The Breitbart Coroner (Michael Cormier) Part III – The Theories

Part I of our investigation presented evidence that Michael Cormier was indeed at the autopsy of Andrew Breitbart, contrary to a statement released by the LAPD and multiple media outlets.  A private autopsy was conducted March 4th, 2012 by a Dr. Posey and Michael.  The Toe Tag was given to our Source as proof that he indeed did perform a private autopsy on Breitbart.  Michael Cormier died on 4/20/12, the same day the official autopsy report was published.

Part II showcased emails between our Source and Lead Detective on the investigation, including correspondence with Interim Chief (Dan Anderson) of the LA Coroner’s Office.  In the emails, statements are provided that point towards neglect/mishandling of evidence in a case that involves one of their own. 

Part III

Suspicious details not only cloud the Cormier investigation, it now leads to questions about Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy as well.



  • Andrew Breitbart died on 3/1/12.  He had announced weeks before at a CPAC Speech that he would release damaging footage regarding President Obama on March 1st. 
  • Cormier and Dr. David Posey performed a private autopsy on behalf of the Breitbart family. 
  • Cormier presented the Toe Tag as a form of proof to our Source that he had worked on the autopsy.
  • Michael Cormier was meticulously poisoned with inorganic arsenic over the course of eight days, 4/13/12-4/20/12.  He attended the Palmdale Cancer Walk on 4/15/12.   He complained to his friends of stomach pains.  He had a meal and started to feel better for a short while.
  • Michael died 4/20/12.  He was administered the final dose of arsenic while in the hospital.
  • Inorganic arsenic is produced in private laboratories.  A search of Michael’s house and the LA Coroner’s Office found no signs of the arsenic.
  • A personal journal that Michael kept has never been found, if he recorded any information related to the Breitbart autopsy, it would more than likely be in that journal.
  • Key evidence in the Cormier investigation was not tested.  Interim Chief Dan Anderson of the LA Coroner’s Office stated on multiple occasions to his staff that the advanced tests for the blood tests could not be performed.  No explanation was given.  Stomach contents were never analyzed to pinpoint the origin of the inorganic arsenic; they were discarded “per retention policy,” on March 25th, 2013.
  • It takes two years (2014) for advanced testing to be submitted on the blood tests.  The tests finally are performed at Laboratory of the Applied and Special Consulting.  

Based on the information discovered… here are three theories of the Breitbart Coroner.

We give three viewpoints told through three different scenarios. Now understand, some of these are logical, and some are not.  THESE ARE FICTIONAL ACCOUNTS MIXED WITH FACTIONAL INFORMATION.



Suicide takes 88 lives per day in the United States. 

As stated by Detective Castro in Part II of our investigation: I’ve treated this case as a homicide from the get go, even though there’s a lot more evidence to suggest suicide.  It will stay undetermined until future evidence proves otherwise.

Michael Cormier’s brother, Gary had passed away recently.  Personal problems and a lot of different thoughts swirled their way into his mind state.  Was he euphoric at his job?  Backlogs and financial restraints plagued the LA Coroner’s office, leaving many employees no choice but to leave for better jobs.  His suicide was self-orchestrated through design to make his death fall on the release of the official autopsy report.  The private autopsy added an underlining suspicion that he knew could be connected back to the Breitbart case eventually.  He digested industrial-grade arsenic through an eight-day period; he injected himself with the last dose while on the way to the hospital.  This method is one of the most painful ways to commit suicide.


Some people believe there’s no connection and all of this information is pure coincidence.  Michael Cormier either died by accident — exposed to the arsenic on a job site; he was murdered by a close associate, or his death was self-inflicted.  Michael Cormier never assisted on a private autopsy.  The video footage that Andrew Breitbart released was insignificant, and no one would go through the trouble of killing a high-profile activist and then a coroner ‘supposedly’ connected to the case.

Michael Cormier had a regular month leading up to his death.  Business slowed down with his side company “MAC Autopsy Services,” resulting in more time spent at the LA Coroner’s Office.  He encountered the arsenic within the last week of his life, this provided a slow downfall of functions and eventually his death.  His autopsy results were the victim of a short-staffed facility and an overcrowded morgue.  There’s nothing to find in the case of Michael Cormier or Andrew Breitbart. 


 Paranoia, an effective tactic of the oppressor and a primitive response to the victim of a situation that poses not only high dopamine levels but can result in an open minded point of view for the context that surrounds the paranoia.

Opposing forces killed Andrew Breitbart in response to the announcement at the CPAC Speech.  His comments on John Podesta and the overall Democratic movement also couldn’t be overlooked.  Andrew Breitbart was considered a threat to socialism and the leftist agenda.

Michael Cormier and David Posey performed the private autopsy after LA Coroner’s Office had cleared the official autopsy.  He arrived with no prior knowledge of the victim or circumstances involving the cause of death.  During the autopsy, Michael noticed that Andrew Breitbart did, in fact, have an enlarge heart (this would later become confirmed in the official autopsy released on 4/20/12, the same day Cormier dies).  Cormier noticed something that didn’t feel right to him or Dr. Posey.  Michael went home and recorded this information in his personal journal; the next month resulted in discrepancies related to the official autopsy report compared to what Michael had witnessed in regards to the private autopsy.

He relayed this to someone within the LA Coroner’s Office.  He was told by his superiors that this information was not relevant to the current case and that the private autopsy held no real value over what would be released. Michael Cormier is then deemed a threat by either the LA Coroner’s Office or the Government for what he learned on the Breitbart autopsy.  He started to receive small doses of industrial grade arsenic in the week leading up to the release of the autopsy results.  Michael fell ill.  He died.  His autopsy results were hindered to hide the origin of the arsenic.

These are just a few of the theories associated with the case.  This is not the end of our investigation.  We will continue to research into the truth.  Updates will be added ASAP.

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5 thoughts on “The Breitbart Coroner (Michael Cormier) Part III – The Theories

  1. Thankyou for taking the time to look into this case we have felt all along that things weren’t right and that something other then coroners response wasn’t matching up..I lived with mike for a short time in sylmar can.and later stayed married and lived out west for 25 years I spent alot of time with mike over those years he was my brother and my friend and praying that someone will be held responsible for what I believe is a major cover up of his again I believe murder…Keep up the work expose who ever and I will be praying for answers thank you again for your courage and dedication for looking into this unsolved case…

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