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10 More Films for Astral Projection

10 More Films for Astral Projection

In our first article we listed 10 films that could influence astral projection – this can be used in conjecture with astral television as well.

Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange was originally brought to the Marvel Universe to exhibit the mystical qualities that were missing from the comics at-the-time.  His career as a surgeon comes to an end when a car accident ruins the use of his hands.  He hears about “The Ancient One” located in the Himalayas & becomes a disciple of mysticism.




What takes place when you gather Mary Shelley within the development of “Frankenstein” and John Polidori creating the concept for “The Vampyre”?  Strange illusions.  Sleep paralysis.  And lots of drinking.



Ghost World

Two friends experience the summer together after high school graduation. Simple problems turn into a major problem with the introduction of a new friend and an eerie obsession.




Lucid dreams.  Dreams are stolen.  A task force that can infiltrate your dreams and plant dreams within dreams.  Whoa.



The Machinist

Surrounded by guilt and sleep deprivation; a man seeks for a mysterious man he’s never seen but suddenly encounters on a daily basis. Christian Bale gives a performance of a lifetime.




Numbers that connect to God.  A man seeks this theory.



Lost Highway

A man lives many lives.  A life lives many lives.



The Fountain

Reincarnation.  Time travel?  Fear of death?  Searching for a loved one through the eyes of time?



Solaris (1972)

A scientist travels to the space station that is on a host planet after an untimely demise of a researcher. The scientist soon starts to interact with his wife who also made her way to the station… problem is… she’s dead.




Actual dream sequences from Akira Kurosawa depicted in 8 segments.



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