Astral Philippines IV (Mystical Locations)

Where can you find mystic locations for astral projection?  You can check out our list here, but if you live in the Philippines, you’re even more in luck. The Philippines ranks number 1 in Google searches for Astral Projection; is this just a coincidence or does the Philippines hold a view of mysticism that other civilizations overlook?

Hinatuan’s Enchanted River is a deep river situated on the island of Mindanao, located in the Philippines.  Surrounded by the borders of nearby regions Cambatong and Barangays of Talisay; its nickname “The Enchanted River,” derives from the poem “Rio Encantado,” and the unique coloration of the water.  Folktales of fairies and mystical fish that can’t be caught are just a few of the stories locals have passed down.

Scientists are baffled by the salt water that occupies the spot, the river was originally thought to be a fresh water outlet.  The depths of the enchanted river have never been recorded. Thus theories have arisen about what could lie underneath.  The legends of this beautiful place will never cease.

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Mount Banahaw is an active volcano you can find in the Quezon province within the Philippines.  Spiritual sightings and religious revelations are only a fragment of the psychic activity documented in and around the mountain.  Ancient cults, religious structures, and holy healers have graced the land for ages. 

Nearby, a spring dubbed “Yapak ni Kristo,” which translates to “Christs Footprint” is a site visited by thousands during the Holy Week in the Philippines.  The spring is believed to radiate healing powers and induce visions; this might be an effect of the high sulfuric levels in the water.

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Here’s a sample of some of the legends surrounding MT. Banahaw.


  1. A hermit living near the foot of the mountain dreamt or had a vision that the mountain is the supposed promised land.  This also stems from a legend that because of the unrest in the middle east, the four Archangels transferred the Holy Land to Mt. Banahaw.

2.The mountain’s summit has three Crosses to depict the Crucifixion of Jesus.  On Good Friday However, that place has to be empty or deserted because they believe that only God can see the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.

3.On Good Friday also, they think that an Engkanto appears and opens up a secret cave which is a gateway to Hell.  Anyone who is at the summit will be unwillingly taken into it and never return.

4. People living near Mountain also believe that every now and then, a beautiful lady appears out of nowhere and rescues those who are in peril.

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