He who looks inside, awakes (Precognitive Dreams)

  After a dose of Precognitive Dreaming, I’ve established a clear link between disruption of my REM & the ability to induce Precognitive Dreams.  This ESP seems to be present at early morning time-lines (3am-6am).  What very well could be a simple case of Déjà vu, develops into a controllable power through the use of sleep deprivation and the manipulation of REM.

In my latest article on precognitive dreaming, I described an encounter that has changed the way I decipher my dream state.


Imagine that old fella in his rocking chair, summertime lemonade aura… that’s the sensation that engulfs this vessel.  Humming.  Glided war machines.  I found a slight of society; they were accustomed to the flight of the future.  I woke up from the limbo and designed an article through the symbology.

Astral Projection comes into these familiar settings as I find myself without being myself.  My ESP is leading the way.  Carl Jung believed common occurrences or “synchronicity” as he coined it, were subjected to the realm of the paranormal.  In a lecture in 1951 entitled ‘On Synchronicity,’ he explains that events are connected on a casual level but also exert connections of meaning.

Semantics etched in history that follows us throughout life – a somber dream.  Harnessing astral energy as one awaits the winter.  The blues never screams, whispers, dances… it stays silent.  If you’re getting the winter blues, here’s a few films that might assist the hibernation.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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