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Steve Bannon’s mysterious life after Andrew Breitbart’s death

Steve Bannon and the mysterious realm he projects has led the way to a rise in American politics that even Donald Trump didn’t see coming… behind the movement of middle-class Americans and Tea-Party Patriots is one man named Andrew Breitbart.  Breitbart died in 2012 under circumstances that are still questioned by independent investigators; discrepancies in the autopsy report along with statements made by the LA Coroner’s office has brought new details into the case.

After reports that the coroner (Michael Cormier) of Andrew Breitbart died from arsenic poisoning a statement was released by the LA Coroner’s office.  LA Coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter told the LA Weekly that Michael Cormier didn’t perform on the Breitbart autopsy: “Only doctors ever worked on Breitbart, because foul play was not suspected from the beginning.”

Below is a screenshot of Andrew Breitbart’s ‘toxicology requests,’ from his autopsy file.  The box for “Other” is checked and the specified drug for testing is “Cyanide.”


If foul play was not suspected then why were tests for cyanide requested? And why was a private autopsy conducted?  Who associated with Breitbart told the LA Coroner’s office to check for cyanide?  Project Astral has proven that Michael Cormier did perform an autopsy on Andrew Breitbart and that evidence in the death of Michael Cormier has been destroyed.

2012 brought Steven Bannon the death of his best friend and the reelection of President Obama; a paranoia crept into the Bannon’s private life.  Detailed here is related information to the movements of Bannon after 2012.  Multiple addresses and a digital trail that mounts up to life always on the move. Neighbors & landlords recall empty residences and no sign that Bannon had been on premises. 

His responsibilities increased within Breitbart News after the death of Andrew Breitbart.  The income listed for “Executive Chairman” is $750,000 a year.  The extra cash flow enabled Bannon to keep security measures to a maximum and live a secret life while conducting his business ventures.  He has stated to WND News on more than one occasion: “He died of natural causes,” Bannon said. “The family wants the matter put to rest, and WND is beginning to irritate me suspecting foul play.

If Bannon did suspect foul play originally, he either changed his mind based on the original autopsy report, or he has strategically kept the knowledge to himself.  A private autopsy was requested by the Breitbart family, the coroner who performed it died from arsenic poisoning on the day the official autopsy report was published.  It’s a never-ending circle of information and coincidences.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye

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