Astral Philippines III (Exorcisms)


During a time where mysterious specimens are washing up on the coast of the Philippines and exorcisms are given out on the regular, we are diving into the realm of demon infiltration.

The Office of Exorcism in the Philippines needs YOUR HELP.  If you’re spiritual and willing to engage in your local exorcism team, you might be in luck.  An uprise of exorcisms has the Catholic establishment scrambling to find Priests to fight the growing epidemic.


Father Jose Francisco Syquia heads up the Office and a team of four Priests who investigate and perform the exorcisms with the help of Lawyers, Doctors, and Clergy.  Fighting the Good vs. Evil scenario is not just a plot to be used in a movie, many religious figures and mainstream artists are drawn to the realm of the right or left handed path. 


Hollywood has brought attention to the issue but has over exaggerated certain details.  Can a community with a significant spiritual balance of positive energy be overcome with negative forces?  Are we currently in the age where we will see an increase in exorcisms and religious awakenings?  We don’t see many cases within the United States… Does the Phantom Plan have a hand in the reason why?

With 86% of the Philippines is Catholic, a large amount of the younger generation are gearing towards other concepts, yet they adapt and pass on folklore and Catholic beliefs… this leads to a large spiritual sect. Here are a few things you can do to cleanse yourself and maintain a protective realm towards negative energy, provided by


Attend Mass every day and receive communion.

Offer Holy Masses for the protection and deliverance of the whole family and/or residents of the affected property

“…in the Eucharist we experience the forgiveness of God and the call to forgive.  We celebrate the Eucharist not because we are worthy but because we recognize our need for God’s mercy,  incarnate in Jesus Christ.  In the Eucharist, we renew the gift of the Body and Blood of Christ for the remission of sins, and our hearts are enlarged to show and receive mercy.” -Pope Francis


A good confession is more powerful than exorcism.” -Fr. Gabriel Amorth,  Chief Exorcist of Rome

Proper Use of Sacramentals.

Use sacramentals liberally.  Some examples are; before going to bed make the sign of the cross on the forehead with holy water, placing exorcised salt around one’s room, wearing a St. Benedict’s medal and the scapular.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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