BuzzFeed has filed a lawsuit on the FBI over an FOIA not fulfilled on Andrew Breitbart. Project Astral has uncovered new discrepancies in Breitbart’s death

BuzzFeed News is suing the FBI for not releasing relevant information related to a Freedom of Information Act filed a few months after Andrew Breitbart’s death.  BuzzFeed has inquired on any information acquired by the FBI before and after his death.  This could be a move to shake up more information on Breitbart or a failed attempt of resurgence for the case.


This could prove to be a huge step towards uncovering discrepancies in the case of Andrew Breitbart and his coroner Michael Cormier.  Michael Cormier and a Dr. David Posey conducted a private autopsy on Andrew Breitbart at-the-request of Breitbart’s family.  Michael died from arsenic poisoning on April, 20th, 2012, the day the official Breitbart autopsy results were released.  Before Michael Cormier’s death, he stated to our source that the Breitbart family was suspicious of the details surrounding Andrew’s death since he was only 43.

He also retrieved Breitbart’s toe tag and presented it to the source. 

CLICK HERE FOR NEW EXCLUSIVE details and evidence into the autopsy of Andrew Breitbart.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye


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