Andrew Breitbart (The Breitbart Coroner) The Autopsy Investigation UPDATE

Project Astral’s investigation into the case of Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy has brought new evidence to the forefront through our articles  —

The Breitbart Coroner (Michael Cormier) Part I – The Toe Tag

The Breitbart Coroner (Michael Cormier) Part II – The Emails

The Breitbart Coroner (Michael Cormier) Part III – The Theories

We will provide the following details into the investigation:

  • Proof that Michael Cormier performed a private autopsy on Breitbart.
  • The connection to foul play in the case of Andrew Breitbart.
  • The effects and usage of Potassium Cyanide in homicides/assassinations.
  • The Similarities of Potassium Cyanide poisonings and Andrew Breitbart’s death.
  • The Arsenic Poisoning of Michael Cormier (Breitbart’s Coroner)
  • The importance of the critical evidence (Stomach contents) relating to the Michael Cormier autopsy and the disposal of this ‘evidence’ before it could be submitted for advanced testing.


In our original articles “Breitbart & Michael Cormier (Death still remains an open case)& “Michael Cormier (Breitbart’s Coroner) talks about Demonic Possession;” we presented our theory that Michael Cormier was in the room at-the-time of the autopsy performed on Andrew Breitbart.  We showcased a statement by the LAPD & Deputy Chief Coroner Ed Winter that first appeared on  This states Michael Cormier didn’t partake in any autopsy of Andrew Breitbart and that “Only doctors ever worked on Breitbart, because foul play was not suspected from the beginning.”  Our investigation proves that statement to be false.


March 1st, 2012

Michael and our Source were watching TV when the announcement of Andrew Breitbart’s death interrupted.  Our Source stated to him the nature of the celebrity status surrounding the case and recent Obama revelations Breitbart had spoken of.  Michael didn’t react with much interest since politics didn’t hold a place in his life.  Michael’s life revolved around his loved ones and his admiration for music.

The information we’ve obtained from this Source close to Michael Cormier provides a link between Michael & Andrew Breitbart through a private autopsy that was performed by a Dr. David Posey of Glen Oaks Pathology GroupOn his website, Dr. Posey is described as “having personally conducted greater than 3,000 autopsies and given expert testimony in 50 criminal, civil and military trials and given over 70 depositions.  He has been sought out for expert forensic consultation for Discovery Channel documentaries on Unsolved Mysteries.  Dr. Posey has been involved in landmark research, resulting, publications concerning sudden unexpected death and sickle cell trait.”

MAC Autopsy Services was a small business LLC Michael organized for extra work outside of the Coroner’s office; this enabled him to take side jobs and conduct private autopsies alongside Dr. Posey.  They often worked out of state, including a trip to Kentucky. 

Andrew Breitbart’s family requested a private autopsy from Dr. Posey on March 4th.  Posey contacted Michael Cormier for his assistance on the private session.  Michael had no upfront knowledge that he would be assisting on the same case he had heard about a few days earlier.  At the scene of the autopsy, Michael retrieved the toe tag as a form of “identification” to our Source that he had worked on the case.  He presented the toe tag a few days later to the Source.  Dr. Posey didn’t return our call for an inquiry.  The private autopsy likely had a confidentiality agreement as most do with celebrity cases.  The number located on the Breitbart autopsy report matches the security crypt tag.




On the night of February 29th, 2012, Breitbart arrived at a Los Angeles hotspot called the Brentwood.  He mostly kept to himself, tweeting and sipping on red wine.  A random conversation sparked with marketing executive Arthur Sando about the current state of politics, Andrew left soon after.  He suffered an apparent heart attack and dropped dead in the same neighborhood the bar is located within around 11:30 p.m.  He was pronounced dead on March, 1st. 


An eyewitness (Christopher Lasseter) to the death of Andrew Breitbart described the scene to investigative journalist Paul Huebl and was published on WND:


There was a thick white band around his forehead all the way around his hairline, bright red face, thick, thick white band – made me make a double take.” 

LA Coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter told the LA Weekly that Michael Cormier didn’t perform on the Breitbart autopsy, he stated:


Only doctors ever worked on Breitbart, because foul play was not suspected from the beginning.”

Below is a screenshot of Andrew Breitbart’s ‘toxicology requests,’ from his autopsy file.

The box for “Other” is checked and the specified drug for testing is “Cyanide“. 

If foul play was not suspected then why were tests for cyanide requested?  Our source has stated that Michael told them that the Breitbart family was suspicious of the details surrounding Andrew’s death since he was only 43.  That’s more than likely why the private autopsy was issued.


