Suspicious Deaths Part 1: (William Colby: The conspiracy death of a former CIA Director)

William Colby was the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from 1973 to 1976, serving under President Nixon and President Ford.  Colby was instrumental in the release of the “Family Jewels,” which revealed illegal activities and misconduct that took place between the 1950’s-1970’s during the CIA’S developmental stages.  Two of the biggest illegal activities would become known as “Project Mockingbird,” a propaganda platform that infiltrated mainstream media with false stories/exaggerated reports and “Operation Phoenix,” an assassination program during the Vietnam War with a body count of 40,000 + casualties.


Not only was William Colby a different kind of CIA Director; he exhibited traces of revealing more truth through his work after leaving the CIA.  After the Cold War, Colby insisted that half of the Pentagons budget be redirected to social and education programs, of course, this never manifested.  He established a law firm Colby, Miller & Hanes, which focused on legislative issues for the public; Colby’s experience within international affairs became a valued asset.

On April 27, 1996, 76-year-old William Colby went on a solo canoe trip on the Wicomico River, located a quarter mile or so from his cabin.  He took no life jacket and left his house as if he was coming back soon.  The police report states Colby left his cabin around 8 p.m. and traveled in the darkness down the river in his canoe.  The canoe is spotted on April, 28th by local fisherman Kevin Akers and his wife; they found the canoe on its side and filled with a large amount of sand, they did not find a life jacket or paddles.  A piece of tow rope was tied to the front of the canoe.   The police issued a dive search and found no body or evidence related to the investigation.  William Colby’s body was finally found on May 6th; he was positioned face down in the water near the location where the canoe was originally located. 

There are multiple theories regarding his death; the best known of them originates from one of his sons, Carl Colby who directed the documentary “The Man Nobody Knew,” which portrays William Colby as a troubled individual who committed suicide on the night of April, 27. 

Investigative journalist and friend of William Colby, Zalin Grant conducted an in-depth look at the case and found suspicious evidence that demonstrates a possible coverup (similar to our Breitbart Coroner case).  He believes an elaborate murder was planned and executed.  You can read his full investigation here

The theory that gets a lot of flack is Steven Greer’s scenario which involves Colby’s connection to funding that would have been utilized to facilitate DisclosureProject’s research and their initiative into revealing the existence of extraterrestrial beings.  Below is an excerpt from Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast AM” radio show.

Steven Greer: “Well, I’m – my group was approached by a colonel who I do not want to name, who was Bill Colby’s (one of his very best) friends, and they had been following what we were doing in the early and mid-nineties with what was then called Project Starlight, which then became But this man approached a member of our Board of Directors, a very dear friend of mine, and said that there was this person who is very connected up and historically had been connected to these projects, who absolutely agreed that it was time to end the secrecy.  He wanted to transfer to us the means to do so through some assets that he had access to and I was told specifically that there was a – he wanted to be sure that there was adequate funding to do it properly which was around $50 million (which is a rounding error on the $7 trillion oil economy) and that they had some devices and physical equipment that they wanted to also transfer so that we could get this disclosed and get it secured and out to the public.  So there was a “cell” if you want to look at it that way, that was headed up, that had some involvement from Mr. Colby that wanted to do this. So, the meeting was set up between a member of my Board and Bill Colby, and the week that that meeting was to be actuated, he was found floating down the Potomac River. Now, what’s interesting about the death of Bill Colby was that even his wife got on CNN and said: “Oh, this is very unlike Bill Colby.” Because he was a very safe canoer.  He left the house opened, he left the computer on, the coffee maker on, and all this. This was actually publicly and very briefly stated, but then, of course, it was written off as an “accidental” drowning while he was out canoeing on the Potomac River.”

Steven Greer: “Now, in reality, it’s very much like what’s being portrayed where art now is imitating life in “The Manchurian Candidate”, where there is a Senator who was going to blow the whistle on this transnational group that was running all this and he is murdered by this Manchurian candidate in the Chesapeake Bay when he’s out kayaking and it’s made to look like a drowning accident and is reported out through the media shills.”

Here’s the scene from “The Manchurian Candidate” Steven mentioned.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye


3 Replies to “Suspicious Deaths Part 1: (William Colby: The conspiracy death of a former CIA Director)”

  1. Clearly he did not leave the cabin voluntarily. If he went canoeing on his own initiative, he would not leave everything in the house turned on. He was murdered, but he himself had been responsible for tens of thousands of murders, including the 40,000-odd in the ‘Phoenix’ program (which is still going on, to a lesser extent, in Venezuela against government supporters.


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