Khanda Yoga (The practice of removing your limbs)

We all know about people walking on hot coals barefooted or sideshow performers swallowing swords but what about cutting off your legs and arms, all while sustaining no physical damage?  The ability to remove your body parts physically from this realm and remain unharmed seems far-fetched, but this practice known as Khanda Yoga has a dark and mystical history. 

Sai Baba of Shirdi, an Indian mystic, and Saint in Hinduism/Islam mastered many miracles during his lifetime.  Sai Baba had the power of Dhouti Yoga and invented his own form that included the removal of his intestines and body parts for ‘internal cleansing”.  He would hang his intestines to dry on a nearby tree while he removed the rest of his body in a similar fashion.  Sai Baba was also a guru of Khanda Yoga and was seen completing the act by devotees and common men.  The practice involves meditation upon corpses of fire; the Yogi demonstrates mind-over-body and relinquishes himself to the actual image of GOD.  This is a ‘form’ of personality energy that can manifest into a rebirth; therefore loss of limbs and death are no concern. 

The Yogi starts off by cutting off his legs and then his arms with a sword, he then tosses them onto the fire.  Half a day passes before the rebirth takes place and his limbs rejoin his body.  Depending on the knowledge of the Yogi, one can complete the ultimate Khanda by cutting off the head as well.  To free one’s self from their body, the Yogi fears not death but embraces the physical body as God’s light.  Self-identity or control of the Kundalini Shakti is crucial to the process.

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– Press Graye

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