Cyanide was not found in the tests administrated by Dan Anderson (Supervising Criminalist II).




No reference to a thick white band or redness of the face is in the autopsy report.  How did the Coroner’s office know to test for cyanide, would it have been detectable?

Assistant professor of criminal justice Chi-Chung (Jorn) Yu gives us a clue:

Due to the relatively short half-life of cyanide—from minutes to hours depending on the matrix—toxicological detection of cyanide to confirm cyanide poisoning may only be feasible within the first few hours following exposure,” he said. “Moreover, the volatility and reactivity of cyanide leave direct measurements highly susceptible to errors introduced during the sample collection and separation step.”

Cyanide levels in blood samples taken at autopsy the next day have been reported to decrease by approximately 79 percent.  Postmortem formation of cyanide may also occur and complicate the interpretation of cyanide results,” he said. “Therefore, the presence of cyanide becomes less feasible when the detection window.”


As described by Pubchem.ncbi:

POTASSIUM CYANIDE is a highly poisonous compound that is an inhibitor of many metabolic processes but has been shown to be an especially potent inhibitor of heme enzymes and hemeproteins. It is used in many industrial processes.” 

Potassium Cyanide is a rare substance to use for murder and has factors that are overlooked.  Externally the body varies in appearance; descriptions of a bright red face, especially the chest and neck.   The redness of the skin is a side effect of the tissue not receiving oxygen. 

Although the scent of almonds is associated with potassium cyanide, nearly 60% of the population can’t detect the distinct smell. This is linked to a sex-link genetic which mostly affects males.

The case of Chicago lottery winner Urooj Khan is a perfect example of cyanide and how it’s short half-life contributes to false analysis on toxicology reports. 


In March of 2013, Urooj had dinner and collapsed soon after.  His death was ruled “heart failure.”  The case was closed.  Urooj Khan’s brother opened new interest in the investigation when he requested the body be tested for poison.  A fatal dose of cyanide was found in a sample from Khan’s body


Potassium cyanide has a long history within the realm of assassinations. Bohdan Stashynsky is a former KGB operative who assassinated two Ukrainian nationalists (Lev Rebet and Stepan Bandera) in the 1950’s.  He performed the killings with the use of a spray gun that fired a cloud of gas laced from a crushed cyanide capsule.  The poisonous gas was designed with the intentions of making the murders look like a heart attack.  The device was used on Lev Rebet in 1957, and a new version of the gun was implemented in the death of Stepan Bandera in 1959.


In a potassium cyanide case presented in “The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,” in January 1870; we found similarities that correlate to Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy results. 

The story below is about an “Unidentified man” who mistakenly consumed potassium cyanide.  Originally, his death was thought to be from a fall or natural causes.  An autopsy revealed more.


Here we have the autopsy report of Andrew Breitbart.  An abrasion to the right forehead, this would have resulted from his fall on the sidewalk.


Two men at the scene of the “Unidentified man,” heard him attempting to vomit soon before death.


This is the eyewitness statement by Chris Lasseter about Breitbart’s last moments.  He describes a “guttural sound” that originated from Breitbart’s stomach.


Contraction of the left side of the heart is most frequently found in deaths related to potassium cyanide.


The left ventricle of Breitbart’s heart showed extensive changes.



Arsenic has often been a choice of spiteful housewives and murderers who want to leave no trace.  In the 1800’s it became readily available as an effective pesticide against rodents.

A doctor usually can’t determine if arsenic poisoning is involved without tests, this is because the symptoms resemble those of diarrhea & vomiting, which can be mistaken for a virus.  In a methodical approach, arsenic can be used in small batches to prolong the death and mimic a genetic illness.

Michael Cormier was an LA Coroner’s Tech who performed a private autopsy on March, 4th, 2012.  Michael Cormier was meticulously poisoned with inorganic arsenic over the course of eight days, 4/13/12-4/20/12.  Michael passed away from a final dose of arsenic that was administered in the hospital.  The official autopsy report of Andrew Breitbart was released on April 20, 2012.

Below are reports from the official autopsy of Michael Cormier. 

Dr. Ortiz Form 12, page 8:

Opinion: “The demise of this 61-year-old is the result of acute intoxication by arsenic.  Arsenic is a metalloid element, whose effects are produced by blockage of the intracellular metabolic pathways with resultant cessation of cellular activity and death.  The symptoms of acute arsenic intoxication are nonspecific and mainly are gastrointestinal (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) such as manifested in this case, which slowly progressed to multiorgan failure and death.  Arsenic can present as the salt of the element (inorganic) or compounded with organic molecules (so-called organic). The most toxic is the inorganic variety.  In this case, the source of the arsenic remains unknown in spite of multiple attempts to characterize it.”


