Fake News in 2012: Andrew Breitbart & Michael Cormier (How the media got it wrong)

With the recent explosion of fake news, we want to express a situation that was overlooked five years ago.  Project Astral provides new opinions and research into cases and topics often ignored by mainstream media. The case in question is of Michael Cormier.  You might not recognize the name, but I’m sure you’ve heard of Andrew Breitbart and/or Breitbart News. Michael Cormier and Andrew Breitbart are forever connected through a vast web of deceit and cover-up instructed by the inner dwellings of the LA Coroner’s Office.

The actual connection was brushed to the side, mainly because of conspiracy theories and a statement released through the LAPD & LA Coroner’s Office that showcased Michael did not perform an autopsy on Andrew Breitbart.  With a determined mind and a knack for investigations, Project Astral dug-up many leads and sources that resulted in the discovery of the Breitbart Toe-Tag and the private autopsy.

Let’s take a look at the headlines & news organizations that appeared in the fake news agenda in 2012.

“Police Debunk Theories Linking Breitbart, L.A. Coroner Tech Deaths”


“Conspiracy theorists cry foul after right-wing journalist Andrew Breitbart’s ‘coroner’ dies of arsenic poisoning.”


“Michael Cormier, LA Forensic Technician, Dead: Conspiracy Theorists Suspect Breitbart Link, Arsenic Poisoning (VIDEOS)”


Quote from the article.

Even if Cormier was murdered, there’s one major flaw in using it for the conspiracy theory that Obama offed Breitbart and is now covering his presidential tracks. LA County Coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter said that Cormier did not conduct Breitbart’s autopsy, the LA Weekly reports.  Winter stated that “only doctors” ever worked on Breitbart because the death was believed to have been from natural causes all along.”

Still, this hasn’t stopped right-wing blogs from having a field day with the salacious poison detail, as evident from Alex Jones in the Info Wars video above. Info Wars is one of the blogs that, from the start, reported the conspiratorial connection that Breitbart’s death occurred right before he was about to release video footage of Obama, as a college student at a Harvard rally.  Breitbart had said that the footage is proof that Obama is an advocate of “racial division and class warfare.” The video was released a few days after Breitbart’s death.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Alexander Kurt