Kurt Sova Unsolved Mysteries (Online Forums) Update 3

We have sleuthed the online forums and chats and compiled these statements based on unverified sources regarding the Kurt Sova case.  If  you’re the author of either of these posts, contact us at projectastral@outlook.com


Taking into consuderation

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 12/27/2016 – 21:47

“Taking into consuderation that tgis was 35 years ago, and I was a 15 year old kid at the time, I’ll say what I can. At first, we though he was a discarded CPR dummy, until we got close. When we realized that Kurt was human, one of my freinds checked him for a wrist pulse, and said he was cold and clammy. Kurt was lying from about shoulders down in water, head to the “shore” th water wasn’t deeo enough to cover him and we all felt from the beginning he had been posed. One of the first Newburgh Heights officers to show up also checked Kurt for any signs of life, and stated “yeah, he’s stiff”. I suppose, becuase of his age and that he appeared posed, we thought he had been murdered, but there was no marks or other physical evidence of that, just the circumstances that we knew at the time. Keep in mind, non of us knew Kurt personally, nor did we know there was a missing kid in the area. Kurt’s dad had searched the exact area the day or evening before, and kurt wasn’t there. The M.E.’s findings agree, assuming they took into account Kurt’s body lying in cold water. It would seem that his body had been placed there between 12 – 24 hours before we found him. I hope it sheds a little light, and while I’m not 100% confortable posting my name even today, I suppose that most of the people that lived in the area wouldn’t be too hard pressed to figure out who I am.”


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about Kurt Sova

“I personally knew Kurt as he was my oldest brothers best friend for years before my bro joined the military. As far as it goes, and for what you want to believe, it is true that kurt was not much of a drinker. he did not party like any other 17 year old kid. he was a good kid as all he used to do was come and sit at our house or play football in the street with us. his parents were not naive about their son. If he wasnt with dan, which was quite rare, he was at home. He and dan and a guy named “Miller” used to be together all the time. dan joined the military, and shortly after kurt was dead for no apparent reason. I remember because dan was let out of boot camp to come home and be a pallbearer for his best friend, which has been, by any means the hardest thing i am sure he has ever had to deal with in his life.”

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