)

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The story follows a fictional character to present a factual perspective based on the evidence of theories of our articles.

The release date is July 17, 2017.  Save $2 by pre-ordering!


Chapter One: The Town

Growing up in a small industrial town has its limits, clashes of my surroundings caused my limits; selfishness and searching for my self-identity are a due process of limits.  Again… This city has its limits.  The locals read newspapers doused with puns and bad creativity, the kind of creativity someone thinks about when they’re desperate and have a following of almost no one under forty.  The newspaper no longer prints it’s papers anymore; everything is digital, but the one headline etched in newsprint and black ink for eternity is the case of Kurt Sova.  This is a forewarning into undeterred circumstances and an investigation into a riddle that was never solved.  I’m the last person to see Kurt alive; some have their doubts, but I know the yellow that I saw.  A caution of sorts… A story.

The mandating weather swallowed the enduring Ohio landscape.  This weather had no levels of attention; the first thought was to bypass any theory regarding why the fog etched a path of visibility that could only be described as “White Darkness.”  The white darkness created an enlightenment of sorts; there was nowhere to drive in this small village at any moment of the day anyways.  The people here felt trapped, claustrophobic to the awareness that the fog wasn’t the only factor in the mundane energy brought upon this place.

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Fantasy of the Flesh (Kurt Sova – Unsolved Mysteries)

Kurt Sova/Eugene Kvet (F.O.I.A & Missing 411) Update

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye


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