Hussein Fatal (Bruce Washington)


Hussein Fatal


Born April 3, 1973
Montclair, New Jersey, U.S.
Died July 10, 2015 (aged 42)
Banks County, Georgia, U.S.

Hussein Fatal (Bruce Washington) was a soldier within the Thug Life movement and a member of one of the best-selling rap groups of all-time. Hussein joined Tupac’sOutlawz Immortalz” and was featured on Tupac’s two-disc masterpiece “All Eyez on Me” in 1996 and continued to be a constant voice on the OG recordings of the ’90s.  Hussein Fatal’s verse in “Hit ‘Em Up” demonstrates his lyrical ability in the war of words.

Get out the way, yo, get out the way, yo
Biggie Smalls just got dropped
Little Moo’ pass the MAC and let me hit him in his back
Frank White needs to get spanked right for setting traps
Little accident-murderer, and I ain’t never heard of ya
Poisonous gats attack when I’m serving ya
Spank you, shank your whole style when I gank
Guard your rank cause I’ma slam your ass in the paint
Puffy weaker than the fuckin’ block I’m running through, ni**a
And I’m smoking Junior M.A.F.I.A. in front of you, ni**a
With the ready power
Tucked in my Guess under my Eddie Bauer
Your clout petty/sour, I push packages every hour
I hit ’em up

He released several solo albums that were met with positive reviews and collaborated with Ja-Rule in the early 2000s during Murder Inc’s beef with G-Unit.  He rejoined The Outlawz in 2010 after a hiatus from music; this reunited him with fellow members Young Noble & E.D.I. Mean.  On all of Tupac’s OG recordings and studio albums, Hussein Fatal appears in the verse following Pac’s.

Along with music, Hussein maintained a healthy lifestyle and had a passion for his family, fitness, and acting.  In 2012 a song and film (Sleeping with Angels) based on astral projection was established with Press Graye & Hussein Fatal; “Sleeping with Angels” appeared on Hussein’s studio album “The Interview: It’s Not a Gimmick 2 Me” and was released on Youtube in 2013.  Hussein projected his life & soul into the essence of his music and he is our TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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