White Light Reincarnation Theories (Dr.Raymond Moody – Val Valerian – Edgar Cayce)

When you die, don’t go towards the light – this is called false light – this is here to bring you back into the womb or what we call reincarnation.  This also fooled the Anunnaki’s.  Thus no celestial being is free from this delusion.  This will be a false vision of your past events within the light, you actually want to sustain yourself with the darkness to enter the next realm.” – Unknown

Buddhist and Hindu texts have aligned modern-day opinions to the design of the white light scenario that each one of us will experience sooner or later.  The death & rebirth cycle captures our earthly desires for the initiation of a “soul trap”. 

How can we overcome this occurrence, and what are the repercussions if we don’t?

According to these texts, our physical bodies consist of two states of consciousness:

Spirit – The direct connection to Shem HaMephorash (God).

Soul– The keeper of all knowledge gained through the lives we’ve descended to.

In theory, to escape the cycle of reincarnation, the ego must be abandoned, and one’s self must return to God.  Different belief systems have manifested in the last century concerning reincarnation and the spiritual hierarchy that commands the realm.

Dr. Raymond Moody is a world renown psychologist and writer who has conducted extensive research into the afterlife.  He brought to the forefront near-death experiences and his book “Life After Life” indulges into the questions we all have about death.  Dr. Moody also popularized Psychomanteum which is a modern take on the ancient Greek method of Mirror gazing.

Dr. Moody on different beliefs about reincarnation:

If we have past lives, why don’t we remember it now?  When we come back from the other side, you drink from the water of forgetfulness.  The learning experience within this realm is more focused, but sometimes we don’t engulf our senses with the water thus we come back with fragments via the event boundary, the mind organizes things in little packets; thoughts and perception and ideas will be put together in a packet, the mind works within this structure.“- Dr. Moody

Valdamar Valerian (John Grace), an unidentified source on reincarnation and “soul traps,” states within his book series “The Matrix” of a plot against humanity using reincarnation as a method of control.  The concept of the Matrix was conceived in 1988, well before the blockbuster film of the same name.  Who is Valdamar Valerian?  A biography can be found here on his personal website and includes an array of information on the 4th dimension.  His theory revolves around reptilians, ufo’s, gold, soul traps and experimentation connected to the sexual organs of livestock

There were humans who were basically bred 200,000 years ago, and they were used to work the gold mines.“- Valdamar Valerian

“The ego loves to engage and make drama, whatever degree you want to engage and create drama, you have free will.” – Valdamar Valerian

Edgar Cayce was deemed the “Sleeping Prophet” for his uncanny approach to fortune telling.  He would lay on a couch… entering a trance & would interpret images that were channeled to him.  A master of Christian Mysticism… his teachings with astral projection, automatic writing, holistic healing, astrology, and reincarnation have changed the landscape of the 21st century.  A random meeting with a traveling stage hypnotist was the cause of his sudden BOOM in powers.  Cayce believed humans have astrological attributes and that Karma is simply a memory or guide that evolves over a cycle of life experiences.  Cayce stated that each person is born with ESP and it can be channeled into a projection of your past lives; you can achieve this through hypnosis or astral travel. 

Edgar Cayce received this question once on the subject of white light.

Why are there so many Atlantean souls who are reincarnating at this particular time?

Frank Joesph (Author of Before Atlantis) on Edgar Cayce’s answer:

Because of the narrowing resemblance between the western world and Atlantis is so close, that light attracts light.  That is the force that is compiling or bringing these former souls at this particular time.  Some of these souls want to help America succeed and not fall into the destiny that was Atlantis.  Other souls have the opposite mission and reincarnate to destroy Western civilization.”

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– Press Graye