Dr. Ortiz found a flaky substance in Cormier’s stomach that he thought could be arsenic; he sent it to the forensics lab to be tested.  The lab was “inefficient” and would not conduct the advance testing required to determine the type of arsenic from the stomach contents.  The LA Coroner’s office didn’t have the “resources” to test the arsenic, or they simply didn’t feel the case was important to their “resources.”

September 6, 2012

Cyrus Rangan M.D./Medical Toxicologist states to Chief Medical Examiner Lakshmanan in the Forensic Consultant’s Report Form 13:

The treating physician considered the possibility of arsenic poisoning and ordered an arsenic level.  On autopsy, arsenic was also examined.  Arsenic was examined from 2 forensic heart blood samples, one that revealed a result of 720 mcg/L from a sample sent to NMS, and another that revealed a result of 1800 mcg/L from a sample sent to UC Davis.  These two results are discrepant; however, it is important to note that both results are extremely high.  The sample sent from the hospital is consistent with the result sent to UC Davis.  Given that lives samples are generally regarded as more accurate than forensic samples when determining blood levels of chemicals, we can acknowledge that his arsenic blood level near the time of death was in the range of 1800 mcg/L. Stomach level revealed 177 mg of arsenic.

The progression of signs and symptoms for this decedent is consistent with acute arsenic poisoning.  Given that the decedent was discharged from one medical center in apparently stable condition, and presented to another Center with worsening symptoms, it is possible that he had an additional exposure to arsenic in between these two hospitalizations.

Upon initial review of this case, I had inquired as to whether the arsenic levels could be speciated, to determine the relative contributions of trivalent and pentavalent arsenic to his total arsenic level.  In addition, I had acquired as to whether the stomach contents could be further tested to determine the form of arsenic salt that was detected.  These inquiries were an effort to characterize the decedent’s exposure specifically, with the prospect that a potential source of arsenic might be determinable.  I was informed that these advanced tests would not be possible.  Therefore, my conclusion based on available data is that the decedent died from severe acute arsenic poisoning of unknown origin.  The clinical presentation and the level of arsenic detected in the blood and stomach are consistent with a large, recent intentional exposure.”


Dr. Rangan has the same conclusion as Ortiz.  He was told the advanced tests for the stomach contents would not be possible.  Who informed Dr. Rangan and Ortiz the advance tests were not available?


Dan Anderson (Supervising Criminologist/Toxicologist on the Breitbart autopsy) was promoted to Interim Chief and preceded to dispose of key evidence in the case of Michael Cormier.

Emails between Dan Anderson and our Source REGARDING STOMACH CONTENTS

Dan Anderson: “As of today, Labs is in possession of HB, Fbx3, Vit, EDTA, Hosp bldx1, Hosp serumx2.

The ST, Liv, Bile, Urine Skeletal muscle, Fat and Msentin fat were discarded on 3-25-13 per retention policy.

If I recall correctly, he spent several days in the hospital—therefore, testing of the stomach would not be so relevant as they may have already pumped his stomach.”

Source: “Thanks, Dan, However, your recollection is not correct.  Mike did not spend several days in the hospital, only several hours.  His stomach was not pumped.  Submitted stomach contents contained 2300ppm of arsenic according to a lap report emailed to you 5/9/2012.  We need the stomach contents. Do you have it, Dan?”

Dan Anderson: “Stomach contents?  My apologies about my recollection. As stated, the specimens (as noted) were discarded.”


Breitbart toxicology reports reviewed by Dan Anderson



The date for the Breitbart toxicology report is listed as April 9, 2012.

Michael Cormier fell ill on April 13, 2012

Arsenic-induced in small doses will show effects much later than one large dose.  Did Michael disagree with the toxicology report or did he find something crucial from the private autopsy?


Stomach contents, especially in arsenic cases, are important to the investigation in more than one-way.  In the 1800’s stomach contents were thrown into a fire, if they emitted a sense of garlic, the corpse was suspected of dying from arsenic.  We now possess technological advances in the testing of stomach contents, which is a key piece of evidence in almost every homicide case.

2,300 ppm of Cormier’s stomach contents were never submitted for advanced testing.  They were destroyed under the authorization of Dan Anderson. Therefore the origin of the arsenic could not be discovered.


As stated by

In most autopsies, the contents of the stomach are an important piece of evidence, which can sometimes prove to be the difference between accidental death and foul play.”


It depends on what angle you look at his death… he was a hiccup to the establishment, and his ideas were supported by millions.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL investigation.

Press Graye



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